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2014-01-01 (01We) Happy New Year

[23:39] So what? Kids were nice, my wife also (at least in the morning). Sister-Student dropped with a visit etc.

2014-01-02 (01Th) Work

[21:42] First day at work. Eve stayed home with my wife and her sister. The Wildcat wants to drop with a visit on January 20th and stay for two weeks for her Winter vacation. What more? I've forgot my phone at home today. And I was given new book. I'll keep it for my Lent break (when I'll be off-line).

2014-01-03 (01Fr) PA

[14:14] My Team Lead is moderately happy with my performance in 2013. I have space for improvement, though.
I've learned, I may exceed income limits for special tax return. They also cut some other tax return options, so this year we may expect only few bucks gained on mortgage costs exclusion.
Check out [Trello.Com], nice kanban system for personal or shared use... I wonder, if it can be integrated somehow with Google calendar.
The insurance for Волга expires soon -- I need to get another one. I wonder, if I can do it any cheaper.
Did I mention, we've bought ourselves another fondleslab? And I think, I may not need new phone any soon.

2014-01-04 (01Sa) Deadmeat

[18:41] The vacuum cleaner died. And I've managed to get all the insurance even cheaper, than what my Wife found on the web. Meanwhile, I'm trying to update my Chrome browser to any decent version (it seems I've got v6) but under Debian Squeeze it doesn't go smooth. Right now I'm resolving library dependencies.
Seems futile.
Off to eat something.

2014-01-05 (01Su) Nothing special

[23:55] Strange behaviour of VVindow$ on small laptop. Solution: block automatic updates until further notice. Trello won't work on my Linux, because java support is broken badly. I'm aiming to switch to Ubuntu Studio (as simple distro upgrade may not help). We also have replaced broken vacuum cleaner.

2014-01-06 (02Mo) Cleaning up

[10:00] Ironing and blog archive are topics for today.

2014-01-07 (02Tu) All sorts of visits

[10:13] My Wife's oldest sister with her family (The Piggies) are dropping on their way to and back from Kambodja, Wildcat declared intent to spend her winter vacation at our place and next week our parson will drop in... Party time full steam ahead.
=> Of the other things: I believe we might have lost somewhere Eve's new hat -- it was hand-knitted by my Mother and shaped as head of minion from Despicable me movie series. Pity, it didn't serve long.
=> I couldn't make myself into processing whole pile of ironing, and new batches of laundry are to come...

2014-01-08 (02We) Unexpected call

[13:47] I've contacted my grandparents to ask, when the party will take place -- but there is no binding response, as all depends on when my Father will get his vacation and comes to visit home. Few moments after I've hung up, I've received a call from one of my good buddies (know him since Kindergarten). And it is raining, but that is not significant.
=> I was listening to the radio late in the night. I've heard quite interesting debate on the topic of rebellion in artistic and more common sense, conformism, protests, counter-culture versus sub-culture etc. Some disturbing conclusions: rebellion is now not modé, youngsters are living comfortable consumer lives and do not feel urge to protests -- or maybe they do not realize, they're lead to slaughterhouse. And a thought, that to raise a protest is not yet a rebellion.
=> Yesterday also one significant person died. I've learned of her existence at the moment of her funeral. As usual, I can't recall the full name, and the internet is too busy with drunk drivers and who shoved whom and what into bare arse to notify us on events in art world.
Izumi Uchida. That was the name. Associate with "Jazz forum" and "jazz FM" keywords. And read out.
Czytaj! Antoni Libera: Madame.
=> Speaking of books: The parcel with Christmas present I've sent to my Father has just arrived Yesterday at about 1300hrs UK time. Fortunately, the cured meat didn't spoil.

2014-01-09 (02Th) Small disagreement

[10:55] Little Eve had her moods today in the morning. I don't blame her -- the night was quite cold, the wind was making a lot of noise and weather changed with quite sudden shift of air pressure -- not the best conditions to have goodnight sleep, if You ask me. In the Kindergarten a surprise: I've passed at the door one of the teachers -- she was heading home because she suddenly felt sick and went sick... This may be caused by a bit too warm winter, all disease spreading freely in moist air.
=> Yesterday we have had delicious dinner: roasted pork loin and baked potatoes. Sounds elegant and looks on the plate like at least two-Michelin-star meal, but in fact is rather quick and dirty job (of course, one needs quality ingredients and some skill to prepare). Recipe with workshop notes will follow later. Speaking of which: my big topic for the Lent break will be tidying up my kitchen notes and compiling recipes into a cookbook. I'm finding notes in most bizarre places.
=> Yesterday I've managed to get Trello work on my Linux system (but strangely, it goes right only in SeaMonkey browser). I've tried collaborative use of kanban board and it works nice, although not much of permission settings is available in boards created with basic costless accounts (see, how I'm avoiding use of word "free" in meaning "free of charge"? Do the same!). In the meantime I've noticed, I've put wrong date of Ash Wednesday for year 2014, three weeks earlier than it should be.
=> Today I can't focus on useful work. Get distracted easily.

2014-01-10 (02Fr) Half vacation

[23:59] Elmyra was sent home because it is too cold to work at her office. Because of that, little Eve is staying home today. In the afternoon I've scheduled to visit Sister-Student at her place (to pick-up some items) -- of course I've forgot to take with me that small package for her... But this is easy to resolve -- I need only one call.
=> I've got from library the book: Madame by A.Libera, I intend to read it, because some fragments I've heard on radio just tickled my curiosity. I'm trying to acquire also Weiser Dawidek by Hülle, but that one is not readily available. Speaking of books: to be honest, I didn't read much last year. Of titles, that were not handbooks and scientific publications, I've read four: Nie ma jednej rosji, Koliber, Hunger Games trilogy and Полные записки кота шашлыка (in Russian). I've bought only two books, others were borrowed or leased (or read online).
=> I think, NOKIA 5800 is the choice. Got one to fiddle with and I'm starting to like it -- need only test, how it will go when riding a bicycle (on Monday I'll give it a try, with biking shorts).

2014-01-11 (02Sa) small party

[13:50] Little Eve got invitation for a birthday party at Kindergarten, I'll go with her.
=> I've forgot to post Yesterday's note, will do it on Monday, because it has been left on my Company laptop... Speaking of delayed note publication: yesterday I've suffered a disastrous accident in the shopping mall. Elmyra put a bottle of mineral water in my backpack. Upside down. Without cap. All went wet, particularly my Cassiopeia HPC. I've disassembled it and dried with handkerchiefs and hand drier in one of mall's bathrooms, then at home I've disassembled all covers and left poor thing on space heater -- but I'm still afraid of powering it up, as there is water behind touch-screen. May take a while to get rid of it, although not longer than two-three days, I predict. In general: this was nice exercise, how my Wife will act, when the fault is indubitably her. Detail not important.

[22:40] Kinderball was fun. I've had a chit-chat with other parents, learned a lot of local news. In the meantime, Elmyra attacked the pile of laundry with einem Bügeleisen and it was reduced to one tenth. Now watching stupid things on TV.

2014-01-12 (02Su) Rain

[19:30] It was raining, one of window frames is leaking. Lazy day. I need to settle few things with Kindergarten headmistress. Tomorrow will be freezing. I also need quite badly to get in contact with one of my cousins.

2014-01-13 (03Mo) Freeze

[15:06] As predicted: today's morning greeted us with refreshing minus five centigrade. But there is sunshine. And wind. Some crazy people on the road. My team-leader is coming late today or will be absent -- I've overheard, that he has some problems with his car.
=> Big topic for today: prepare for tomorrow. Big topic for this week: acquire some important telephone number.
=> I again can't focus on work. Feel so sleepy without reason.

2014-01-14 (03Tu) Out of stupid

[11:31] GPS in my Nokia refused to cooperate. I did hard-reset and lost my software updates. But this may be for good -- I'll get rid of branded firmware. And I've learned, the GPS need to be switched on for lengthy period of time to download so called almanac to work properly. Before I install my own SIM, I'll try to load new firmware (60.0.003:2011).
[] -- for reference, if I stupidly do it again...
I jeszcze znajdź co to OTA.
=> Out of other things: Elmyra has tidied up our home, today we only give it a last touch. More important may be putting little Eve into context for her not to brag a lot.

2014-01-15 (03We) Snow...

[13:13] The Parson's visit was (as usual) late, but quite nice.
Today in the morning I have had some disagreement with my daughter, it ended in anger and shouting -- but we came to a consensus and I hope the day will be all bright and happy for her.
=> It is snowing at my place and in the night the temperature is expected to drop to five below zero centigrade. Traffic will be disastrous, getting home may take over one and half hour. On the other hand, however, maybe this year we will finally have chance to use sleigh (last winter Eve was ill just at the time, when we had enough snow). Although again: she was coughing in her sleep just before usual wake-up time.
=> At least work goes today smoothly. Or more smooth than Yesterday.

[15:48] I've forgot to mention, that one of my friends came today to our office on bike. Right in the snow. Tough guy.

2014-01-16 (03Tu) Winter, finally!

[13:21] Little Eve is all excited about sleigh rides and making snowman. We will certainly play outside today afternoon. Just after work.
=> Speaking of work: I got hold of used MP3 player (one of the old Samsung, only 256MB flash but with some special sport functions). Of course, thing is dead, no response even after connecting to charger or PC. I've gently opened it, and learned, that one of the SMT connectors was torn of the board -- the one that distributes power. I've tried DIY reflow soldering using ordinary hot air gun: I've masked element in question with aluminium foil, attached thermocouple and then used hot air, regulating temperature by putting the nozzle more or less apart. I've managed to repair, what was wrong, but there is bit more to that: something on the main board. I think, we will end in just buying nice player for Elmyra. Or I'll ask Wildcat to bring the unused Nokia X2 -- it serves quite well as radio and music player.
=> Search the web for: Ulrich Schnabel Muße: Vom Gluck des Nichtstuns. A must-to-read thing. Speaking of books: I've also been recommended Przyjdzie Mordor i nas zje by Ziemowit Szczwerek. Speaking of recommendations: see also films: Hardkor Disko and Chce się żyć!.
=> Maybe I'll try to catch with my cousin today.


2014-01-17 (03Fr) Prepare!

[15:37] Today we go shopping. Mostly groceries. There is a possibility, that it will rain in the evening and the snow will all be gone.
=> Did I write already, that Elmyra has a tooth ache? So now You know. It is rather annoying, both for her and for me. Fortunately, there was one free timeslot at the Dentists' today in the afternoon, so we will handle this immediately.
=> A conflict detected: probably The Hogs will visit us exactly the same time, when there be Grandma and Grandpa party at Kindergarten. I may run out of places to sleep.

2014-01-18 (03Sa) Broken

[23:20] Yesterday we've been to the mall, did some shopping, the evening was a bit longer, than expected. Little Eve was all exhausted and therefore a bit careless -- and that's why she dropped our new tablet computer on the hard floor. Result? Broken glass panel, but no other damage. On Monday I'll look for replacement parts.
=> As for the party at Kindergarten, it was great as the last one, little Eve had big time, I've also used some leisure and small talk with other parents. Sister student dropped with a visit and big pack of laundry, later we've been learning together. My HPC is not dry enough yet -- still some droplets of water between layers of touchscreen.

2014-01-19 (03Su) Ora et labora

[22:00] Today we've decided to wake up early. Relatively early as for a Sunday, something about 0800hrs. Speaking 'we' I mean me and Sister-Student. And we did it just to visit late-morning service at our church. Not that it is any important day, but it was enough motivation to wake up early. And my Sister-in-law wanted to wake up early to spend more time on studying. Elmyra was confronting me aggressively.
=> The Wildcat will eventually arrive on Tuesday -- she didn't stamp-up her school ID, which is needed to get student's discount on train ride. This means, she was wandering around with expired ID for half a year (since September). I believe, she needs to be thrown into real hard life for a change, to get the grip and stop acting foolishly.

2014-01-20 (04Mo) So much to do!

[08:00] TODO items: [Eve's vaccination] [prestigio service] [phone my Mother on topic of Grandma+Grandpa day] [switch from samsung to NOKIA] [print photos] [pay one certain bill].

[13:33] As expected, the repairing service is not responding -- Yet I have skilled servicemen here in the company. Part to be replaced costs about $30 and shipping from Hong Kong takes about ten days.
=> The weather is crazy. I only hope, little Eve won't become ill, as we may again postpone vaccinations and this may bring us to attention of the stupidos from Town Hall.

2014-01-21 (04Tu) Arrival?

[10:01] Little Eve has shit her pants in the night (or maybe today morning just after she woke up). Beside that, no major drawbacks so far. I wonder, whether The Wildcat is coming already or has she overslept her morning train.
=> Still no response from repair service on the procedural question. But I've asked people in my company and there are lads skilled in cell phone repair, so they can help in DYI replacement, when only I find proper replacement for broken panel. The really important task will begin just after that: to establish and enforce basic rules to avoid such accidents in future -- because it is not about extinguishing fire, but about avoiding starting it.
=> I've switched from my B2100 to newly acquired Nokia 5800xm. So far I'm very happy with that: I've set-up basic voice commands and tested using it with phone buried deep in pocket, just with headset button and microphone. Works as expected. I've also installed Skype, but didn't have opportunity to test it. Speaking of portable devices: my HPC still didn't dry properly. I may want to speed up the process a bit. Speaking of dry: it may be wise to acquire larger amount of distilled water for use in air humidifier.

2014-01-22 (04We) Sick leave

[09:15] Yesterday I've received notice from Kindergarten, that little Eve has some acute diarrhoea and that there is small epidemic of viral conjunctivitis. Therefore, instead of going for vaccination, we'll have plain visit at the doctors' in section for sick children. Seems I'm staying home on sick leave up to Monday. I've waken up at 0500hrs today to get to the Company and retrieve my laptop.
=> Out of other things: Temperature outside dropped down to minus ten centigrade and stands still, the sky is evenly clouded, but the wind stopped.
=> Tigress and Wildcat are leaving soon to have a wild ride on shopping malls in the City. It is quite safe: there's no money left on bank account.

2014-01-23 (04Th) Even more freeze

[10:52] Today, just before sunrise, it was minus fifteen centigrade. I only hope, that Elmyra won't get sick out of that. Speaking of sick: Little Eve woke me in the middle of the night with sudden urge to drink. Maybe it was a bad thing, but I've made her wait another two hours, then she woke me again, this time being persistent and irresistible. I've brought her some water, but "some" was not enough -- she consumed two full mugs. This has switched on a red lamp in my head. And I was proven right: she is all exhausted, lost her appetite again and complains about stomach ache again. I guess, it may be out of hunger too -- infested intestines need some filling. Right now little Eve went sleeping again, but when she wakes up I'll prepare some rice pudding for her.
=> Out of some more pleasant things: I was fiddling with my phone all morning and so far I've installed GoogaSync application (trial version) and Gcal (full version) -- the first one for one-time copy of all 500 entries in Google Calendar to phone calendar, the other to sync singular events when desired. Next step was to put together Albite reader for e-books. I have some challenge with that one, as I lack latest update of electronic signature in my J2ME and the application keeps asking me for permission at each file-system access. But this seems not so hard to repair, need only to install some certificates.
=> Going to hunt for some groceries now.

2014-01-24 (04Fr) Sick..?

[16:28] Either I've got hangover after four whisky-and-sodas, or I caught a flu. Yesterday me and the Wildcat have had few shots (of spoken above scotch and coke). And today in the morning I have had very bad time trying to get up from bed. Beside terrible headache I also feel cold -- so I can't be just katzenjammer.
=> The Wildcat just went to the City to meet my Wife at one huge accessory store.
=> My HPC is dead. Just like that. Absolutely no way to bring it back to life, it seems. Pity, because it did exactly what I needed it to do. Speaking of broken hardware: I should ask for pricing for repair of the broken tablet. Spare part is 30,-USD, but there is also the question of how much for that one hour of intense work it requires.
=> Little Eve just went to bathroom to do "number two" and the results proves, the infection is over. Good news me. So, tomorrow we may go for a sleigh ride, because weather is perfect: refreshing minus fifteen centigrade, not too much snow and clear sky with sunshine.

2014-01-25 (04Sa) News and other news

[22:18] My Mother called, and shared with me a revelation on strange ideas of other members of our family. Case opened. Detail not important.
=> Roommate's Wife dropped with a visit and girls made themselves home spa. And there was much rejoycing, nice distraction. Now Wildcat hangs out with Roommate's older son.
=> keywords to dig later: [Kalendarz sezonowości warzyw] [George Ritzer: "Makdonaldyzacja"] [Naomi Clein: "no logo"]

2014-01-26 (04Su) Internal day

[12:01] Exercises in small group and generally everyone acts as pleased. My idea to have pajama party was put down. The Wildcat went to the City to meet my brother-in-law and to party hard. Tomorrow I'm about to face pile of not-done work at my Company, and I loathe consequences of my procrastination. Seems, this evening will start early and will be full of well understood hard work.
=> February may be tough, as in "financially short". Both me and Elmyra were spending at uncontrollable rate and drained our reserves. Carnival might resemble more of a Lent. Maybe. Or maybe not: I still have gift certificates, we've received at the Company for Christmas. They're worth about 100$, but can be spent only in one supermarket network, which - unfortunately -- doesn't have their store in our vicinity.

[22:44] So, quick update: Nothing came out of my strong resolution to work today. My girls went to play in the snow: The Wildcat, Elmyra, Rommates' Wife and some other random people were shoveling the snow, kids were plying, and then I was babysitting them, when they started to get cold, then we were invited to Tea with dab of rum at D's father place, The Wildcat meanwhile went to the City to meet with the younger Brother-in-law and Sister-Student. And she's still there -- I mean, she expected, they will have lots of fun and bought herself regular one-day-return ticket instead of six-hour-zone-pass, I've offered her a lift from the station etc -- but the ride is delayed: electric traction cables are torn off. Time of Arrival cannot be estimated, I only hope, it will be before midnight.

[23:48] All safe home. I go to sleep.

2014-01-27 (05Mo) Here it goes again

[08:56] I've waken up relatively well, considering my nightly escapade. The Wildcat snoozed a bit, when the train finally moved, and she has missed the stop. I needed to get to the town nearby to pick her up. I mean: it was the plan all the time, so I was all prepared, only that I've expected the train two hours earlier and at our station. Never mind -- The Wildcat felt bad about it and also felt bad physically (with headache and stomach cramps), so I've made my best to cheer her up -- All in all it is winter vacation and one shall have good time. But back to today's morning: Little Eve had bit of tough time dressing up, but it went smooth from the point when I've promised to give her the favourite skirt. Roads are ugly, and they won't improve in the afternoon.
=> I've found it! []

2014-01-28 (05Tu) And Winter again

[12:08] I've just realized, I didn't arrange anything with my Mother about the party in Kindergarten. I've asked about repair for the cracked tablet, and the price is horribly high. I'll ask for second pricing. Or in the end I'll arrange repair at my Company's workshop (if only the spare part is available). I've also postponed that thing with my bank, today I'll do a round on the phone, to close at least that thing. And I'll arrange conversation with my Father.
=> Preparations for Roommate Son's birthday party are on the go. And I've just realized, there was some important information written into my HPC, like those numbers, I always fail to remember.
=> I believe, we may need better planning for our spendings. I have an idea.
=> At work? A month has passed and there was almost no progress.

2014-01-29 (05We) Vaccination

[12:29] All goes a bit messed up: Yesterday in the afternoon the Doctor's called, there is another round of vaccinations going in our clinic -- we of course took first available timeslot and it is today at 1515hrs. The problem is, a blizzard forms -- strong wind with increasing rate of snowing -- and the transport, especially public transport, may be paralysed. Additionally, Yesterday I've forgot to pass my Wife that cash money I've took for her dentist. I believe, best solution will be for me to leave office earlier, this way little Eve will be submitted to vaccination on time and my Wife will not be forced to walk in the blizzard. Also, we'll have chance to meet at the Dentists' to have the job paid.
=> For last few days I'm enjoying evening TV shows at Discovery Channel, focused around various medical cases. I watch together with The Wildcat, and sometimes we have good laugh. So imagine: we are in the middle of Doctor G., the programme about autopsy, which is censored, but still slips some graphic detail -- and with cut for commercial break, we hear a catch phrase You're being invited TO WATCH WITH TASTE...
=> Out of other things: I've tried to use Google Docs for some non-essential private record keeping and it seems, it works. Simple and clear, not infested with featuritis yet. I'm only afraid of keeping files in the "cloud", as there is no guarantee, they'll be not hacked -- but there is off-line application too. On the other hand: I'm using Google Calendar, which may give away quite good info of myself, if anyone is nosy enough to read through.
=> I've talked to Mum, but we didn't touch that particular topic -- we've focused mostly on the party in Kindergarten. And how is my Father doing. And that Elmyra has lost the quest to obtain cheaply the present for my Grandma. Things like that. I might have cheered her up. Speaking of phone calls: I didn't resolve that thing with Bank, but meanwhile the document I've requested has been successfully delivered by snail mail -- my idea on that is, that two separate entities attempted to perform the task, I was billed twice, then one of the teams discovered discrepancy in address data while the other sent the paper as usual. I've phoned them and it revealed, I was right. They will return my €8,-. More on topic of phone calls: Elmyra just confirmed, it will be me, who takes Eve for vaccinations: the train service is out of service, arrival times are unpredictable.

2014-01-30 (05Th) ...and how Nothing came out of it

[11:00] Yesterday's mission was a fail. Although, despite hostile weather and terrible traffic conditions, I've made it to appear at the Clinic on time, it revealed, the little one need to be in perfect health FOR LAST TWO WEEKS, with stress on any stomach aches (and gassing, diarrhoea, heartburn etc). I was so angry at my Wife, she didn't ask the assistant on that at the moment, she was scheduling the visit -- it would spare me a bit of a burden caused by need for arrangement to leave office earlier and then staying longer today.
=> Yesterday little Eve misbehaved. She also did very bad thing in the night, crawling into our bed and kicking everyone -- up to the point, when my Wife expelled her back to her room -- this caused fit of anger expressed quite loudly. Needless to say, I don't like to be waken up this way.
=> The weather is terrible. It will be worse, because it is going warmer -- a thaw, rain turning into glazed frost and all sorts of things resulting from that two. I may ask permission to work from home next week.
=> New-old topic about at the coffee machine: EU is about, first to regulate, then ban completely roaming fees in mobile telephony. Out of all the things, that EU banned, this one I find first really needed and demanded by EU citizens. However -- all sorts of stick-in-the-muds are now loudly protesting, because (as they say) this will lead to re-monopolization of local markets and overpricing. Sounds stupid. The only thing it will cause, is diminishing income of the telecoms. Cutting them of extra money, they charged without any cost on their side.
=> Another book acquired to read later: Marcin Wolski Rok 3978.

[14:34] Important note below! I may finally get it going!

# Google APT Repositories #
# Google Chrome repo
# deb stable main
# Google Talk browser plugin
# deb stable main
# Google Earth
# deb stable main
# Google's Music Manager
# deb stable main

2014-01-31 (05Fr) All night long

[13:24] Because I've left earlier on Wednesday, I needed to stay longer at work Yesterday (to have the man-hour count per week in check) -- And I've asked the big girls to take the little girl from Kindergarten. Unfortunately, public transportation took us by surprise and additionally telephones didn't work as expected. To sum up: the plan was, that Elmyra will try to catch the earlier train while she agrees with the Wildcat to meet at the station. Wildcat had to bring the sleigh. Then they both go to the Kindergarten to pick-up little Eve and give her lot of fun with sleigh ride. The result was, that the train was delayed more than an hour, the Wildcat left home too late, so Elmyra went to the Kindergarten on foot and was already walking Eve home when I've arrived at our Town's main square. Also, exact same moment, the Wildcat phoned me, she's in the middle of the park and needs directions to go to the Kindergarten, because Elmyra is not answering her phone. I've took control of them and it all ended, we've meet at the square and I've driven us home -- no sleigh ride. I believe, that today we can arrange things much smoother, because I need to stay one hour longer again. Will see.
=> Today there was a Townhall Meeting at our company with lunch on Company's expense and good news: good news about overall financial performance of our organization. I mean: we are behind budget, but there was profit, and there was growth against last year. Bonuses, incentives and salary increases are about to happen on schedule. Exact rates to be disclosed later.
=> My mail parcels have just arrived.

2014-02-01 (05Sa) Junior High is partying!

[23:50] Yesterday evening Elmyra managed to get to the Kindergarten to pick-up Eve, also the Sister-Student dropped with a visit, I don't know, what was the Wildcat doing, but she was also out and returned home the same moment as I did (we've meet at the staircase). Elmyra prepared quick dinner, then I've took her and the Wildcat for shopping. Awkward moment -- I've run into some man I was certainly sure, I know, said 'hello' and this kind of stuff and then we've spent three confusing minutes trying to settle, from where we might know each other. This was creepy.
=> As for today: We've waken up in the morning, but not as early, as planned. Nevertheless, the cold cheesecake was prepared just on time and we've departed only slightly delayed. Note to oneself: when preparing marzipan at home, ground the almonds thoroughly, but mix with sugar quickly, not allowing to caramelize, or the result will be disastrous.
As for the ride, I only missed one exit from the highway, this didn't add much to the delay. The party place was a penthouse on 15th floor of exclusive apartment block, furnished a bit in the yuppie style (like IKEA showroom). There were some fourteen adults and up to thirty six-graders, friends of the jubilee. Pool billiard table, dance floor and the like. Pizza for late lunch. I've meet many people, whom I haven't see for ages.
When the party was over, my girls and me stayed to help with cleaning. Note to oneself: You may not realize, how (and in what way) bottle of vodka can help.
On our way home I've lost my way totally, we were circling in the City trying to enter to the high-speed bypass, but it took us more than hour and finally we've used the plain old way. Now, we've had few shots of home made liquors and all the gang went to sleep.

2014-02-02 (05Su) Departure

[16:20] Google chrome won't install on my machine, despite the workaround -- wrong versions of libraries. I shall scrap my system and install something else.
The Wildcat managed to get from the bed in the morning, we've made it on time to buy ticket and get into train -- but then she phoned me, she can't find her school ID (which is absolutely necessary for student's discount). I only hope, there will be no big trouble with that.

2014-02-06 (06Mo) Vendor lock

[15:10] I was reminded by my Wife to do a follow-up on availability of tablet repair and spare parts. It seems, the policy of retailer in Poland is to not provide spare parts to anyone else than the designated service, therefore effectively extinguishing any competition to overly priced repair shops. It seems, I may need to rather ask my friends at the Laboratory to do repair for me.
=> As for the Wildcat and her wild ride home: We still cannot figure, how did she lost her student's ID (but most probable is, that the controller at commuter train accidentally kept it when checking tickets). All in all, the controllers at long-range train were proactive and the mistake cost only 5,20€ while keeping a fine and writing appealing letter (that the ID was valid, but couldn't be shown at moment of ticket checking) calls for 5,-€ operational charge plus mail costs. Good for her, she got out of it rather easily.
=> Leo Ritter got married with Sylvia and they do now the NOWHERE game at startuper []. I may even buy myself a copy, when Android port is available. Remember: DUANGLE NOW·HERE.
=> No idea for dinner. My mind is bouncing between cabbage with noodles and meatballs. Speaking of meatballs: I've just realized, that to make them exactly the same size, one just needs to portion it with ice cream spoon... But still -- what can be made even quicker and is not a frozen TV-dinner or scrambled eggs? I've got an idea.

2014-02-04 (06Tu) Pierogis

[12:56] Yesterday I went shopping for dinner and took the easiest route: ready to go frozen dumplings. Little Eve was all delighted (although they weren't particularly tasty). Elmyra got some stomach cramps. The air in our flat is very dry, I want to do something about it.
=> I have some backlog in keeping up with my relatives -- all because I have my mind occupied when the Wildcat was at our place. But now, the house is so empty and quiet, we may as well socialize more.
=> Speaking of phone calls: Yesterday I've received a parcel. It was some merchandise I've exchanged for loyalty points from my mobile operator (in particular: new pair of DJ headphones to replace the PHILLIPS ones which have good design and transducers, but need constant servicing because of every possible mechanical damage). Really nothing special about that, but the carrier couldn't get to the staircase to deliver, because the gate intercom is still broken! This reminds me, I was about to schedule next visit of the repairman.
=> I've finally got the shoutcast URLs added to Linkz page. Natural course was to entry them all to the mobile internet radio application -- and there troubles begun: it seems, native application cannot use MMS:// protocol, has problems with ogg and aac+ streams etc. Only two radio stations work now: RTL and Antyradio. This is not acceptable, I need PR2 and Nectarine. This may require to install other application handle music files, playlists and streams. But first, some of the unused apps need to be purged.

2014-02-05 (06We) There is no single Russia

[11:21] Yesterday Elmyra went to the City to look for a nice present for our friend's birthday. Meanwhile me and Eve had home-made hamburgers for dinner and used lots of leisure and rest. I've tried again to make the internet radio work, but with the same result -- it seems, the problem is not Company's firewall but rather no support to AAC+. Today I'll try Nectarine in MP3 mode...
=> My favourite setup for evening is back: Yesterday I've got to bed with my new headphones (which revealed to be quite comfortable when I've fallen asleep still having them on), good album and good book. This time I'm reading Nie ma jednej Rosji and I'm reading it out of ePub application on my Nokia. It works.
=> I was waken up second time in a row by radio alarm going off in the middle of the night -- someone was fiddling with the remote of CD player and set the wake-up at midnight. To kill is not enough...
=> It is getting warm. To have sunshine is fine, but I'm afraid of the thaw, and that it may freeze back after few days. For a plus, I will manage to wash the Танк from salt residue and change those transmission belts (at last!), for minus, the germs will become active.
=> Today hamburgers again! I believe, I've got correct method to make them. Timing is crucial. Speaking of kitchen and cooking: Now I want cucumber soup. I think, I'll prepare one in biggest pot we have. And I'll make another one for the weekend, when The Hogs will drop with a visit. Yes: no fancy dishes with lots of bizarre exotic ingredients, but simple traditional food made of best quality meat and vegetables. Speaking of that: I should go back to the good habit of having schedule of what to cook for dinner for whole week or two weeks ahead -- it will help to keep the stockpiling low and in fact help to spare money.
[O deflacji]

2014-02-06 (06Th) Birthday of a friend

[14:30] Note to oneself: within proofreading of archive, change all occurrences of 'D.' denoting my Roommate's Wife to 'Do.' which is cryptic enough and does not bring to mind associations with mildly offensive Polish profanity word. This said, I shall mention, I didn't start yet. I also have no significant candidates for Aoty:2013 award... Or maybe not -- the release of Karolina Cicha (Wieloma językami) is plain winner, but there is no competition, if there is only one participant.
=>When we are at topic of music: I've tried nectarine MP3 stream and it works. Moreover, it is not blocked by firewall at my company, so listening to the radio is now easy. An idea struck me, when I was thinking of how to handle MMS:// protocol without adding new application to my phone: how about a relay station? A service set-up somewhere to do nothing but translate one multimedia stream to another -- in this case MMS broadcast by PR2 to 64kbps MP3 stream over plain HTTP on port 8080. Or maybe on some unusual port, like 8070 and requiring password (like Who knows. I need to gather some data on how do these relays work.
=> Specification says, that RealPlayer shall be able to open MMS:// streams, but it seems, not on my Nokia (some strange error message). The stream is not blocked, I can tune-in on Company's laptop. Way to go...
Speaking of maintenance to my NOKIA: I've took one old charger with 3.5mm plug and put there USB socket -- this way I have one spare charger at work for situations, when I'm stuck without power.
=> Yesterday it was a good day: little Eve behaved quite well. Well, I mean: she was dashing to and fro with excess energy, but was not annoying, impatient or disobedient. Well done! Today she got up quite early and managed to prepare to kindergarten without unnecessary delay. These are the small moments I'm proud of her.
=> I've just volunteered to some corporatese voodoo. Will see, if something comes out of it.

2014-02-07 (06Fr) End with a bang

[16:00] Today is very dense, in terms of number of tasks at work. The weather is nice, it is getting warm. The stagnation in business also seems to go away. This month will be tough.
=> I've found some music albums made in 2013, that may be worth trying and reviewing. After quick glimpse, I've realized, that music reviews page is in deep disrepair -- this will be the major point of my Offline-Lent.

2014-02-08 (06Sa) Haushalt so much

[13:00] Yesterday little Eve misbehaved in the Kindergarten. It is a pity, because I thought, she's on a good way to cease to cause such mischief.
=> Today we've all waken up early, have had breakfast together (I believe first one this year, as Elmyra usually sleeps-in on weekends and has only a biscuit and coffee at the time, I'm thinking about a brunch already). After that we all (including the little one) took off to clean the house. I've even did all the ironing.

[20:13] The Roommates go today to some party, Elmyra agreed that we take care of their younger son. May be fun.
=> Jutro gotuję ogórkową.

2014-02-09 (06Su) Ok, done.

[11:16] Little rascals survived through the night quite well. They also managed to play together not arguing too often.
=> Nothing special happened Yesterday.

2014-02-10 (07Mo) Push till it breaks.

[16:00] I don't know where to start. The weather broke, my head aches as if I had hangover, Yesterday I have had a spat with my wife (detail not important)... And yet, there is so much to do of the actual work at work. But I can do it: maybe it is the time, when I use sugar. And for a dessert (it is called "pudding") I'll go to the lab with Eve's broken tablet to seek for help in repairing it.
=> I've just experimented with DOS batch files and robust copy command. Result is quite interesting. Most annoying thing: parsing spaces in filenames.
=> Visits of my Mother have some beneficial effect to decorations and overall aesthetics of our little flat: Decorations and aesthetics start to exist in the face of her visit. Like today: My quest is to secure nice bed covers for our so-stained sofa in the living room. The idea was born two years ago, but right now we have proper push to make it real.
Big words again, I could go into politics.

2014-02-11 (07Tu) Busy, do not disturb

[14:38] Yesterday was nice, I've managed to do shopping in both places I've planned to. And I tell You what: when You are less of 175cm high, go to nearest IKEA and find Yourself thing named KRÅKRIS. You will love it in chilly mornings.
=> My Mother is on the way.

2014-02-12 (07We) Early bird

[07:41] Yesterday went as planned: I have lead the meeting, left my office at usual time, was at the Kindergarten without delay -- little Eve banged her head with some boy (it was an accident not a fight) and now has black eye (not so much, just small bruise, but in visible place). In the meantime, Elmyra picked-up my Mother at the bus station and they returned to our Town -- we've met at the main square near the train station. I think, everyone was happy with our small reunion, but most happy was our daughter. Right now she's staying with grandmother at home.
=> Lately I keep receiving SMS spam. And this is annoying.

[15:00] It started to rain, and tomorrow it may even snow. I don't like that.

2014-02-13 (07th) Kinderball

[14:55] Lots of work at work, busy evening ahead, as there will be party at Kindergarten.

2014-02-14 (07th) Jakie tynki..?

[10:00] I've managed to return home on time, even to pick-up my Wife at train station. We've changed clothes, got my mother and went to the Kindergarten party -- which however took us by surprise, as it started ON TIME, where we took into account usual forty minutes delay. The party maybe wasn't a blast, but our little Eve had a big time.
=>Today morning my Mother departed home. I want to sort the photos from the party and send her (and my Father too) some of them.

2014-02-15 (07Sa) A visit

[23:59] That was a day! We've waken up around 0800hrs, tidied our home a bit, then I went to get some groceries. And of course my blood pressure surged, when I was trying to park at the mall -- some people never learn. I wanted to scratch that van, but too many people were watching.
For dinner I've prepared kale with minced meat and millet. Eve got cough and puked with mucus -- we've administered mild anti-inflammatory and kept her warm. There was concern, that the Hogs may catch the disease just before their vacation.
Our guests arrived around 1930hrs, of course our street address was NOT on their map and I needed to lead them. They looked extremely well and healthy, needless to mention also in good mood. Speaking of which: I believe that my Sister-in-law, the Hog, is just suffering her bad days when I meet her at my In-Laws home at the southern. So, we've been exchanging rumours and news for almost whole evening (we've finished just a minute ago). But they may use some sleep in the plane, the flight will be about eleven hours or more.

2014-02-16 (07Su) They're gone

[15:47] We all got up at 0700hrs, have had healthy breakfast, then I gave our guests a lift to the airport. I've used our newly built bypass and I must say, I've lost my way only once, at the very end. I hope they have a good trip and happy vacation.
=> I've forgot to take the Волга to technical check-up. I have plan to do it within nearest week. Quite many things have been postponed to later, the Kanban helped to some extent, but I fail to keep up to the plan. For Tomorrow I've promised to prepare one certain guideline for one certain process, but I've put it on low priority and now it may be too late... Or maybe not -- there is always Google Docs. And the screen shots for our corporate system I can add later.
=> Some musings about social care, authorities etc. It is no place and time for detail.

2014-02-17 (08Mo) Hard week ahead

[14:32] Our bodies need cleansing, fast, and exercise. We've decided to get rid of sweets and snacks, then begin special treatment. Detail later. First, all the residue need to be eaten from fridge and freezer. And we apply strict rules for buying groceries. And we want to keep to the rigid schedule of meals.
=> At work it is slowly progressing. Many tasks keep me busy, so my mind doesn't wander to dark regions. And so far (*me spits over the shoulder) nothing went wrong. I like, when I achieve something. And as my insomnia returns -- or better said: I have too much energy in the evening which I can't channel to any useful task -- I'll start to take my Company's laptop home to do the onerous non-value-added administrative tasks, just to get bored and tired before my goodnight sleep. I may also catch my Father on Google-Hangout to cheer him a bit up, things are not going perfectly well in southern England, not even "quite well"... While local manager cannot undertake binding decision and high-level command is not interested in detail, sitting on a bomb kills morale. And war is all about morale -- said Peter "Crusher" Fanshawe-Marshall.
=> I've asked my colleagues in LAB to help with the broken tablet: we've dissembled it and looked for part number. It reveals, the part is available on the market via AliExpress. And it is 45$ shipping included. Budget has been allocated. Today I'm choosing offer and doing a purchase, after I discuss it with Elmyra. Also I hope, she can find better offer.
=> I was digging for some music from 2013 for review. Note to oneself to give a try to these:
Kivenpyörittäjä (preview)
Tales and Travels (2013)
Other from Bandcamp/Eclipse Music:
Kultainen Lanka (2013)
Approaching - Special Edition (2013)
Also -- I'm gravitating more towards Bandcamp than Jamendo now, as new engine almost killed the community on the latter.

2014-02-18 (08Tu) On topic of books

[16:07] Did I mention, that I'm reading Henning Mankel's Danslärarens återkomst, of course not in Swedish but polish translation. I may want to read more later:
=> There is a seminar on March 26th, in one of hotels in Warsaw -- which, surprisingly, I was building as part-time worker in my student times. I don't know yet, if I get permission to attend.
=> Need a bright idea, what to cook for dinner.

2014-02-19 (08We) First Spring cold

[14:04] Today Elmyra's alarm clock didn't ring. At first she got up in sudden burst of energy, but then she decided rather to call in sick and stay at home. Good for her.
=> Today I want to try out our tagliatelle extruder.
=> I've contacted the University to ask about student internship. And Elmyra should go to the Dentist this week. Beside that, plain usual.

2014-02-20 (08Th) Busy as hell

[16:05] I've finished reading the book. Main topic for this weekend (beside meeting with Do.) are: laundry, ironing, washing the fridge.

2014-02-21 (08Fr) work from home.

[19:10] One big task closed, then I've left early to be at home before some certain on-line meeting starts. I think, this is better, than staying longer at office.
=> Little Eve behaved at the kindergarten quite well for the first half of the day, but then she had one of her sudden evil urges, so when I've arrived to pick her up at Kindergarten, she was serving her ten minutes of detention. But we have explained ourselves the situation and now it is all sunshine and cookies.
=> I've done some research about pasta extruder -- mostly because my first attempt was ultimate fail: dough was too soft and it got sticky and the noodles couldn't be separated. The only way to cook them was pressing directly into boiling water, but the result was still a lump of glued together strands. I think, I've spotted good proportion somewhere on the internets. And advice, that one needs to use 100% semolina from durum wheat. Next experiment on weekend.
=> Tomorrow we meet with Do. at her father's place. We will make dumplings, noodles, meat pastries and have fun with some (lots of?) wine and moonshine.

2014-02-22 (08Sa) Pierogis squared

[23:59] So, I've wake up not so early, Elmyra joined me in some haushalt activities, then I've done the usual round of weekend phone calls -- to stay in touch with rest of the family. And learned one funny thing: my grandparents wedding anniversary will be celebrated reverently and pompously, my Mother and my Godfather, as the main organizers, are gathering ideas. Detail I'll not reveal in public... SPOILERS!
=> Our big plan to empty the fridge before Lent seems to work. We are on a good way to have all items abandoned in depths of our freezer properly addressed -- eaten or disposed. And then the fridge gets thorough washing.
=> And yes: main topic of today: We've meet at Do's father place to use the kitchen. We've been making stuffed dumplings (вареники). I don't know how many of them were manufactured, but we've used five kilos (5kg) of dough. And filings were various: spinach and feta cheese, sauerkraut and wild mushrooms, minced meat and cherries. We've used some beer, moonshine and black currant liquor -- surprisingly, my cold seem to fade.
=> Sister-Student is coming back from winter vacation tomorrow.

2014-02-23 (08Su) Bicycle season opened

[21:10] So, I've got up at 0500hrs with dry mouth and slight hangover, but I've rehydrated and went back to bed. Officially, I was up at 0800hrs. We've have had some breakfast then did most of the cleaning and laundry. I didn't touch the ironing.
=> I've estimated cost of our vacation. And the prediction is promising.
=> And yes: because the weather was just perfect, I've took little Eve to play outside. We've meet the Roommates -- they were about to ride on bicycles to our Town's park to feed the ducks with dry bread. I've joined with Eve, thus making my first bicycle trip this year. Which reminds me, my machine is just begging for repair.
=>I must say, the moonshine was good -- my cold is gone, no sneeze, no cough. Elmyra (who was in really bad shape last week) is also sound and healthy.
=> I've made another whole big pot of pickled cucumber soup. I've invited Roommates to dinner. They complimented my recipe. Roommate's older son has set up his first Linux in virtual box -- I've challenged him to do some certain thing on that setup, I wonder if he makes it...
=> I'll try to catch my father on Google hangout now.

2014-02-24 (09Mo) Fog

[16:01] I like it, when my Clients at work are like detectives from Swedish police/crime novels: Think much, talk scarce, but when say something, it is precise and accurate, so no additional questions are needed. But this is quite rare: most of them have problems with understanding; sometimes even what are the basic principles of safety or national regulations.
=> The winter has returned: it was slightly below zero in the morning, with thick fog. Driving to work was real challenge. And when driving to work and listening to the radio, I've learned, that in the meantime, when I've been enjoying nice weekend, Ukraine has undergone another (after the Orange one) revolution: parliament dismissed government, oligarchs run to the hills and flee the country, president tried to flee to Russia, but was arrested at the airport... Will see, what comes out of that.
=> Today in the evening I'll finally order that spare part.

2014-02-25 (09Tu) 180th Birthday of the DC motor

[10:50] Thomas Davenport, patent granted February the twenty-fifth 1834. Technically, it was a plunger drawn inside solenoid, with crank, connecting rod, and fancy clockwork commutation mechanism, thus not a real "spinning machine" -- that one was discovered (and yes: discovered by accident, not invented) by Gramme.
=> It reveals, adding iCal calendar to Outlook, when importing internet calendars is blocked by administrator and cannot be bypassed: my idea was to just download .ics file and then make Outlook to display it -- and the latter does not work: dropping the file icon to Outlook calendar creates new calendar that contains copy of everything contained in .ics file, but it is never updated later, when the file is downloaded anew. And there is no option to add events from .ics file to existing calendar.
=> Today I've finally decided to put the bicycles for repair: I'm visiting the workshop just after work. It is shame, that such a nice weather is being wasted, especially at the moment, when I need exercise. Speaking of health issues: I've scheduled a visit to the dentist to remove wisdom tooth, on next Wednesday. And today in the evening I'll schedule a chat with the doctor to obtain referral for testing against possible infection by haemophilus influenza, all three of us.

2014-02-26 (09We) bzzzzzz

[16:06] Yesterday I've scheduled visit at the dentists' and put bicycles to repair; I've also ordered the missing spare part for our tablet -- but I've forgot to join online conference with the doctor. Another attempt today.
=> I'm slacking off at work again -- and this is bad thing, I need reults, because I need more money.

2014-02-27 (09Th) Fat Thursday

[16:04] Yesterday little Eve had one serious talk about responsibility and consequences -- what she did she did out of carelessness rather than anger or malice, but damage (albeit minor) has been done. She promised to remember.
=> Today we celebrate traditional start of last week of carnival. One needs to eat up everything left in the fridge before Lent. Or so is the historical background: nowadays we rather stuff up with donuts, almost nobody is keeping fast in the Lent. But that I will worry about later -- now it is time for reckless fun.
=> off I go...

2014-02-28 (09Fr) End of month

[12:20] I wanted to buy myself a replacement for my broken HPC, I've spotted one quite nice Psion 5 MX on internet auction, but somebody was quicker and swept it from before my nose... My keyboard at work demands thorough cleaning, but I don't know how even to attempt to do that. Speaking of keyboard: I've bought myself one bluetooth miniature keyboard and will try to use it with Nokia 5800. Sounds like fun.
=> Little Eve seems to grow up, in mental sense -- we have had one little agreement: she liked to to ride on front seat, so I've said she needs to behave at the Kindergarten for whole week and then I'll mount her seat in front for another week, or at least until next major failure. She now understands more, than she wants to show us -- but with precedence, we can demand good behaviour for extended periods of time.
=> New idea for non-production activity at work: a place for making sample photos. Detail not important.
=> There was much traffic on my way to work today. And it seems, part of the road will undergo major rebuild this spring/summer: they have cut trees, stocked lots and lots of gravel and clay and since two weeks I constantly see land surveying workers taking measurements along road side. May be tough to ride bicycle to my office on that part. But I'll try anyway.
=> A bright idea just struck me: I wanted to install Ubuntu Studio for ages, but was effectively prevented from doing so, as I lack DVD burner to create bootable disk. But my NW8000 can boot from USB stick, so I've checked, if there is an option to boot Ubuntu from pen drive and of course there is: []. I think, I may reinstall my system even this weekend. Or maybe not: I need backup HD before I do anything. I mean: I'll install UBUNTU on new drive and keep my old disk as backup. OR I'll duplicate my disk on one of spare drives to have access to data later. But this is minor detail.

2014-03-01 (09Sa) Calendar flipping day

[22:05] Yesterday afternoon we've cleaned our home, to not have any work left for weekend. Today started slowly and with some pain. As agreed, we've meet with Sister-Student at one of the shopping malls -- and it was quite good idea, as we've found one quite nice offer of bulk pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, goji berries, all kinds of groat and something called bulgur (similar to couscous). As usual, everyone complained on Elmyra being so slow with choosing, what she'd like to buy.
=> Elmyra finally joined our board (I've set her account, but she never used it). We've also attempted to discuss budget for 2014. Speaking of budget: we've have just 50€ too much income to get tax return for the child.
=> Chatting on skype with the Wildcat right now.

2014-03-02 (09Su) Being lazy is an art

[10:59] Fiddling with synthesizer. This is more fun than watching UTube. I'm thinking of something nice for dinner.

[15:32] Because I know have a device, that can receive podcasts, I've tested my RSS chanel, if it can properly deliver content to my Nokia XM podcasting client. I've learned, that one needs one more trick for the machine to download automatically -- You may see results by subscribing to
[BIZUN.RSS]. You may even want to answer the question and win the prize.
=>And for dinner: chickpea soup.

[21:40] I think, I need to put myself together, get a grip and conquer the world instead of just slacking off..

2014-03-03 (10Mo) Surprisingly good weather

[16:20] Yesterday it started: we are eating healthy and get some exercise. I've started a table, where I'll put my measurements every week, to see, if I'm on good way or stuck. Speaking of health and going: I'm missing riding my bicycle.
I've configured Trello on my Wife's phone. I've also removed all references to the other account and deleted it.
=> Money transfers are going late today -- we've already argued over that. Also, due to lack of interest in our office, one nice training has been cancelled. I'm quite disappointed with people. To cheer me up, I've got new album to rehear. Brand new: February 2014. And it is a mystery and surprise, I'm approaching it without prejudice.
Dumplings and groats for dinner.

2014-03-04 (10Tu) A koan for You

[13:12] Morning spam greeted me with [this] little column -- maybe it is kind of obvious obviousness, but how true... Morning was surprisingly good.
=> Yesterday I've skipped my workout. This is not really good start. My problem is, I just can't get together and start in the evening: When I come home, I'm hungry and when I have my dinner I'm too tired -- or rather: all day wear catches on me and stays until it is time to go to bed. Best moment to do workout seems to be just after I finish my work at office.
=> We are thinking seriously about our vacation and how to arrange everything. Heathfield is middle of nowhere, so I'd like to spend more time in London. Probably Bletchley Park will be out of bounds. But still -- plans are big, although they depend on availability of free money.

2014-03-05 (10We) Quest

[05:51] So, I've taken one day off to close all loose ends. My wisdom tooth is removed, address in bank is changed, I've put the Волга to technical check-up and it failed -- suspension problems and windshield broken, I'm putting it to the workshop tomorrow.
=> Lent is coming.


2014-03-05 (10We) First day of lent

[11:00] Important things: Pedagogical diagnosis (Eve can stay one year longer in Kindergarten, if we like), Волга needs repair and I've failed to put her to the workshop;
As for me, myself and I: Yesterday I went to the Dentists' to extract wisdom tooth. When the anaesthetic wore off, it didn't ache so much -- but I've taken the prescribed ketoprofen pills, because my throat was (and still is) all stiff, which makes it really uncomfortable to swallow. I've slept quite well. Right side of my face is all swollen, but doesn't hurt so much. Yet I'm taking the pain killers to be able to swallow food and drinks.

[20:25] So, I've forgot to mention, that I've bought online a Bluetooth keyboard and I've successfully attached it to my Nokia. Now I can write in the evening just as I did with my pocket PC. I have big plans with updating the native section. And also the album reviews are in deep disrepair -- so, anything that allows me to write in my bed is welcome. I may only try to install Polish language, because using backquote escaping ą ć ę etc. is bit onerous.

2014-03-06 (10Th) It hurts

[22:00] I had this strong resolution to not take my ketoprofen pills, but I couldn't sleep in the night. In the morning my jaw was all swollen. I've forgot to put the car to workshop. At Office?? Many talk about plans for 2014. Hard work ahead.

2014-03-07 (10FR) Costs and expenses

[08:31] I've received cost estimation of repairing both bicycles, and my jaw dropped down -- about €200,- ! Also repair of the Волга will be another €200 even to 250... It kills our current spares.

2014-03-08 (10Sa) Small reunion

[19:09] Sister-Student and the younger of our Brothers-in-law paid us a visit today.
Little Eva's funny texts: Chłopak z miasta! To lubię (to my brother in law who paid us a visit).
We have had quite nice dinner, lots of talk and some queer experiment for pudding. Detail later. Somewhere around 2145hrs I'll go to the airport to pick up the Hogs. Busy night ahead, spent on talking and reviewing photos. Or so I hope.

2014-03-09 (10Su) Nice day off

[22:09] I've picked up the Hogs from the airport, it all went smooth. Solving the problem of places to sleep revealed to be easier than we've thought -- our brother in law could have stayed overnight, because little Eve just shoved up into our bed, so Sister-Student took her bed and the mattress on the floor was free. Never mind. For dinner: very tasty pork stew. The pork needs particular appraisal: it was the best piece of meat I've bought for ages -- tender, soft and very tasty without any foul smell.
The topic of special gift for our grandparents is still not made nor even invented. It seems, we'll do everything tomorrow or day after tomorrow. I have some preliminary idea.
Points from my list of items to be completed during Lent is not touched yet. But the ideas start to build up. Off topic: My hole after removed tooth doesn't ache so much.

2014-03-10 (11Mo) Manufacture

[21:52] We are making monidło. I only hope, that the modelling clay will harden before painting.
I've received my bicycles from the workshop, My bike is done perfectly, but the Украïна (that one, which I've found in the forest last October) was put together not quite carefully. I will tweak it further next week. All that is needed is simple M3 nut. And tomorrow I want to go with my bike to the office, first time this year. Will see, if I can manage within reasonable time.
Train service is going crazy again -- they started grand renovation of some main junctions, therefore local commuter train schedule has been decimated. Elmyra said, she needed to wait two hours in peak time, when she gets late for her usual train... One good thing was, that I've taken little Eve to some playground and she was delighted. On the other hand, our evening shrank, and we are off-schedule with the surprise gift for our grandparents.
Tomorrow I should phone the workshop, to ask, how much will be the repair of the Волга. I don't know, what I'm exactly afraid of. The Танк also needs some maintenance, but that I can do myself, when only I get hold of all needed parts.
No new idea for a story or a song.

2014-03-11 (11Tu) Bicycle!

[11:42] As planned, today morning I've mounted my bicycle and ridden it to work. I have had very bad trip time, but I didn't expect much on the very first day of the season. I have however some concerns about the route I use: one of the crossroads undergoes right now major rearrangement, therefore I may be in need for detour. And the choice is scarce.
=> I saw on the parcel tracking service, that spare part for our tablet has been dispatched to be delivered today morning. If everything goes right, today in the evening my girls can play their beloved potato man on a screen a bit bigger, than cell phone.
=> Yesterday Elmyra did great job on designing special gift for our Grandparents.

[21:47] When only I've arrived home, we've started to carefully sculpture the base. It should harden overnight so tomorrow Elmyra will be able to paint it. What is significant, is that we didn't argue over the job. Of course, there was lot of verbal wrestling and salty comments, but no sign of (almost usual) frustration, panic and anger. Great achievement.
=> Bulgur with salmon, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, chili and spring onion. Delicious. Speaking of food:I've found on internet auction a good and not so expensive source of durum wheat semolina. Another attempt at making pasta extruder work properly is scheduled soon.

2014-03-12 (11We) Free from boundaries

[12:23] I've left from the office to a town nearby to visit the dentist to have my stitches removed. All is (or at least looks) good and I shall not feel any uncomfortable sensations by next week. Needless to say I've got rid of painkillers two or three days ago.
=> I've called the workshop -- and as expected: repairs to the Волга will cost less than fixing the bicycles. Will see what's up next: if Elmyra does not get back to driving we may want to sell the surplus car.
=> I have prepared some fine mechanical part to tweak with one of our bicycles.

[21:33] I just can't figure out the thread diameter of that bicycle part. It seems, that this may not be any of the stock gauges, but something exotic, like M3.2 -- although SACHS service manual says, it is M3. Most probably I have wire coupler designed for M5 thread connection rod. I need to dig deeper.
=> Tomorrow I'll try to pick-up the Волга at the workshop and to go with her to another tech check-up. I only hope, there will be no problems this time.
=> One important thing to report: today in Eve's kindergarten the group started picking on my daughter and when she reacted it was natural to blame her -- but fortunately the thing was picked up by the teachers and proper actions were applied. Good, because I know, that in the school the personnel may take the easiest route... In fact, I'm glad, that my daughter may qualify to stay another year in Kindergarten. I hope, she will grow up just enough to not have trouble in the future.

2014-03-13 (11Th) Good news bad news time

[10:01] Good news is, that I've managed to receive the Волга from the workshop and to go to technical check-up, bad news is, that I've come late to work and it was noticed. Also the Танк refused to cooperate today. I mean, all was OK, until I arrived at Company's parking lot: something is broken again within cooling system and the cooling fluid escapes rapidly. This of course needs mechanics' attention and we are forced to go to the North with Волга. My mother will not like it, but maybe Elmyra will drive. Certainly, I will need the Танк before I go South, to my In-Laws, but I can postpone the repair to Wk14.

[22:35] Elmyra took it quite well, when I've told her, that the Танк is broken. I think, I'll replace all cooling tubes, just to be on safe side. Windshield and dampers will go in September.
=> Today Elmyra finished our special gift for Grandparents. After that she had some bitter thoughts about my Godfather and the way his family conducts business (in broad sense). Next time we don't want to be in one team with them.
=> Small achievement for today: I've repaired wireless headphones and also replaced speakers in one set of Nokia headphones. I've also found out, that the headset I've bought is genuine Nokia, not some cheap Chinese counterfeit. Speaking of cheap Chinese: did I mention, that the spare part for our Prestigio tablet has finally arrived? So it has. And to my greatest surprise it is only the glass plate with touch sensor without the frame. Now we have to carefully unglue the broken glass from front frame and then attach the new one. And before final assembly all need to be carefully cleaned of dust and fingerprints. As for detaching the panel -- they say best way is to heat the glass and then separate it from frame with razor blade. Will see, how it works, but next week.

2014-03-14 (11Fr) There

[20:50] I woke up at 0600hrs, but unfortunately woke up Elmyra too. I've washed and cleaned the Волга, bought something for breakfast and packed for the ride. It went a bit less smooth with Elmyra, but she can be excused, given the stress she was under last week. We've departed at about 1100hrs. The traffic was not so dense, but Elmyra complained continuously about my driving, so I needed to go as slow as possible. This of course didn't save me from dangerous moments on the road. Polish folklore.
=> At home -- people seems to be in good health and moods. My sister with her family dropped for dinner. Lots of fun. We all try to cheer my Father up -- he tries to show off, but we know, he is in quite shitty situation.

[21:39] The battery in BT keyboard is low and it loses connection with the phone quite unexpectedly.
Little Eve is all happy. I only hope, she'll behave well at tomorrow's party. Expectations are high, I've seen the poems, that my Father wrote for the occasion. Now I need good sleep.

2014-03-15 (11Sa) Party time!

[09:50] All ready to go. Now we are about to repair my Mum's computer, so she can access the Internet and talk with my Father, when he returns to UK.

[22:07] The party was a blast. We've meet at the restaurant. Little Eve behaved quite well. We've exchanged latest rumours and news. Little Eve made her own pizza. My grandfather drank a bit too much, same as my father. Some new lines by little Eve (which I don't remember now). And at the end of the day, we've "lost" the keys to my parents' flat... Of course, nobody believed me, when I claimed, I've handed them over in the afternoon. But I was right -- my father put the key ring into the pocket on the car's door. Tomorrow I demand apology.

2014-03-17 (11Su) Home again

[20:57] Today I let myself to sleep-in a bit: I've waken up at about 0800hrs. We've packed and departed a bit later, than planned -- maybe because my sister has dropped in and we have had some chit-chat. We've also visited both my grandmothers. At the road there was not much traffic, but anyway it was not entirely nice to drive. We've been home at about 1800hrs. I even managed to wash one batch of clothes. Also, one spoonful of citric acid helped to get rid of nasty scale inside the toilet. But there was also one unpleasant surprise: the satellite dish was tilted by heavy winds and now we can't get proper aim -- there is no television at the moment. The plan is to adjust it tomorrow, when at daylight.
=> I planned to ride my bicycle to work starting Monday, but weather forecast says, it will be raining tomorrow morning. I'm not made of sugar and few droplets of water will not hurt me, but little Eve is quite different story -- I mean: Elmyra won't allow me to carry Eve through the rain, even if it is harmless and little one will enjoy it.
Will see...

2014-03-17 (12Mo) Running out of everything

[11:35] Today I need to pay the land tax, at least the first quarterly rate. And I want to sit with my Wife and plan something nice for dinner for whole week.
=> I've heard one nice radio play yesterday evening: Norymberga based on play by Wojciech Tomczyk. I recommend. I won't spoil any detail here. Speaking of which: I didn't have time for reading -- or better said: I didn't choose next book to read, spending too much time on wondering about my selection. But there is quite big pile of laundry awaiting ironing, therefore there are favourable conditions for audio-books -- and these I have two: a crime story by Jo Nesbø and the famous The great Gadsby. Still a tough choice. Speaking of Lent plans -- One of the obstacles may be the thing, that I don't know how to type Polish letters on my Nokia. There should be keyboard map somewhere, but I can't locate it yet.

[18:58] Cucumber soup was great, the only flaw was, there was so little of it. Funny thing: Hampster Owner added me in LinkedIn. And I think, I've solved the mystery with Polish letters: One needs a dictionary and to use "short-hand" entry method.

[21:00] Note to oneself: Andrzej Czajkowski, piano, memoirs.
=> Today I've noticed, I planned to check spelling in 2013 archive. In fact, I don't know, where does all the time go and why I'm not focusing on scheduled tasks.
Tomorrow another attempt to ride my bicycle to work.

2014-03-18 (12Tu) Through rain and against the wind

[09:25] Both: literally and in metaphor -- I've ridden bicycle to my work with not so pleasant weather conditions (but it was not raining) and then in the office I've encountered some minor difficulties. Some thought: I've decided to not fix the TV for a while -- we may rather wait for the winds to stop. I've noticed, even little Eve is quite OK with this situation. I mean: now, when the telly box is not stealing time, even Elmyra finds few minutes to play with the little one. And we started to fix and prepare all Eve's homework sheets (patterns, logic puzzles etc.).
=> Today dumplings for dinner, tomorrow rice pudding with apples.

[21:25] Tomorrow there is some quite interesting programme on the radio. How did Churchill plan to conquer the Soviet Union. I try to record it.
Today little Eve did another round of homework, I believe at the end of the day we'll be on track.
Tomorrow I most probably will drive to work instead of using bicycle: I need to be on desk at certain time. Business matter, detail not important and/or entirely boring. Just one queer observation: the thermocouple can heat itself by induction and eddy currents, when attached to winding of switch-mode transformer working at high frequency.
=> Achievement for today: I've repaired the Украïна bicycle: the thread at the end of gear shifter is indeed of unusual size, M3.5 (or #6 imperial). I've overcome it by making the nut out of thermo-shrink tube. Now the gear only needs some tweaking and fine tuning. I believe, that when I figure out adjustment of Sachs Dreigang gearbox, I will be able to repair the gearbox in Swan (the Dutch-style bicycle). The main issue is "neutral gear" between second and third gear.

2014-03-19 (12We) Sweat on bed linen.

[10:35] No, no sex all night long: I had tough time in the night, slept restlessly and was haunted by bad dreams, of which I don't remember anything at all... Little Eve also had tough times waking up -- but she slept deeply and peacefully. Needless to say, I've kept the decision to drive my Волга to the Office today -- the weather is good, it was not raining, but I might have trouble with joining that conference with Asians on time. Bad thing? I didn't bring my breakfast and I've missed the SandwichMan™...
=> The Sun started to shine and it is quite warm outside. Which reminds me: it is good moment to cut my hair. Tomorrow is my Grandmother's birthday. And on Saturday we go to a birthday party at the Kindergarten, this time fortunately it begins in the afternoon, at 1600hrs. Speaking of which: I wonder, whether to ride or drive to the Office on Friday: there will be another online meeting with Asians and we wanted to shop for groceries, to have Saturday's morning for haushalt activities -- On the other hand, I will have some surplus working hours this week and it will be possible for me to leave earlier, pick up Eve, go home, wash myself, change clothes and depart to the shopping mall, just as if I've driven a car.
=> Speaking of dates and scheduling -- I've promised the teachers in Kindergarten to schedule a short meeting with me and my Wife to discuss action plan for next six months for little Eve: home exercises, activities, schedule of reporting and other detail. Problem is, my Wife is not available this week and next week only Monday is possible.
Will see.

[20:30] Too much things pulled up for later. Tomorrow will be tough. Or maybe not.
=> Little Eve refused to do her homework. Tomorrow I ride to work.

2014-03-20 (12Th) First day of Spring

[12:00] Today, at 1657UTC the Spring begins. But traditional celebrations will all perform Tomorrow. I've ridden my bicycle to the office, and I've got fairly short trip time, although I could improve on the average speed -- the fast parts didn't compensate the slower moments in the woods. But hey -- it is just third time, coming back to shape will take some time.
=> I've fine-tuned the gearbox in Украïна, but it is still a bit temperamental, one need to be very careful when changing speeds.
Note to oneself: Jonathan Walker: Trzecia wojna światowa (pl:2014)

[22:30] Elmyra was late home again. As usual she complained about the floor not swept, the shelves not dusted -- didn't notice washed hot plate or kitchen sink polished to the white. Different priorities. But I agree, I didn't do anything to especially please her -- but also nothing particular to annoy her. I guess, we'll make it over on Friday afternoon.
=> Little Eve did another sheet of her homework, but did it very untidy. We'll see, what the ministry controller will say about it.
=> Today also the bills for electricity for next half of year came. Amount of money to be paid seems lower, than last year -- but I didn't check very scrupulously.

2014-03-21 (12Fr) Spring full steam ahead

[09:45] Today it was a bit too hot, when I've ridden to work. It seems, it is time for shorts and T-shirt already, maybe the long gloves in the morning. And my biker pants need some patching, as I've ripped them over some sharp metal edge in the workshop. Speaking of bicycles: Украïна needs lights and reflective badges, because now it is not eligible to join public traffic and Elmyra wanted it to go to the station in the morning. I also want to replenish the supply of spare bicycle tubes and other parts -- today in the afternoon we go to some shopping mall and I'll check on the prices.
=> I'm reading another book from Henning Mankel. To soon to draw any conclusion. Book like any other.

2014-03-22 (12Sa) Przez całą noc nie mogłem zakręcić kranu

[23:17] This was a day! I woke up full of energy and in good mood. Fist thing in the morning we started to clean up our home, then my girls went for a walk and I've continued with washing floors; I've also attacked some long postponed tasks, detail not important. In the afternoon I've taken little Eve to that birthday party at Kindergarten and again socialized with other parents. Some news picked up, one quite significant: the tunnel beneath rails in our Town will be closed to about seven weeks. This is madness -- there is scarcely any other railroad crossing nearby, it will be very difficult for me to get with little Eve to the kindergarten on bicycle. They may open one temporary crossing quite near, but this is not confirmed yet. Of course -- I'm glad, that they finally started the renovations there, but I believe, there are other ways to organize the whole thing.
=> I've phoned the Wildcat and spoke with her for about one and half hour. I think, she needed that. Many topics were touched: school (and the grudge with literature teacher), Putin on Ukraine, how does the brain work, how to interpret poetry, how to wear heavy boots and how is the hoarding syndrome of my Mother-in-law going worse lately. Nothing worth putting down. This reminds me, I may want to talk with my Father more on nearest future.
=> Shit, it is late already.

2014-03-23 (12Su) We deserved a rest

[21:03] Today we all allowed ourselves to sleep in. The day has been slow and peaceful. We all have had good breakfast, I've put another batch of laundry into washing machine, then I've put on headphones, got iron into my hand and got rid of the huge pile lingering on the armchair. After that I've decided, that it is good moment to put the winter clothes to storage and dig out summer ones: t-shirts, shorts and all bicycle gear. Elmyra, seeing that, also sorted out her wardrobe; to save space we've decided to send some of the unused pieces of garment to the charity box. We have had pizza for dinner then we went to visit our neighbours (mostly it was little Eve who was visiting their son) and we went to bed early. Somewhere in the meantime I've used my Company's laptop to connect to ongoing temperature test, just to learn, that there was power outage and my results went to hell. I will not have any data to show on the conference on Monday at 0830hrs. Shit as hell.
=> About this book -- nice little criminal story, not obvious and without all that stress on politics as in Henning Mankel's books. And also the interpretation of the voice actor is good. But I don't know, if I will look for other books of this particular writer.
=&g; It seems, Tomorrow I will go to work with the Волга, mostly because me and my Wife have appointment at the Kindergarten, but also because of that thing at work. Morning will be tough.

2014-03-24 (13Mo) 120th anniversary

[22:00] Today spent on meetings. One of them being Company's birthday: we've had pizza and birthday cake, quiz with little prizes and party games together with broadcast of recorded Company President's anniversary greetings. Needless to say, my team was the one that won the quiz about Company's history.
Meeting at the Kindergarten postponed for later.
=> Little Eve had bad dreams in the night. She came to my bed, but it was not enough. Elmyra is sleeping on the sofa in living room, as she works until very late and also she caught a flu and meeds to use bathroom several times in the night (and said she doesn't want to wake me up) -- and little Eve went to her.
=> I've finished that book. Too much stress on the politics, too little care and effort put on developing the plot -- if You're interested in my opinion.

2014-03-25 (13Tu) Insubordinate

[09:30] Little Eve giving a show this morning, how stubborn she can be. BUT -- she said sorry, when she came to her reason. I've ridden my bike to the Company, got average trip time and average speed below expectations -- but I was at the company gates before 0800hrs. And then one grave surprise: the test gear set for overnight run has been switched off on 1500hrs by lab personnel leaving home... One day behind.

[21:55] Little Eve behaved well in the Kindergarten. She also did her homework today, only two sheets are left.
=> Elmyra returned home in late evening, again.
I've sewn hole in my cycling pants.
When I was returning home I've met with one of our neighbours, have had a chat on the topic of going with bicycle to work.
And yes -- I'm checking spelling in 2013 blog archive. Most certainly I won't be ready before Easters. Speaking ow which: my great Lent plans are not touched yet. Not even single recipe in the cookbook.
=> And now something interesting: today I've attempted to replace broken digitizer in our tablet, and to my astonishment and disgust I've noticed, I've received wrong part: mechanical form factor is OK, connector matches the socket, but the touch panel readings are upside-down, as if it was flipped. I've wrote inquiry to the supplier and now wait for response. Everything seems to go wrong with this job.

2014-03-26 (13We) Even denser

[11:00] On my way to work I've felt exhausted. My average speed was below my expectations. And at the office -- full steam ahead: all things, that been stalled, rushed at once and I don't know, where to begin.
=> The Chinese seller didn't respond yet. It is a pity, that I've failed with such easy repair: two minutes heating with hair dryer and then just another three minutes final assembly. Had the part been the right one, the device would already run on full load with all internet games.
=> Speaking of games: Today I want to go with Little Eve to play outside, but there is nothing ready for dinner. It seems, we'll resort to spaghetti with 'some stuff' (in this case Viener sausage, olives and pizza sauce). Improvisation is the best plan.

[13:55] Elmyra phoned -- but it reveals, it was just false alarm: she pushed wrong button and her phone made connection instead of something else. Never mind. Speaking of phones: My headphones are broken -- the cable cracked at the plug. After I replace it, I think I need to figure out some better method of handling the phone when on bicycle

[20:47] Dinner was kind of quick and dirty, but edible -- I should have made some salad to that. I've also repaired that broken headphones. Speaking of which: I wonder, if my Nokia can be taught some new voice commands, mostly: if one can assign voice command to custom application, or it can be only built in system functions? I'm keeping my strong resolution to not use Internet, but I will put it on a white board to be checked later -- it is not case of emergency, as is the problem with spare part for fondleslab.

2014-03-27 (13Th) Payday

[11:40] Little Eve had some bad dreams in the night. She also caught a cold and sneezes from time to time. In the morning, however, she got together and prepared for Kindergarten almost seamlessly. I've made it on time to the Company, just to prepare for that conference. I have bad luck -- just when it was my turn to give report, Elmyra called (as my mobile was switched off for deep charging she called my desktop wired phone). I needed to do it quick.
=> Albite reader and office suite vanished somewhere on my phone. Or wait: the system just blocks icons of apps, that can't be run when phone is in "storage device" mode. Neat. Speaking of phone: there still is a question of easy way of entering national/special characters through bluetooth keyboard. Maybe I should try other driver.
=> I wonder, what to cook for today's dinner. Maybe I'll just buy some buns and make French toast? Or we'll have noodles again. The problem is, I may not have opportunity to stop at grocers' on my way home. Time is precious.

[22:58] I've expected quiet afternoon, improvised dinner and slack off -- and it was partially achieved. Partially, because Do. dropped in with some mind puzzle related to one of her projects, M$ access database. I've learned few things, searched through help file and various examples, but was unable to solve the problem. Yet having some beer and few cigs together with friendly talk made my day, even if I'm quite exhausted I regret nothing, moreover: I'm more relaxed than ever in last six weeks.
=> My Godfather sent me present for Eve's birthday. We'll try it on on weekend.

2014-03-28 (13Fr) The end of the month

[09:31] I didn't experience hangover after yesterday's evening, moreover: even though I went to sleep few minutes before midnight, I've slept well and was all fresh in the morning. Little Eve, however, was again haunted by some bad dream, she also coughed a lot in the night. Today morning the disaster was on hanging on razor blade, but somehow we managed to be at Kindergarten gates on time. Note to oneself: with highest priority we shall buy pack of batteries for bicycle lighting -- today there was some fog in the morning and my lamps were barely glowing, this is rather dangerous.

[20:30] At work I've done it just right. I hope. But work is a peasant's sport: Today I've managed to be at home just few minutes before my Wife -- and she has finished at usual time, without overtime (though she stopped at one shopping mall in the City on her way home). For dinner: cold buffet -- salmon sandwiches with whole lot of fresh vegetables. I carved it: fish and weed. Tomorrow we go to the City, maybe for a picnic on countryside in the afternoon, but if we stay at home I may cook lentil soup.
=> Elmyra and Eve went to play outside after we've eaten. My Wife got our bicycles in order while little one was trying to learn to ride bicycle without support wheels. Good start, but she needs more practice. We probably won't be able to ride together to that big playground in the town nearby this summer -- but who knows...

2014-03-29 (13Sa) With right hand to the left pocket yet again

[21:33] Today we've all waken up very early -- I dare say, too early. Anyhow: I've managed to run one batch of laundry and clean up the kitchen even before we've had breakfast. We also tried to carefully adjust the satellite dish, but again with null result. It seems, I need to call for a specialist... Never mind. The big topic for today was going to the City to sign new contract and get new telephone. It all started with one wrong choice: I've driven on "fly-by-wire" and taken the turn to my usual route to work. My Wife said, I should turn back and go with the road with less bumps and holes in it -- and soon we've found ourselves in first traffic jam. And there was only worse afterwards. In the most massive of the jams we've spent forty minutes in full sun. I believe inside of the car was something like thirty five centigrade. But we've managed to get there, to have the contract signed, to do the necessary shopping, visit another town and put little Eve to some playground etc. Most important things, like groceries and batteries for bicycle lights have been addressed, other --like DVD-r discs -- can wait or will be handled in working week. Tomorrow I'm cooking and ironing. We may also go to a picnic, if the weather is nice.

2014-03-30 (13Su) Unday!

[21:25] I woke up early and have noticed, that Symbian updated to DST automatically. This made me search all house and check on each clock, whether it shows DST or not. I think, all is to-date now. I only regret, that my radio clock is unable to lock to the timebase service. I've also tried to get exact time from GPS, but could not get good signal. As for the radio clock -- I think, the internal rod antenna is not enough and I'll try to use extension wire.
=> After breakfast and two batches of laundry I took little Eve outside. Or rather: I went to the garage and took Eve with me. I've washed the bicycles, changed batteries in all lamps, attached retroreflectors and lights where needed and performed other maintenance on all four units. I've also tried out my new thermos flask (the one we won at "best cake competition" at my Company's mission day) -- it keeps warmth very well. I was hoping for a small picnic, but unfortunately the plans were crossed, when I was forced to send Eve home as penalty for disobedience. All in all before dinner she earned three big negative points. But she came to reason in the end.
For Dinner: pizza. I think, I have now my own best recipe: rye and wheat dough with just a pinch of caraway.
=> My wife stays up and does some writing. This job taken home is causing some friction and disagreement between us.
And now she searches for silicon cover for her phone. But I see, with success. Speaking of success: I wonder, whether I can manage to ride to work on each week day.

2014-03-31 (14Mo) Obstacles

[09:00] Surprisingly, I've woke up in the morning without much pain. Little Eve however did not like it. We have had some disagreement, but we somehow managed to be late only a little. On my way I've encountered almost all possible situations that may slow me down: my transmission chain fell off, I needed to carefully pass by the pedestrians, I needed to wait to cross the roads (although two times very kind people stopped to let me go). I've also spotted a man, who was dumping trashes at the road side. I've commented loudly. Few seconds afterwards he was trying to scare me. At the company gates I was at 0755, which is quite decent time. I've logged to private email to check on the order dispute on AliExpress, and found out, my UGU account has been suspended -- I've forgot to refresh it before Lent started. I did, what was necessary and now only wait.
=> Our gate keeper asked me, if he can borrow my bicycle to visit the post office, which is some five kilometres away and I agreed. Now I have some doubt about it. Will see.

[21:08] So, our gate keeper didn't borrow my bike. Little Eve behaved in the Kindergarten. I've cooked lentil soup for dinner and then searched our cookbooks after солянка -- may be quite interesting thing to make. And yes, I've had some quarrel with Elmyra just few minutes ago, but without so much venom. It seems, that we subconsciously seek for a conflict to start conversation. Because a spat often dilutes into just rhetoric discussion on vast variety of topics. Of all the other news: My company is about to organize another family picnic, with wood planting. I wonder, what kind of sweets to prepare -- I have an idea, to make one big batch of that sweet paste of cooked millet, form it into one inch balls and roll with ground nuts. Sounds like fun, but may be lots of work... I'll give this recipe a try on Friday. Speaking of Friday: there is another Kinderbal ahead, but I plan to skip this one. I rather take little Eve to the swimming pool and to that big playground in the town nearby. Of course, there is slight possibility, that we all go with our former Roommates to the bungalow at the river, to open season. Hard to predict. But anyway -- I want to have some fun.

2014-04-01 (14Tu) Just plain day

[20:58] Little Eve had minor difficulties with getting up in the morning. I've ridden to work as usual. Only on my way, when listening to radio news, I've noticed it is April Fouls day. Not much about that on media -- people are in grave moods after what Russians are doing. At least my favourite radio station invented two quite nice jokes.
Tomorrow I'm about to send back that spare part for tablet to China.
=> Elmyra spent today whole afternoon and huge part of the evening in the City, in pursuit for bicycle side wheels. And with success -- most probably tomorrow we'll install them. I want, however, little Eve to learn to ride bicycle without them by the end of the summer.
=> At work -- some things seem to go forward at last. My Greenbelt thing, for example. Suddenly, there is no time to slack off. I will need more tight time management.
=> Other things: one person quite stupidly parked own car wasting place for two vehicles. I've seen on Google maps, how will roadmap around my office look like after that renovation is finished: I may have one or two kilometres extra to go with bicycle and at least one level crossing. It's interesting: Crossroad is huge, but is not known how they routed roads coming out of it: typical Polish absurd -- either six-lane road terminated with traffic lights and one tiny road at each end or big, multi-level crossroad that ends up in air, connecting nothing with nothing. I mean: I still wait for proper map and proper plan.

2014-04-02 (14We) Weather and keyboards

[12:30] Today the morning greeted me with refreshing minus two centigrade -- no surprise with that: the sky is crystal clear, so it gets quickly very cold in the night and the ground is not warm enough yet to keep the heat. I didn't prevent me from riding bicycle to work, however, although I have had pretty bad travel time and average speed. Just couldn't get the energy out. Speaking of riding to work: this time I've observed carefully, what is the progress of the work on that crossroad renovation site. Indeed -- I can spot now the structures marked on Google maps as planned. I wonder, whether they close my route at some point or not.
=> I have had quite busy morning at work, but now I can't focus. Distraction started, when I've checked agenda for this day and took a glimpse at my private things. One of the tasks is to register at cooking gas distribution company to receive electronic bills instead of paper ones (which I suspect may have been lost at the post office). I've tried the on;line service, but alas! The thing didn't work as described in the manual! (what you not say...) I've spent some half of hour just to discover, that old service was replaced with new one, but not all links on the site were updated. Unfortunately, I need to provide a client number, which is printed on the invoice, so I can't complete at work. I will try today at home, within relaxed rules of Lent-without-internet event.
=> Because I have some difficulties with entering Polish letters into my Nokia with bluetooth keyboard, I was thinking for a while of buying cheapest possible portable computer; and one of best solutions appeared to be low-end tablet (with android 2.4) put into travel case with keyboard -- all under €30,-... But I still believe, there is a simple solution for mapping keystrokes to Unicode within configuration files of Nokia Wireless Keyboard driver.
OK, I've found it. The solution is not obvious.[]

[21:03] This afternoon I've attached side wheels to Eve's bicycle, but it seems she falls over regardless of that. Or maybe she needs a lot of practice. One funny thing: I've forgot to take keys with me and Elmyra locked the door when she went to the bathroom, so when Eve and I decided, we should return home we needed to wait at the doors a bit too long. Note to oneself: my wireless is not working on the grounds west side of the building, but internet radio can be used on the eastern side.
=> And now the main topic of the evening: I've attempted to set access to online bills for cooking gas, but there is some glitch in their database -- client number and my tax number do no match. It seems I will need to phone them anyway. But that tomorrow. Speaking of contracts and invoices -- we are about to sign in for another year with the Kindergarten. This will be better.

2014-04-03 (14Th) Ever late

[09:10] This time it is not Eve's fault. I've been gentle, didn't push her in the morning. We have had quite good turn-around-time, but started a bit later than usual and so there was some delay. And the I've did quite badly on my way to work: first my radio died (batteries empty) and then I couldn't get on speed. But nevertheless, I was at company's gate few minutes before 0800hrs. I was quite angry at myself, because I thought, I have urgent conference with Chinese this morning, but -- fortunately -- it revealed, the meeting is Tomorrow. Double as good: I have no results to report for today... Continuing on the main thought: I think I'll just move alarm time fifteen minutes earlier. This will ruin my Wife's morning schedule, as she waits for my alarm clock to mark the moment, when she needs to leave.
=> On topic, how to get info from pejsbook via RSS feed, without dreaded logging in and exposing bare arse to all the scam:

[12:15] I've listened to the radio in the lunch break, BBC-4. I've caught an end of some lengthy reportage about recent Ukrainian revolution, mainly about former president Януковіч and his doing with secret police, together with where he got his money from... I'm just not in a mood to think about it.
=> I see, my father was trying to ping me on GoogleTalk -- I think, I'll find something for my mobile to connect...

[21:28] I've phoned the gas company and they will set an account for me. I've also learned, I need to push the parcel with wrong spare part a bit quicker, or the dispute will be automagically resolved in sellers favour. Seems reasonable, as this speeds up decisions.
=gt; Elmyra arranged a cooking ranger, which needs to be transported some four hundred kilometres to the southern outpost, to my In-Laws home. This makes our Easter trip a bit trickier, than planned. Sister-Student may be not entirely happy with luggage restrictions we are about to apply.

2014-04-04 (14Fr) Busy all day

[20:55] Today I've improvised in front of the Chinese, because I had nothing to present -- for whole week the tests were stalled. I only hope, it will go a bit smoother next week.
I've sent back that spare part to China, will see, what comes out of that. Speaking of internet auctions: I will purchase some more equipment for my greenbelt project, and additionally I plan to get something nice for myself. On account of my salary increase.
=> Little Eve misbehaved in the Kindergarten. When I've come there, she was serving her detention, helping one of the teachers to tidy up. Tomorrow, on the other hand, I plan to get the little one to that big playground in the town nearby. I will pack my backpack with sandwiches, cookies and thermos flask and depart for half of a day, just as we did it last year. I'm only afraid, it may be a bit cold.
=> I've learned few things about Russian-Polish struggle: Russian nationalists are planning a convent on one of soviet army cemetery in Poland; Russian truck drivers are suing Polish government for discrimination -- that the transport inspection is demanding immediate payment of all fees. Nothing good will come out of this.
=> And from the other news: Today, in city of Wrocław a famous Musica Polonica Nova festival has opened. I've heard the opening concert on the radio. Well -- bits and pieces of it, but still, I found it pretty interesting.

2014-04-05 (14Sa) Basic maintenance

[09:27] I was waken up at 0700hrs, but I'm in quite good mood. I have an idea to download NOKIA service manual and clean the interior of my phone from dust. And after that we'll go to that playground.

[19:20] We've been there. It took us several hours to just leave home (sandwiches, tea and the like), but then it was smooth. We've hit the road. First stop was the barbers', then shops in the promenade and then we've stayed for a bit at the playground. Despite the wind, Elmyra managed to stay with us, Little one had so much fun, that instead of thirty minutes we've spent there two hours. And then we've begun our way home. I've seen on the map a shortcut, but I didn't remember it quite well -- so, we've seen some nice new passage ways, but then I've lost my way. I've tried to use GPS, but the exact path I wanted to use is not on my map... Elmyra decided to part from me and go right through the wild, when we've hit cul-de-sac. I've retreated and asked for directions, but the person I've asked didn't know the street... Detail not important. We've finally managed to get home, just to have dinner and prepare for quiet family evening. I've noticed, there was power outage.
Tomorrow for dinner Italian pasta with spinach, dried tomatoes and feta cheese.

2014-04-06 (14Su) Happy birthday to me.

[12:00] She forgot as usual. I'm getting used to that. All I want to do right now is to take a long, long walk outside. I've already been to the grocery shop, taking the long detour, trying out that road, we've supposed to use yesterday, and now I'm generally using some slack-off. All members of my family phoned with congratulations. And then she called, with only pointless critic -- just because she couldn't manage one little Eve... detail not important. I'm full of bitterness. And there is that pile of laundry awaiting ironing. And tomorrow I need to put the Tank to the workshop and order missing tools... and this and that. The satellite receiver is still not working -- the cable is OK, the thing on the antenna also seems good. My next guess is input of the decoding unit.
=> I've made a batch of that millet sweet paste and rolled it into small balls, it is more convenient to eat this way. Tasty as ever. Little Eve likes apples, although leaves a bit too much flesh on the jack.

[14:20] She just noticed-- because I've received another three phone calls from more distant members of the family.
=> I'm still bothered with Tomorrow, how to plan everything. And whether to go to work with bicycle. A list could be of a help...

[18:25] Pasta with spinach: half pack of good quality fussili, half pack of frozen spinach mash, one onion, five dried tomatoes in oil, two cloves garlic, half box of feta cheese, oil, butter, spice etc. Heat two spoonfuls oil in large casserole dish with one clove garlic, remove garlic and fry finely chopped onion, add two spoons butter and press another large clove garlic and the spinach, fry for few minutes to reduce excess juice from the spinach, add diced tomatoes and feta cheese. Mix well, add noodles, stir-fry for one minute. Serves four.

2014-04-07 (15Mo) Kickstart

[09:30] Today in the morning Little Eve got up without trouble, dressed herself pretty quickly so we have some time to eat proper breakfast and we've been at Kindergarten gates at 0655hrs. I've returned to our backyard and picked the Танк to get it to the workshop. The engine started despite I have had some doubt, when the centralized door locks were moving a bit lazy. I've poured some three litres water to the cooling system and immediately located the leak: it was the thermostat cover, it cracked. Could be repaired with sticky tape and plumbing putty, but if we are going to drive the thing to my In-Laws, I suppose proper maintenance is required. There was however other problem: rear right brake stalled; I was dragging blocked wheel through our settlement block making lots of noise until I've hopped on the sleeping warden slow-down bump -- then it's been released and I was able to continue. On my way to work there was massive traffic jam and because of that I've arrived at Company gates around 0815hrs. Not the best result taking into account, that I will need to come late again on Thursday (after I receive the Танк from workshop). Yet, even taking that into account, it is still possible to ride to work on bicycle at least three times this week; or even maybe on Thursday too.

[11:40] They keep to call me from automated service, although I've told them, they should stop. This calls maybe for more aggressive approach from my side.
=> I've learned, that in VVindow$ rotating views when multiple monitors are present is not possible with keystrokes -- just like that, without any further explanation.
=> Company's running team has been invited by Corporate PR people to join one big running event in United States. Pity, I can't join: I'm poor runner and even worse on long distance. Funny part is, that people basically have had only two days for decision -- eMail sent on Friday night 1040CET, submission shall be made before 1200CST (yes, Chicago time). Some of us read this mail first today morning, which leaves even less time for response.

[22:10] Huston -- we have problem. I can't find my RFID for opening Company door. This leaves me out of access to the workshop, especially when there's nobody in. Riding bicycle to work now appears to be a bit tricky.
=> This afternoon was intense: a batch of sloppy-Joe's for dinner and then my daughter dragged me outside, where I've socialized with other parents up to about 2000hrs. Important notice: the little one should change clothes when going to play outside, as she likes it rough and rips everything to pieces.

2014-04-08 (15Tu) Russia invaded Ukraine

[09:10] Mark my words: the fire has started. One reckless man brings this world to the fall.
=> I still can't find my RFID. And I have trouble with tracking down people from out IT department, who only can check the lists, when the card was last used. As a backup plan I've forged a story, that I've incidentally put my card into document shredder. But first: ask IT, ask all office mates (excluding maybe management) and as a last resort -- write inquiry for next card.
=> Little Eve had some trouble with getting up, and I had some trouble with dressing her up this morning -- the problem of ironing that pile of laundry became quite urgent. It may be a good idea to do it today. Also, laundry day it is.
=> There is slight possibility, that a trip to Sweden is afoot -- but I can't go before Easters.

[20:40] I was over twenty degrees Celsius this afternoon and sunshine -- I was returning home with only tank top on and still it was quite warm, even when I was speeding against wind. I've picked up eve at Kindergarten (and they reported, she behaved well), we have had tortillas with donner kebab for diner and then went outside -- but we didn't play long: a storm has formed and we barely escaped. Out of that, one quite convenient thing happened: I've meet with one of my neighbours, who has subscription to the same satellite television and has his dish quite well aimed -- I've tested my box at his cable, and it revealed, it works. Then I've looked down to my dish from his balcony and saw, that my aerial is all twisted and bent, certainly out of focus with all sorts of astigmatism. We need new reflector, perhaps a bigger one.
=> Tomorrow is the day, when I should switch off all additional services bundled to my mobile phone plan. Which reminds me, I also should try to get rid of some unwanted services bundled to our ADSL internet connection.
=> It is raining. I wonder, if it will still be raining tomorrow.

2014-04-09 (15We) Antique vehicles

[21:10] I've phoned the workshop and learned dreadful news: the job is simple, but replacement part is simply not available on the market: It seems, I need to search all scrap-heap yards nearby to scavenge the thing. Or experiment with spare parts from different models: this particular type of engine was installed in variety of cars and fork lifts. As a last resort, there is faint possibility to find a craftsman who can weld aluminium and repair the crack. I know of two scrap heaps near my town -- tomorrow I'll pick up the damaged part and try to hunt for replacement.
=> Little Eve misbehaved at the Kindergarten a lot. Beside lots of little mischief she committed two major crimes: spat on other people and responded rudely to the nicest teacher. Because of that, today we didn't go to play outside and there was no cartoons. I've suggested, that Eve can do her homework very nicely, so the teacher (who is supervising home works in Eves group by the way) be very pleased, my daughter followed the idea, but she didn't put much effort into the task, so the outcome was totally unacceptable. I've rubbed some lines with eraser, but Eve didn't want to finish. So, we ended the day in bad mood.
=> And yes -- after I've took all the effort in blocking my lost RFID, requesting a new one, activating it etc. I've found the old card. I don't know how, but it was all the time in my backpack. To make things even more strange: I've searched my backpack at least twice on Friday, and of course another time, when I got home on Monday (when our cleaning lady reported, she didn't find my card in any obscure corner beneath and behind the toilet... This is what they call here malice of inanimate objects.
=> Tomorrow I take car to the company and also tomorrow I'll push my greenbelt thing a bit ahead. Not to mention that thing for the Brazil. It will be busy day.

2014-04-10 (15Th) Good news at last

[09:20] Today in the morning I've been to my mechanic and he greeted me with good news: they found matching part on the Internet and now we only wait for the parcel to be delivered. It's a good thing, because we need Танк to ride to my In-Laws.
=> Little Eve promised me in the morning to be nice and gentle and courteous like real princess. I will certainly ask, what was the reality, and whether the promise was kept. Speaking of Kindergarten and little Eve: one of related topics is riding the bicycle, yet the weather is funny and strange. Not predictable. I can't tell, whether tomorrow I will drive or ride to work. At least the weekend is expected to be nice.

[11:33] Today I didn't get my lunch with me intending to stop at the small grocery shop at the Office or rely on SandwichMan™ -- but there was a detour on the main road, so I didn't drive near the shop and additionally the sandwiches arrived an hour later, with only one crate of food, because there was aggressive demand exactly today. Fortunately, I've managed to get something for myself.
=> If we talk about food -- two ideas to try out:
minced meat cooked in sandwich press..?
Sloppy-Joe filling for sandwiches made in sandwich press: prepare meat like for usual sloppy Joe, then when it cools a bit mix it with vegetables and diced cheese, bake in sandwich press between two toasts. Sounds like fun, but must be proven by experiment. Maybe this weekend.
Because Sister-Student may want to visit us (silently, I count on that, because I'd like her to do all the ironing for me), I'm about to prepare some gluten and milk free food. My idea is to prepare whole bag of corn pancakes (á la tortillas) instead of bread, but if I manage to find gluten-free toast it will also do. Other idea is to get some Chinese rice paper to wrap things that may be later put into sandwich press. In fact possibilities are endless, one only needs to think about it and let the imagination work.

[20:41] I was complaining about lack of plans for weekend and now I've been given an invitation: on Saturday we go to the bungalow at the river (the same where we've spent last year's vacation). We'll be opening barbecue season and planting strawberries and raspberries in the front yard. The plan is to depart early in the morning, preferably before 0630hrs and return the same day, late in the evening. I think, I'll prepare some meals to go, so we will not spend too much time on cooking, but be able to focus on work. Also, tomorrow I take car to the work, regardless of the weather, I return as early as feasible, buy some groceries, mostly meat and vegetables, cook buckwheat (and if I find some free time I'll do some pancakes), prepare a meal to take away. I don't know, how about Sister-Student and her laundry yet, but I think we'll find some compromise.
=> My Wife asked about one of the parcels, we've ordered at the beginning of the week and I've checked on the tracking service: it stuck at one of the dispatch centres. The one, that is infamous for mail going missing. Pity, if that particular thing vanishes. At the same time I've updated status of the spare part for our broken tablet -- it reached China and is stuck at customs clearance. Won't be ready before Easters.
=> Little Eve did well in the Kindergarten, although she forgot one thing -- didn't apologize to the teacher. When I reminded her in the afternoon (when I was picking her up home) she did say 'sorry' but in a way, one might feel even more offended. It wasn't easy decision -- as the weather was perfect at the moment we've reached our home -- but I've given my daughter detention. And I didn't left her to have fun in her room: to make her remember, I made her citing over and over these five lines, how should real princess be. She almost remembered, but after one hour or more she still couldn't repeat it without errors or extensive memory jogging. But I must say, she tried hard. Put much effort to that. When I've received one phone call, she just sat at the sofa and fallen asleep -- I didn't interrupt, only very gently dressed her in pyjamas and carried to her bed. I will ask again in the morning, though.

2014-04-11 (15Fr) Even funnier!

[12:20] I was haunted by nightmares in the night. In my dream I've suddenly remembered something important, but then in the morning, I dozed off after my alarm clock rung and forgot completely my dream and that important thing. I was very tired when it came to get up and live the day. Little Eve also was slow to wake up, we have had some disagreement over dressing up, but I've returned to the routine of repeating the rules, and she either feared the onerous task or suddenly came to a reason, but outcome was, she stopped arguing and obeyed my requests. We have had quite good TAT, although I took Волга to work anyway -- I have plenty to do in the afternoon. Funny thing happened, when I arrived to my Company's parking: I've shut car keys inside (NOT AGAIN!?) and needed to break into my own car -- this time it was harder, as I shut all windows tight after I've learned there are people coming to our block and checking all car handles whether they open. I've managed to get inside without breaking anything. Today in the mall I'll make myself yet another spare key (because the one I've made last time got broken).
=> Our trip to bungalow at the river gets into shape: unfortunately, the barbecue is broken and will not be replaced soon, so my idea of preparing picnic basket is all valid. So: sloppy-Joe tortillas, buckwheat-and-zucchini pancakes, turkey breast chops, gluten free bread and leek salad.
=> I've tracked down that missing parcel and it revealed, it is being delivered (with some delay) -- seems, that somebody forgot to scan the bar code when dispatching to delivery. Again: the weakest part of any computer system is the human.

[14:30] All the parcels arrived, including little Eve's birthday present from my Mum.
=> ziele 'czystek' (Cistus Incanus L.). borelioza? Hashimoto?

[22:45] The Танк was not ready -- one of the dampers ripped off. Most probably will be ready for Monday afternoon. Sister student dropped with a visit, but forgot her key. I've made some cooking experiments. Tomorrow we go.

2014-04-12 (15Sa) There

[23:45] The day was intense. Big plan was to depart at 0900hrs, but we've waken up as late as 0730 and needed to pack ourselves etc. At the bungalow everything was in good order; clean and tidy as we left it. Only that unidentified carnivorous animal again was spending the winter in the insulation foam under the roof, and has left some feces. Do was unable to buy plants, so we only prepared the ground (soil?) and will finish creating the garden after a fortnight -- on May holidays. One of the big disappointments was, that the barbecue was broken -- but people liked those buckwheat pancakes. Another disadvantage was, that we didn't plan to stay overnight, and because of that I couldn't have a drink or even a beer (but to compensate this, I'm having a shot of ginger-flavoured liquor with Sister-Student). All in all, the trip was successful.
=> Right now I'm trying to help Sister-Student to learn something on topic of continuous control and theory of automation, but the approach their teacher has for this matter is quite hard to approach. Yet: hard, but not impossible. I can remember the basics, but detail needs some more effort.
=> Tomorrow is the Palm Sunday -- we'll celebrate together with our neighbours.

2014-04-13 (15Su) Palma odbija

[22:15] We've have goodnight sleep, we've been to our church with Easter palm, have had small walk and ice cream in local café -- and then we've dissolved in laziness. Ironing not touched, laundry not done... Note to oneself: do not mix corn and rice flour when preparing pancakes, the outcome is disastrous. Funny game: 2048. Funny dish invented: kind of gibanica made of pancakes, fried minced pork, cabbage and buckwheat. Another funny recipe awaiting verification: millet, orange and raisins.

2014-04-14 (16Mo) Unexpectedly, things go complicated.

[11:00] Elmyra phoned just to say, that the pass to transport one certain item from her company will be valid only one day, and she booked everything for tomorrow -- and I don't know, whether the Танк is repaired already. Also, my boss is today out of office, while I might have used some of his expertise with my greenbelt thingy. And of course the Chinese client is beginning to be impatient -- not to mention, that touch panel for our tablet got stuck at customs clearance or cannot be traced beyond arrival to Beijing cargo airport. Additionally, weather broke, it is cold and raining; and I'm depressed.

[12:45] OK, one down eleven to go: The car is repaired and it seems, welding shall not be so expensive. I can go tomorrow to pick up the parcel for my In-Laws.
=> Another thing, that I've forgot to put down: My Father called to ask, WHEN we are about to visit him -- I said, that I have filled for vacation certainly in week 33 (the week, when Assumption Day falls on) and one week before or after, which depends on several factors, mainly, when will be our friend, Hamster Owner, available to stay overnight for two-three days. This reminds me, I shall arrange everything right NOW (or at least before Good Friday). I will try to catch all involved parties on Google Talk today.
=> I'm afraid of what is now going on in Ukraine.

[15:00] Today we (mostly Elmyra and Eve) will make Easter post cards to be sent to those members of the family, whom we will not meet during the Holidays.

2014-04-15 (16Tu) TITLE

[10:30] Yesterday evening Elmyra made the post cards. I think, it did her good -- she has relaxed a bit after her bicycle started to malfunction in the rain when she was returning home. We almost have had fight because of that, because Sister-Student was using my phone to call the Wildcat and Elmyra couldn't get through to call us. But all ended well -- except the bike needs replacement of chain and rear sprocket.
=> Speaking of bicycle riding: because of bad weather conditions and lots of tasks requiring proper timing, this week I'm driving car to the office. Even tomorrow, although the weather forecast says it will be very nice day -- but I have a conference call with Asians, and need to be at desk quite early.
=> Today for dinner noodles with gravy, or we eat out on our way home (I'm picking up my Wife at her company). Or better: I'll prepare the stew and cook buckwheats today, so tomorrow we will have these buckwheat pancakes with gravy and salad. Hahaha -- speaking of food: I've forgot my lunch today.
=> If You ask me, United Nations should deploy troops to Ukraine to get them in order and prevent Кацапы from taking over.

2014-04-16 (16We) I've forgotten

[08:30] Not all went as planned yesterday: I've left my work and got stuck in traffic jam, because of some farming equipment stopping across the road. At the Kindergarten it was smooth and quick, without any unexpected stops -- but I've forgot, I've wanted to talk with the Headmistress. I've arrived at my Wife's company gates too early and she was not prepared. No harm done: I've packed the parcel for my In-Laws and we've departed -- but I've forgot the small packet with some parts I've disassembled from the device; Elmyra will need to carry them. We've made a stop at Elmyra's colleague from work place to drop some of the equipment. As planned we've eaten out (unfortunately, mcDonalds again) and arrived home at about 2100hrs.
=> Today little Eve and I have had tough times when getting up in the morning. But we've managed somehow and departed to the Kindergarten at decent time. But then, when I was safely and peacefully driving Волга to work, I've remembered to my horror, that my wallet with all documents and IDs (including driving license and car ID with insurance contract) are left in Танк's glove compartment -- I've decided to get back and pick up the documents, anyway it is 'a bit' illegal to drive the car without valid papers. We've agreed, that because it is still raining, I'll pick up my Wife once again at her work -- but today I'll be there not so early, maybe get some fresh buns at the bakery.

[15:30] I think, I need to call my Mum and Dad -- I need advice, as I've been given great opportunity, which may also bring some burden and requires change of plans, mostly our summer vacations.
=> Kierunkowskazy w Wołdze wysiadły. Ale naprawiłem.

2014-04-17 (16Th) Sunshine and cookies

[15:35] Half hour left to the vacation, I can't stand the waiting...
Yesterday I've been again at Elmyra's company. Beside wasted afternoon, some things went quite well -- we've been shopping, we've eaten out, I've helped with some assembly tasks requiring superhuman dexterity while little Eve played with rubber mouse. There is one thing, that may be a show stopper: beginning of this week should have been used to do laundry and ironing, but we were out most of the time, therefore I will have lots of trouble to find any decent clothes to pack to my In-Laws for Easters. Or I'll spend whole evening on iron. Time will show. Right now I only complete the packing list. And I'm preserving all my work.
Today we've had lunch on Company's expense and much of the food is left not eaten -- I think, I'll prepare a doggy bag for myself, it is a pity for it to go a waste.
=> No politics at all cost.

2014-04-18 (16Fr) Go there

[20:00] Today we've got up at usual time, something before 0600hrs, but we departed at 0800hrs. We've managed to pack everything we wanted. Mother-in-law liked the gift from my Wife. When we've arrived, we've visited one of the second-hand shops, found some nice items. All my brothers and sisters in law (form my Wife's side) are here and so far we are having fun. And usual fight between the oldest and the youngest sister.
=> Note to oneself: TV series "Under the Dome" after Stephen King's novel. Might be fun.

2014-04-19 (16Sa) Visit

[23:30] It was tough to get up this morning. Then we've been at the church, then we've visited old friends of my Wife, little Eve with us -- she played quite well with other girls. We've drunk some wine. Spinach-and-cheese tart. Salad with noodles. Little Eve all exhausted, when we've finally returned. One of the stupid TV shows.

2014-04-20 (16Su) Eve's birthday

[23:07] I didn't wake up in the morning to go to resurrection service. I've meet with the other part of the family, almost meet the new brother-in-law, but we haven't been introduced. Little Eve misbehaved a bit.

2014-04-21 (17Mo) Wet?

[23:37] Today we've visited the other grandmother on the farm. Things seems to go quite OK there. I've learned of existence of tomatillo. When we've returned, the Wildcat was watching her TV series while rest of us tried to play some board game -- which ended when my Mother-in-law pulled several bottles of home-made wine and we've started to taste it... The atmosphere relaxed a bit, and we've had big time. Just a minute ago I've managed to contact with my Father and we've had a chit-chat on Google hangout. Also, Sister Student decided to return to students' house tomorrow. By hitchhiking.

2014-04-22 (17Tu) Birthday

[19:00] Today we've slept in, but anyway it was somewhere around 0800hrs when everybody were up. Plan for the day was simple: Little Eve took grandfather to the playing ground and in the meantime me and Elmyra took Wildcat to the clinic for physiotherapy session (massage, infra-red and stretching), then the three of us hit the downtown to search through some second-hand shops. We've again found some nice items. It was hot and humid and something was up in the air -- we've learned what, when we returned home and had dinner at about 1599hrs: a quick spring storm broke out, quite heavy though, but we kept our promise and after dinner we've took little Eve to arrange small party at the shopping mall. She was all delighted.
=> Highlights of the ride on the shops? At the Chinese centre I've found shelf with ultimate dildos. Bunch of laughing. I've found some bicycle gear at the second hand. And my Wife helped the Wildcat to choose proper colour of make up base.
=> Now we are resting. In small groups. I think, I may like to watch "supernatural" TV series on the internets when I return home.
And funny anecdote:
(Wildcat) Dad! give me a fiver!
(father-in-law) I don't have a five, here-- have a ten.
Baduum -- Tsss!

2014-04-23 (17We) on the way

[23:09] somehow we've managed to return in one piece, without much stress, without dangerous moments on the road etc. The Танк performed excellent. When we've returned home I've visited Sister-Student in the student hostel (and delivered there some heavy packs that were too cumbersome to take as luggage when hitchhiking). I've also turned on the Internets on my laptop and received lots of spam eMail -- together with some nice things, like birthday wishes. After that I've checked on RSS notifications and decided to use some mindless entertainment when watching YT clips from Demland, TheBeczka and others. Jakub Dębski does a new series, a bit less absurd and more true/honest -- but still, not serious and extremely funny. And I will leave the podcasts to some better opportunity. Maybe the ride to the bungalow at the river? Speaking of which: we go there on Friday afternoon and probably for the May bank holidays too.

2014-04-24 (17Th) Day off

[10:30] Today my Wife went to work as usual, but me and eve have waken up at about 0700hrs. I've run one batch of laundry and started to pack us to go for grand day out. I wanted to take little Eve to a swimming pool, but on weekdays from 0800 to 1600hrs they are opened only for groups (like school PA classes or physiotherapy session). Little one was all disappointed, but now we are at that big playground, and she already found new friends to play together, so I have lots of free time. I might as well write something more serious than just blogging, but then I can't focus...

[23:32] Elmyra has ridden to work on her bicycle. When she has returned home, me and Eve went to the swimming pool, then immediately afterwards we went to visit that colleague of my Wife, to pick up strawberry stubs. After brief, but intense, work in the garden we have had tea with our hosts, while little Eve re-arranged all the toys of their granddaughters. We've got invitation to visit more often.

2014-04-25 (17Fr) Strange

[17:40] What I didn't put down in Yesterday's note is, that Tadeusz Różewicz died. The last of the greats.
=> Today we were supposed to visit the psych with Eve, but the visit was cancelled -- our doctor called in sick... Because the weather was perfect, we've went for some shopping and I've cleaned the Танк inside. During that, the old vacuum cleaner I've used, died completely, blowing the BCP in garage and also the fuse at the energy counter (fortunately, the service-side fuse was intact). As I didn't like to have the work half-done, I've finally got at one of those incomplete vacuum cleaners my Wife was given long ago and made it work -- using hammer, duck tape and lots of creative thinking. But it works. Of the bad news, the parcel I've sent to China with spare part got bounced from the destination address. I don't know, what next.
=> In few minutes we go to the bungalow at the river.

2014-04-26 (17Sa) Rain

[20:00] We've partied Yesterday up to 0300hrs. And this was not a good idea, because we've slept in to 1300hrs, while at 1200hrs it started to rain. Everything went slow, but in brief breaks between rain fits we've planted all seedlings: strawberries, raspberries and cheery trees. I've went to the woods to seek for some broken branches, as we started to run out of wood for fireplace fuel. Also, we've learned, that electric barbecue is quite nice thing and that we love roasted vegetables. Now we sit at the fireplace watching movies.

2014-04-27 (17Su) Grand cleanup

[16:00] Sun came out, strawberries are growing and we started early (relatively, at about 0900hrs). Washing, cleaning and the like.


2014-04-28 (18Mo) Award Time!

[10:00] The winner of the AotY competition for 2013 is:
Karolina Cicha and Nine Languages.
=> Yes, this entry is short -- but if You are carving the news, please hit the link to the archive and see the log of everything that happened since Ash Wednesday.

2014-04-29 (18Tu) Brother-in-law

[23:33] Brother in law came to the City to get his belongings and leave the rented flat. I've helped a bit. We also went shopping and helped to clean-up at Do's father place. Day was full and successful.

2014-04-30 (18We) Off we go!

[12:20] I've waken quite early, but then have fallen asleep just half hour before the alarm clock went off, then, after silencing it, I've also took one hour nap... I have had some trouble in preparing little Eve for the Kindergarten, yet all ended well. When Elmyra got up we have had some fight over money transfers and planning.
Speaking of planning -- I don't know, what is the schedule for today. We'll most probably depart at 1700hrs.

[21:08] Elmyra was delaying as if she didn't want to go. After several hours in the traffic jam she made me to stop at mcDonalds' to have snack. We've wasted best weather for traffic jams. At least we've arrived in one piece and little Eve is all happy. I've opened a beer and lit the fireplace.

2014-05-01 (18Th) Shitty work

[22:31] Yesterday's evening was a bit chilly, so we've watched a film.
We've waken up in the morning and started the most onerous things: I've volunteered to tidy up one of the small compartments under the roof of the bungalow -- where some animal made toilet for the winter. There was lots of dust, pungent smell and rather claustrophobic space, additionally the power went off for couple of hours (and I was left without light, unable to complete). BUT finally the job was done. Beside some cubic metres of storage space we've gained lots of fire wood (unvarnished skirting battens, floor mosaic, carpentry leftovers etc).
Bean soup for late lunch.
=> In the afternoon, when our girls were mowing, we have had visitors: The landlord with his girlfriend and daughter dropped -- and shortly after them another friend of ours (codename: Dobby), with his wife. And all of the sudden, our electric barbecue decided to break: heating element was doing only half of the designated power. We'll look into that Tomorrow.

2014-05-02 (18Fr) No title

[23:01] I've slept in, but was all exhausted in the morning -- I couldn't sleep because of cough and sneeze, all caused by the dust. Today there were two major topics: repair the roof and chop the wood. Repairing of the roof was done by covering the hole (which the shitting animal used as entry) with large steel sheet, cut to size -- there was some fun with cutting the metal sheet without proper tool, but we've managed somehow (piercing row of small holes with a nail then wiggling the sheet to and fro, to break in controllable manner). After that I've took the chainsaw and helped the girls with tidying up the front side of our ground: mainly chopping off all dry branches of the bushes. I've also cut everything in neat sticks, to be easily feed into fireplace. What was left, went to the bonfire. When we got rid of the bush, we've found several clumps of sorrel, so we've decided to make a soup. Speaking of food: The electric barbecue revealed to be in order just enough to make buckwheat pancakes with it. They're best with molten cheese. It is rather chilly in the evening, so today we'll be watching films too.

2014-05-03 (18Sa) Rain

[22:20] So, it rains. Weather forecast said, it may be very cold, but we didn't experience anything like that. Only the annoying constant drizzle. Today is spent on eating all kind of snacks, reading books, small repairs and the girls are learning to use sewing machine, with quite positive results. I've prepared another batch of the buckwheat pancakes, after Bob looked inside the barbecue and said, that everything seems to bee OK, thus there must be some fault inside heating element. Speaking of faults: both DVD players refused to operate today -- we will be watching something on the laptop. I've got lengthy nap in the middle of the day in the bedroom upstairs, where batch of laundry was set to dry. Very nice air, I've got proper rest.

2014-05-04 (18Su) Homerun

[22:31] As expected: because it is time to go home, the weather turned to be perfect. There's sunshine and air is crisp albeit cold. All kind of preparations, destroying uneaten food, sorting rubbish, disconnecting mains. We've departed at about 1700hrs and we've expected massive traffic and traffic jams -- but it took us surprisingly short to get home. I've texted Sister-Student, but she didn't respond yet.

2014-05-05 (19Mo) Cinco de Mayo

[15:00] We have two new faces in our Company, one of them in our team. Crawling from under pile of eMail took one hour. Also, one of the ordered boxes bounced back and I cannot finish my GreenBelt thingy.
Little Eve behaved quite well in the morning, even if she had some problems with getting up. I've decided to drive to the Company instead of taking my bicycle, because I had to bring my laptop with me (and some other quite heavy things).
=> Today is somehow counter-productive at work...

2014-05-06 (19Tu) Thermal cycling

[12:00] It is near zero in the morning and about plus fifteen expected in the afternoon, just at the moment, when I will be riding home. Hard to cope, what to wear.

[14:39] Elmyra got a tooth ache, I've just scheduled a visit. And Sister-Student called, that she is all right, refreshed, regenerated, up and running. I've asked, when she'd like to see her microwave oven back and she said today or tomorrow, as she'll be on travel to another city on Thursday. Lucky her -- I remember, I almost never visited my high-school friends in other universities in my student times. And when I take a moment of reflection over that, I realize, I've used to be (passively) visited or invited, thus I almost never organized a party or dropped with a visit. This I may want to change, because regardless of what I say (too often) I like people and to socialize.
=> The spare part for tablet was picked up by Chinese seller, but they didn't find proper replacement and just returned money. I think, I will order another piece in different shop. But this I'll do at home, same as finding the key to docking station for Lenovo notebook...

2014-05-07 (19We) I've forgot

[10:47] Strange deeds... Yesterday Elmyra was all worn out. To cheer her up a bit we've visited the shopping mall -- mostly to get some basic groceries. We have had dinner, I've hung out the laundry and generally prepared to have quiet evening -- but then I suddenly needed to go to the City (detail not important) -- taking advantage of this opportunity, I've met with Sister-Student and returned her the borrowed microwave oven. The Younger Brother-in-law was also there, together with one of Sister's friends -- nice gal, if You ask me. A quirk of the evening: all acquaintances of the student girls were on dates and made a twit about it...

[14:44] Shit! Yesterday's forecast was telling, it will be sunshine and cookies today, and right now storm clouds arise and heavy rain is about to break any minute... Most probably I won't get home dry.
=> I've written to these guys, who might be interested to give me job for three months at Basingstoke, Hampshire with that pile of work they cannot process. Unfortunately, all responsible people seem to be out right now.

2014-05-08 (19Th) Procrastination

[11:01] Yesterday I've managed to extract our Thinkpad T42 from docking base, just to learn, that R50 doesn't have mounting means for docking base... I've tried to swap keyboards, but it seems, R series has totally different mechanical design, even though from the top it looks exactly the same -- at least single key construction is the same and I can just replace missing CTRL and META buttons. I don't have proper hardware maintenance manual for the R50 and apparently the problem is not just faulty power key. I may need to look a bit deeper into that, try to acquire schematics etc.
=> I see, that I tend to forget to upload blog after adding a note -- I've dropped out of daily routine through my Lent break.
=> Also about Yesterday: I wanted to try out new route, but didn't print myself a map and I've taken wrong turn, thus got lost. For the plus side, I've discovered some nice places to spend quiet afternoon and one brand new road (service road through a forest). On disadvantage side, I was caught by rain and almost got late to the Kindergarten. But all ended well. Elmyra got her tooth repaired -- or at least started treatment: the channel is again to be cleansed and sealed, which may be costly and long in duration, not to mention pain, drool and destroyed weekly schedule due to visits at praxis.
=> About little Eve: she misbehaved at the Kindergarten again, up to the point I've got notification. I've spent again several hours to persuade her to get in order -- but this morning she seemed to forget everything and we've started anew... Which reminds me: today I need badly to iron the laundry, no exceptions -- we've run out of clothes to wear.

[16:05] We have yet another contact to a psyh to go with our daughter to -- our doctor is still on sick leave, while topic of waiver for school duties grew a bit urgent.

2014-05-09 (19Fr) Soviet holiday

[16:10] They will cause mischief.
=> Yesterday little Eve did bad thing: she left home to play outside despite I've forbidden her, additionally she left front door ajar. But we sorted this out in peaceful manner.
=> I've just spoken with my potential manager at UK -- he seems also quite keen on having me there. Will see, how the plot will thicken later on...
=> Elmyra's tooth is aching like hell -- he's excluded from all daily activities. I wonder, how to manage our weekly shopping, not to mention tidying up the house and getting rid of the pile of ironing. But again -- I can manage. [google:// "Alisha West"]
=> Money spending Holiday today -- Elmyra needs few things.

2014-05-10 (19Su) Attack!

[19:00] We've cleaned out home in the morning, we went to the shopping mall to hunt for some necessary items, and then, I've processed almost all the laundry, that was waiting for ironing (I've left only some pieces, that need special treatment at low temperature). I was about to continue with the rest, but I've got sudden invitation for opening the barbecue season at our backyard, so we're off, all three, in few minutes.

2014-05-11 (19Su) This is the dawn of a new Era!

[05:10] Saturday ends here. This was hell of a party. Do was about to organize "girls' evening" while we, husbands, were supposed to party outside with the barbecue. Or so was the plan. When I joined and was served first shot of moonshine I've realized, I'm on empty stomach, so I've eaten a lot and (just in case) took two one-gram pills of vitamin C. This was wise move. So, we have had talk about various quirks of corporatese culture, then to my astonishment, the barbecue was over at 0210hrs... In this case I've joined my Wife at the girls' party. I've agreed with the Former Roommate, that we will take turns in watching over the kids, whom we pinned all together in his flat in front of TV playing selection of cartoons. I've got acquainted with two new people (sister of one of our neighbours with her husband) and the party was spinning. We've watched the Eurovision contest ton TV, drank a lot, had pizza and other snacks and talk, talk, talk... Then (it was around 0200hrs) someone brought a guitar and there was even more fun, but then one of birbants felt sick -- onto his shoes. Mayday! We have situation! De-contamination team on isle five! The matter was swept clean within ten minutes. I've helped the brother-in-law of the ill one to lead him home. There was some unpleasant surprise for me, as the wife of the ill one (who left the party two hours earlier) accused me, that we brought the man to such a state deliberately and with intent. Anyway -- I've returned to the party and we have had another two or more hours of talk and gossip exchange, until we've noticed, it is dawn already and we might rather like to go to sleep, to have at least few hours of sleep before the kids wake up. So, I've visited upstairs to pick-up sleeping Eve and we went home.

[16:05] I've waken up at about 0830hrs, but without hangover. Eve was already up, but she found herself some nice thing to play. I've replenished body fluids (have had energy drink, two pints of water and coffee with five spoonfuls sugar) then proceeded as usual: made breakfast, made laundry, watered the plants -- then I've felt sleepy again, so I've turned on NLP/FIM marathon on TV for Eve and have dozed off until 1230hrs -- when Elmyra woke up and we more or less started the day. I've felt a bit too exhausted and couldn't estimate, if I'm sober enough to drive a car, therefore I didn't join my Company's cheer team on annual inter-company marathon, which started just before 1400hrs today. Pity, I'll watch it on the photos again.
=> It is Sister-Student's birthday today, I shall update my calendar, as I have wrong date there.

2014-05-12 (20Mo) Forgot

[14:33] It was hard to get up in the morning, little Eve also didn't like it to crawl out of bed. We have had some disagreement on what to wear and how to do the hair -- it ended with a wrecking havoc, so as the neighbours were drawn from their beds... Fortunately, Mrs. Ludmila is nice person and she likes Eve very much, so the harm is minimal, although I feel deeply embarrassed. Speaking of little Eve and the Kindergarten: I've totally forgot about the annual integration trip. The payment is due Today. Fortunately this one is easy to fix. Speaking of the trip: this time we go to Illusion Farm, a place that uses power of science to amaze you.
=> Out of all the stir in the morning, I've forgot to bring a clean shirt with me. No problem with dress code, I'm using the exception created for people coming to work with bicycles, roller-skates etc, but I'm forced to sit in lab cloak, because I only have a tank top. At work -- lots to do, which is better than just waiting. I'm behind schedule.
=> The visit at the psych has been rescheduled to Wednesday. I only hope, that at the Kindergarten they'll manage to prepare all the papers.

2014-05-13 (20Tu) RTL

[14:26] Today in the morning little Eve behaved totally opposite to Yesterday -- she got up without whining, dressed up in what I've prepared without complaints, ate her breakfast and washed teeth etc, so we left home at quite reasonable time, only for her to ruin the perfect morning by running into freshly ploughed field (Daddy daddy I will chase the birds!). Fortunately, she didn't fall over into the mud. We were at the Kindergarten gates a bit later, than I've planned (my goal is to entry the yard exactly at 0700hrs), but later on I have had very good average speed and quite short actual travel time (no waiting for traffic lights), so not a big deal for me. Speaking of bicycle riding: I may have some challenge, because the forecast says, it will be raining in the afternoon.
=> At work? Best day since I-don't-remember-when, job just flows and I'm all surprised, why did I postpone all the tasks for later. Spare part for tablet is on the way. I've also purchased some vitamins, some parts for Elmyra's bike and (At last!) satellite aerial. On the minus side, the bank account is swept clean and I may need to have few bucks in cash to pay for little Eve's visit at therapist tomorrow.

2014-05-14 (20We) Nice weather a waste

[10:15] I've done quick calculation and decided it will be reasonable to drive the Танк to the work -- I need these two extra hours. Yes -- and I will waste this time to watch corporate videos. But I need to know certain things.
=> They called from the clinic, that our Eve is scheduled for vaccination on May twenty-first and that there will be only the extra-paid version of the vaccine available. Together with Elmyras tooth and the Eve's examination at the psych it gives rather remarkable unexpected health expense.
=> Yesterday afternoon I did nothing. I don't know why, but whole day was a waste. I believe, switching off internet in the afternoon may be a good idea. In fact, our daily schedule is all broken because of Elmyra being disabled from any responsible work by her aching tooth. I think, we'll have one of this conversations today.

2014-05-15 (20Th) New route

[14:17] Yesterday's visit was successful. I've got form to fill in and need to meet again -- I've chosen next Tuesday. Then on next Wednesday little Eve has her vaccination, which means, the week will be a bit fragmented.
=> Today I've ridden to work using new route -- the road workers disabled one lane of the road and destroyed (literally obliterated) the road side -- it is rather dangerous to ride there now. My new path is literally a terrain path, thus slowing me a bit down, but I still have quite good trip time today, despite the opposing wind and some waiting on traffic lights.
=> Elmyra is having her tooth removed today, while I'm struggling with some extra onerous job. And the network is down. I don't know, when this note will be up...

2014-05-16 (20Fr) I'm not made of sugar, Y'a know..

[16:05] When I've mounted my bike this morning I didn't know, it will be raining so heavily. I'm not complaining: maybe I got wet a bit, but I didn't get cold -- the wind was so heavy and I needed to push against it so hard, I even sweated. Everyone at the company, including the gate keeper said I must be crazy.
=> Little Eve stayed today home with her mother. This was as reward for another front tooth fallen off. This time all was done properly -- I mean: tooth was exchanged for small amount of money overnight. The plan was, that Elmyra will take Eve to the shopping mall to buy some certain sticker album, but it is raining, and I've took car documents with me, so they need to wait for me, and we'll go all together.
=> Speaking of going somewhere together: We planned this weekend to visit the bungalow at the river to party our arses off, but weather conditions and flood alarms in the region cause, that the party is cancelled -- we need to go there anyway to move all items from the basement to the upper floors and try to secure the grounds against the flood -- You'll never know, what can happen. Anyway -- even if Saturday will be all rains and storms, we can have some rest inside the house, have a film, have a bottle of wine and nice talk.
=> My mother just called, I've shared the news.

2014-05-17 (20Sa) Silly weekend

[08:47] I don't remember, when we are about to depart, but it will be not so soon. Most probably somewhere around 1100hrs. Meanwhile, to sum up Yesterday: On my way home I was all prepared for breach of heavy storm: I have my bicycle trunk wrapped in plastic bag and have myself wrapped in oilskin, yet there was no rain -- but still: I've got wet from the bottom. Additionally, on the forest paths I've got moderate drift on every curve. When I've got home and washed down the mud, we all went to the shopping mall for some groceries. Boring stuff. In the evening, Elmyra said, that I look like I've gained some weight -- I feel otherwise. Then we've used meter tape and it revealed, I've lost and inch in my butt and gained in waist. Strange.
=> And the topic of the week: Although I've repaired my satellite dish, I still am unable to watch TV: stupid machine says "this channel is not within Your subscription". But to fix that I need to call them on Monday, as today most probably there are no technicians on duty, who can actually address the problem, not only say to clean-up the contacts in subscription card... Will see.

2014-05-18 (20Sa) Silly weekend indeed

[11:21] ...And we've seen. It was quick action. I've checked weather forecast, Do did the same and we've decided, we go there anyway, maybe we'll stay overnight, but rather not -- bearing in mind flood alarm and the fact, that we may be stuck there with the only road underwater. On site we had hard work and lot of fun, huge bonfire and barbecue, in the evening a storm caught us (which was good, because it extinguished remains of the bonfire), but the river didn't raise nor flood at that moment. We've departed at about 2200hrs. I went to sleep at about 0200hrs today. When I woke up, I've noticed, I have sneeze -- bad thing, because I can give cold to Eve, who needs to be vaccinated on Wednesday. Of course, I take my bicycle on Monday -- weather forecast says, there will be literally HOT weather, reaching 30°Centigrade around weekend. Sounds FUN, most certainly we'll go again to the bungalow at the river, this time for two nights. Maybe. Before that, I need to address the "we've run out of cash money" issue.
=> Topics for next three weeks: Ubuntu studio, scavenge WiFi from R50, make styles catalogue.

2014-05-19 (21Mo) Kranke Katze

[08:30] I'm ill. I felt bad all night: I had fever, chills and nausea. I still do not feel right, cannot focus, cannot think clearly -- my only wish is to have another five hours sleep.

[15:55] So, somehow I've used some sleep at my desk, I only hope, nobody noticed. Feel better, but still not at full throttle. My Mother called, that Father is visiting Poland. Dates are set already.
=> nie wiem, co z tym dalej.

2014-05-20 (21Tu) Ha! Shon gesund!

[12:38] Already in good health: have beaten the disease with aspirin and raspberry juice. My Wife, on the other hand, might have caught it from me and is suffering. I felt a bit better when I've returned home yesterday, I've sent my girls to play outside (all neighbours were out) and cooked a nice healthy dinner. Little Eve refused to do her homework -- I need help with that. Will ask the specialist at today's visit.
=> And there went the focus -- I was able to work hard only for half of the day -- now I'm starting to get nervous.

[17:00] One and half hours of sitting on a bum, without Internet. Thanks God, I have some unread books. And a radio. And today is Tuesday. And Tomorrow little Eve stays at home, which means I don't need to watch the time and am able to do some overtime (I lack few hours to overall balance).
=> It is said, that after Snowden's case they went back to use typewriters in some certain diplomatic facilities. This makes sense -- piece of paper is harder to copy or steal. One needs to take a photo, and to do that, one needs to be in physical contact and alone with the document for at least brief period of time, forget about just downloading. Compare books by Harding and Greenwald (when possible in original, Polish translation is piece of crap).
=> Retro-computing. It may come to a bit higher profile: old technologies are transparent and hard to hack not-noticeably. Want to have secure system? Choose one manufactured before 2001 then install matching (by date) version of POSIX compatible system on it. Or use something entirely obscure: 8-bit Atari, Z88, Spectrum or something custom-made.
=>(Zenon Jaskóła, dar Przemyśla)

Snowden i spółka.

2014-05-21 (21We) Thermal cycling

[08:14] It was not so cold today morning and they predict something around twenty-five Centigrade in the afternoon. It will be fun to ride.
=> Yesterday I've called my digital TV operator, and they explained, that what happened, happened because the receiver dropped a frame with actual password, because it was switched off. They just forced resending new key and I've got my channels back within some ten minutes. All polite and professional, I was astonished, that it is the same company. Which leads to some thought about my Company and further, about my interactions with people...

[15:58] Little Eve did well at the examination, final report and conclusion will be ready next week.
=> I Need to build my self-confidence. Today I've got totally trolled by client's representative, the yolk wasted me without a blink, exploiting vulnerable spot: that I didn't prepare summary on time. Shields up and watch out -- tomorrow my move.
=> search on the web:
[Netquin's Mobile Guard App (built-in browser, that can access system files)]

2014-05-22 (21Th) worn out

[15:27] Yesterday's online meeting left me in low spirits and bad mental shape. But today I was prepared a bit better, with cue cards and all the stuff, then didn't allow them to nit-pick and change topic. All in all, it revealed, some work needs to be redone once again anyway due to changes in initial assumptions
=> Little Eve has waken quite quickly today and we've had good turn-around-time, but then I didn't make any spectacularly short trip time when cycling to work. The weather is great, although it starts to be a bit too hot. This is good: tomorrow there is that annual integration trip at the Kindergarten and when we return, we go to the bungalow at the river to have some party and barbecue. This time we'll be giving a lift to one of our neighbours.
=> Elmyra just called to say, her foot is all swollen: she got bitten by some bug two days ago and it goes wrong...

2014-05-23 (21Fr) The trip

[23:59] So, we've waken up as usual, but proceed quite differently: I've packed sandwiches, cookies and lots of soft drinks, change clothes, a book and some other things. At about 0650hrs we went to the gathering point, which was at the Kindergarten's new address. I've seen the grounds and building exterior and it looks nice now. Departure of the couch was this time delayed only ten minutes. Our destination was not so far away from the City, but the travel time was a bit lengthy due to massive traffic jams. The Farm of Illusions was quite an experience, totally worth visiting. On our way home there was another massive traffic jam, little Eve got bored and started to borrow smartphones and tablets (I've taken Elmyra's spare phone with all the games, but the battery was low and it went dead after few seconds). When we've came home and meet with my Wife, it took us about one hour to pack for the ride to the bungalow at the river. We've been there at about 2130hrs, Do. was already there with one of our friends. One hour after that the rest of the invitees shown up and we started to party.

2014-05-24 (21Sa) get along

[23:59] I didn't drink too much, but anyway allowed myself to sleep-in to 1100hrs. After breakfast we've started to use new equipment, that was bought by our landlord. In the middle of the day, Roommate's colleague from work has shown up with his wife. To sum up: meet, beer and hard work -- we've removed plenty of old bushes and dry branches, made huge bonfire out of everything, that was unsuitable to be stored as fireplace wood. And then we've get acquainted with our neighbour -- very nice man. And for the first time (as we visit the bungalow) we've run out of alcohol...

2014-05-25 (21Su) go home

[23:59] On Sunday, as usual, people started to return home -- some of them earlier, some later, Elmyra and me with Do. cleaned up house and closed everything, in the meanwhile our landlord dropped with the visit with his wife and daughter. A storm was forming all around, but not a single drop of rain fell onto our ground. The trip home was quite nice and easy, we've managed to unpack, wash ourselves and get to sleep at reasonable time -- only I have some problems with falling asleep now.

2014-05-26 (22Mo) Mothers' day

[11:45] Little Eve had some problems with getting up in the morning, but somehow we've managed to get to the Kindergarten without unnecessary friction -- I dare say, I will compliment her for nice job in the morning.
=> Today we definitely need to go to sleep early.

2014-05-27 (22Tu) Storm

[13:39] Yesterday it started to rain at about 1400hrs, then it developed into quite heavy storm, which continued up to 1800hrs -- I was returning home riding my bicycle, almost swimming in rivers of mud in the forest... Elmyra said, the best idea would be for me to return directly to home and take the Танк to pick-up little Eve from Kindergarten. When we were back home, I needed to wash my shoes.
=> Funny homework they invented at the Kindergarten: children were given booklets and (together with parents) they were asked to keep a picture diary of all nice things they did for a week -- one day, one picture, one most nice deed.
=> Today I gave up -- I've slept quite badly, slept in in the morning and didn't want to go through all the mud in the morning (average speed goes extremely down). I've taken Танк. Although the weather seems to be very nice right now, I know, that most probably the storm will break just the moment I leave the office.

[15:56] They didn't write back from UK. I'm getting nervous.
=> Szukaj:
[Joanna Müller: "Powlekać rosnące apokryfy prenatalne"]

2014-05-28 (22We) Drizzle

[11:26] The morning was tough, I didn't have proper rest in the night, additionally little Eve come to us in the middle of the night and kicked us hard. The storms are over, but there is this annoying constant drizzle -- thus I was forbidden to carry our daughter on my bike. On plus side, I can have more relaxed pace of work, not being in a hurry all the time.
=> Stuck on a very boring but very important meeting. I'm trying hard to not fall asleep. Black pudding for lunch.

2014-05-29 (22Th) A visit

[09:03] I've forgot again: Sister-Student announced herself last week, that she will drop with a visit. So, Yesterday evening she took me entirely by surprise, showing up at the door -- no harm done, but we didn't have anything for dinner, at least no gluten-free food. But anyway -- we have exchanged some of the last news, some of the rumours (mostly about the younger Brother-in-law, and how he is totally ignorant with picking up gals) and also the plans for vacation -- speaking of which: I need to contact those people in UK to have binding answer, because we need to do some certain arrangements before I go -- mostly with Elmyra's work, but also I've asked my Mother to help. But getting back to siblings in law: Sister-Student told us the story of her ride to Netherlands. It was much fun and great experience. She also said few words about all the parties she attended in May, concluding that it was almost unhealthy -- and on one of these parties the younger Brother-in-law was chased by some (relatively handsome) redhead. She was trying hard, but he was all immune for her signals. All in all they ended up in one bed, but I doubt they took advantage of it.
=> It is raining third day in a row, most probably all the forest roads will be all turned into rivers of soft mud. I wonder, if it will be worthy to go to work with bicycle -- but on the other hand, taking a car seems to be in no advantage in terms of speed and travel time: because one needs to wait on traffic lights and squeeze through traffic jams (which are forming because of several huge road renovations), the gain is at the edge of error margin. The only plus side is, that my shoes are dry.
=> Today is the day when I finally get these papers, that allow us to postpone little Eve's school duties for another year. I don't know yet, how to arrange it: go pick up Eve first or go to the clinic first -- each of the options has its good points. Things may get a bit complicated because today I've left my mobile at home and will be unable to inform anybody about the change of plans when I leave the office (here I still have the land line).

2014-05-30 (22Fr) what-a-not

[15:10] The speed meter in my bicycle was broken (the magnet slipped off) so I don't have proper trip time and average speed reading -- and these might be of some importance, as today I've used yet another route to bypass the roadworks. This new path has better surface and much less water and mud, than the other one, my shoes are dry. Funny thing to notice: the writing pad I've prepared (kind of wax board), is not working in temperatures below 15°C -- I may need to invent some workaround to that, maybe use softer surface, like shoe wax instead of the bitumen coating they have used.
=> Yesterday I've fled a bit earlier from work to visit the clinic and receive Eve's papers, but as I didn't have my phone with me I couldn't schedule a meeting and I've bounced from the closed door and a notice, that on that very day they are closed... Such is the life, when one does not care about the warnings he reads: it was plainly stated, that they are using temporary location and one has to call before each and every meeting. Speaking of Yesterday: there was a discussion about cheap buying and small grocery shops versus supermarkets. Today I'll do a comparison.
=> Musings about stench of mold: it is unbearable, moreover it is hard to obliterate, once fungus attacks plastic, like washing powder dispenser in washing machine. Why all of a sudden? Elmyra is allergic to mold and fungal spores -- and our washing machine became contaminated. Additionally, some of the food containers, we use in the freezer or to carry lunch to work, have also been attacked. Yesterday it was general washing time, using lots of sodium hypochlorate, furanol and other hard chemistry. We got rid of black spots and most of the bad odour, yet Elmyra still has problems with cough attacks... Loosely related: in US, May is the month of asthma awareness, maybe we learn, what can be done about it.

2014-05-31 (22Sa) science festival

[23:59] Saturday was a day of the great Scientific Picnic, organized by our national radio. We woke up early, prepared ourselves -- because picnic means picnic food and lots of walking. We've decided, that the City will be impossible to drive through, so we've took a train and this was good idea. On our way we've meet our neighbour, who was going with her daughter to another picnic party for children -- but we didn't change our plans despite she insisted. At the event there were lots and lots of people already, but we've took precautions, told Eve how to behave and additionally at the info booth we've registered her entry and they gave her a bracelet with barcode and we've written our phone number on it, just in case. As it revealed later, this was one of the best achievements of the organizers, but still: once every fifteen minutes there were children lost in the crowd reported by public address system -- most of them found by security guards without any ID.
=> As for the exhibits and lectures -- there were too many of them to write here in detail -- Little Eve liked most the "hit the bean" game and the booth, where they were making decorations out of molten glass. I liked the training robot for surgeons (a manipulator with feedback: one could touch and feel the tissue and the bone). We've won some little prizes: notepads, little games, two LED watches, a stuffed bird and set of crayons.
=>When we've returned home, we have had just half of hour of sleep, then we paid a visit to Do and started again the dumpling factory. All in all, we've finished somewhere around 0300hrs in the night, consuming considerable amounts of alcohol. Little Eve of course dozed of at about 1200hrs.

2014-06-01 (22Su) Internal day

[21:30] On Saturday we've agreed with our neighbours, that on Sunday we'll take our kids to some event to celebrate Children's day -- but after the hard night all of us, except little Eve, woke up somewhere between 1100hrs and noon. But then it went quite quickly: I've prepared another bag of picnic food, girls get dressed nicely but comfortably and we exited home. Then an idea arrived, to go there with one car, so there was one person too much and I've offered, I can stay behind -- there was no objection to that. I've stayed home to have general clean-up done. I mean: I've swept the floor and washed heat plate, but main topic was laundry and ironing. And this time the job was done to the end. Of course, tomorrow there will be another pile of laundry, that will require ironing, but I will worry about it later.
=> When my girls returned Elmyra was all worn out. She said, that little Eve misbehaved {edit 20140602: which is confronted later by little Eve's testimony, that mother kept forbidding her every good fun; I know my daughter and also I know my Wife, so the truth is somewhere in the middle /edit}. We didn't have proper dinner -- I thought for a while about making big batch of buckwheat pancakes when I've finished with haushalt chores, but I missed some ingredients and leaving home to go to grocery was no option -- Elmyra had my wallet in her purse and we usually don't have cash money at home. Never mind. My girls went to bed early today. I'm waiting for the washing machine to finish with last batch today (towels and handkerchiefs) and go to sleep too.

2014-06-02 (23Mo) Smell of wet fur

[11:15] Little Eve had some problems with getting up from bed, but in the end she did quite good job. I wonder, what will the teachers say about the "book of optimistic pupil" we've prepared as a homework last week. Speaking of which: I want to go to the Clinic to pick up Eve's papers. I've taken Танк today, as it is raining outside. Maybe not so heavily, just faint drizzle, but when Elmyra was leaving today in the morning, it was raining quite a lot -- I didn't know, whether the fit of precipitation catches me on the way to Kindergarten, therefore I've decided to be on safe side.
=> Company news: One of our colleagues returned today to the office after her maternal leave. And there is much rejoycing. Also today I've received an invitation to garden party at another colleague's place -- she has a house and piece of ground and she'd like to resurrect some old custom we've already had in the Company, a family picnic organized by employees without involvement of the company's structure: we do a whip-round to collect around 1€ from each participant (for single-use plates and cups, barbecue coal etc.), everyone brings something to eat and drink, then everyone helps to clean-up afterwards; kids are obliged to have fun, no other rules. I'll ask, whether I can invite Do to the party.

2014-06-03 (23Tu) Totally messed up

[10:43] Fuckup after fuckup, I totally screwed at work and now I desperately need to sweet-talk the client into blessed ignorance, that everything is all right.
=> Yesterday I've caught Hamster Owner on Skype, but we only exchanged few lines -- everything seems to be splendid on their side.
=> I've got invitation to take part in traditional theatrical performance at the Kindergarten's school year end. Today we have first rehearsal (read-up). It will be fun, as always.
=> Little Eve did very, very well in the morning, getting up without delay, dressing up quickly etc. -- but then the disaster came: she left at home her backpack with book and stuffed mascot. She was very unhappy with that. Speaking of Eve -- I think, we need to get back to the evening routine: no TV after 1930hrs, reading book for goodnight when she is on her bed and the like. But now, back to the hard work.

[14:57] So the plan for today is like this: Elmyra goes home the usual way, maybe departs a bit later, just to be at the Kindergarten at about 1730hrs where we meet, she leaves her bicycle for me and takes mine with little Eve (in bicycle seat) home; unless there is rain: in such case Elmyra goes home and takes Волга to carry Eve home, I stay for rehearsal and return home on my bicycle.
=> The Chinese vendor agreed to replace wrong touch screen with right size, tomorrow I'll send the parcel back to Shenzen. In times like this, I wonder, whether there is something wrong with me to have so much bad luck: first I've received panel with wrong sensor attached (touch readings were flipped), and now wrong size, which does not fit into enclosure frame... The second time I was very careful, but again: couldn't avoid something going wrong. At least the second seller is more supportive.
=> Yet another day, yet another challenge. I keep forgetting about buying car parts, maybe it is good moment NOW.

2014-06-04 (23We) Straighten up a bit

[12:48] Today little Eve had best morning since ages: she woke up in sparkling mood, prepared herself to leave in a minute, so this time she needed to wait for me (for a change), I will just close my eyes for the little disagreement in the Kindergarten (when I needed to arrest one of the pointy toys).
=> As of Yesterday: at work it went quite OK, but I've taken commitment to finish the job at barely possible speed, thus this week will be busy. But main topic was the rehearsal: I have just few lines, quite easy to memorise, additionally my character is kind of clumsy person, so it may be a part of the role to forget the cue or mix-up the lines. No more detail to not spoil the surprise.
=> Also yesterday in the evening my girls paid a visit to our neighbours and returned home around 2200hrs. I could do something useful in that time, but I've wasted it to watch YT... Today I want to do a bit better: mostly to compose letter to primary school headmaster and also update off-line copy of my web page, move blog notes to archive, add some content in other sections.
=> Elmyra broke our bicycle pump.

[16:05] Shit -- a storm broke out. It went silent for a moment, but now we have rerun -- most probably I won't get home dry, despite all efforts.

2014-06-05 (23Th) Sudden events

[11:00] Yesterday afternoon I've left Company just the moment it stopped to rain. Despite of that, just as a precaution I've sealed my bicycle basket with plastic bag and was wearing an oilskin, and it revealed to be good idea -- because I had only twenty metres to go on main road and I was totally splashed by speeding van -- otherwise I could have gotten home in dry shoes. Never mind. Elmyra was at the Dentists', so I've picked-up Eve from Kindergarten, then wanted to wash my bicycle, but meanwhile Elmyra returned home and there was some confusion, then I've broken one of the light fixtures in our kitchen, then needed to eat something and to go back to Kindergarten for another rehearsal. My bicycle was all covered in mud, so I've taken Украïна: first, because it was clean, but also because I wanted to test it in real field condition. The gear is a bit temperamental, but works well. Riding her was not really comfortable, because the seat was too low, but otherwise the experience is rather positive. When I've returned from rehearsal I've adjusted the grip-bar, mirror and seat -- but when I was adjusting seat I've tightened the screw too much and it broke, needed to find replacement, fortunately, there were some bolts and nuts left from the time when I was hanging the overhead shelves last year. All in all, the day was not wasted.
=> Today, waking up was a bit tough, both for me and for little Eve; but we've managed somehow to get out form home on time. It is getting quite warm in the mornings, so most probably this is the last time, when I need to use scarf and gloves, and the T-shirt will be soon replaced by tank top. Speaking of which: next season I will need to replace my cycling pants.

2014-06-06 (23Fr) cipsy przysły

[08:00] Today is a rainy day. I could come to the office by bicycle, but I've taken Танк because some of the parcels arrived Yesterday and I need to carry them home -- and they're too big to fit into the basket. I also may need to go to the shopping mall to visit post office.
=> Speaking of shopping: Yesterday I was hunting for groceries and found out, that my Wife's favourite beer brands are not available in "popular" cheap stores. Also the quality of vegetables was pretty poor. But stop whining. Today we go to the bungalow at the river and I expect to have big fun. I think, that just a few droplets of pure alcohol may be useful.

[12:40] I've sent back the touch screen to China, in the meantime the weather got a bit better. I've acquired quite many 2PLN coins -- the exact value at which most of the vending machines operate.

[14:17] I'm trying now to get a decent application for Android for hand-written notes -- because what is the purpose of touch screen, when one needs a keyboard for taking notes? And the task is pretty hard -- I've tested already ten pieces of software and everything was crap -- compared to it, the "sticky notes" applet given for free with VVindow$ 7 seems a masterpiece of software engineering (Yes, I'm taking about that one, where the only available font is comic sans, closing a note deletes it permanently and one can only show all or hide all). I've found one decent, just a simple notepad, with multiple pages and only note-taking ability, no useless fireworks -- but it doesn't rotate to landscape position... On the other hand -- menu system is orientation insensitive, while one can just draw and write having the device tilted to landscape mode, which does not hurt the picture, as it does not hurt the real paper notepad. An I can have grid lines!

2014-06-07 (23Sa) ER

[23:59] Yesterday (on Friday) it was a quick action: we've been home at about 1730HRS, packed ourselves, waited a bit for Do. then departed before 1830hrs. We've stopped underway to pick-up one of colleagues, have had dinner in Chinese bar and arrived to party place when there was still daylight. The party started spinning -- in fact me and the women have had karaoke night and Do didn't go to sleep at all, while me dozed off for three hours at dawn (to get up at 0700hrs). The main task for today was to tidy-up the pond: remove and clean all the stones, pump out the water, dredge the bottom (carefully, to not kill the fish) and then put it all back together. Generally it took all day, the most onerous part was to remove silt and sludge which was too thick for the pump -- we needed to carry it with buckets... We saved the fish, but the bucket was too small and some of them didn't survive.
=> At the noon little Eve served us one big piece of "entertainment": she cut her finger with garden arm chair. It looked awful: the skin and flesh was cut to the bone and we were afraid, that the bone might been crushed -- fortunately, I didn't drink too much on Friday night neither I had beer for breakfast, so we've cleaned and bandaged the wound, then went to nearest medical emergency station -- thirteen kilometres away. We've been served by very kind personnel, it revealed, that the wound dressing my Wife prepared, was so good, that the wound almost completely healed. Paramedic looked at this, said the bone is not affected, complimented on the good idea to use a tampon as wound dressing and we've returned to the bungalow. Do's husband has arrived, brought some moonshine and we've begun with hard drinks. In the meantime we've tried to swim in the river, but we couldn't find a safe place to descend to water (and go back ashore), so -- to great disappointment of the kids -- we've resigned. Rest of the day was spent on arranging the stones back at the edges of the pond and filling it with fresh water (the pump got hiccup, most probably won't last long). I have had some discussion on topics of physics: centrifugal force, protective earth, speed of light, supermassive object in the centre of the Galaxy and other such stuff. I don't know, when I went to bed.

2014-06-08 (23Su) ee?

[23:59] that was a day! We've been waken up by our daughter quite early, Elmyra sent me to wash myself -- with kind annotation, that I can go back to sleep when I'm clean, but after a shower I didn't feel like going back to bed. The older kids made us breakfast, then I've tried again to arrange some stones, but it was so hot already, that I couldn't bend without getting dizzy -- I went to one small isolated room and took two hours nap. When I woke up, I've prepared one large batch of buckwheat pancakes, helped with other cooking, then Do's older son barbecued the meats and we've had nice early dinner, after which I took another lengthy nap.
=> The Roommate returned home at about 1500. After we tidied up a bit, the girls (my wife and Roommate's wife) arranged home spa and have their nails done. We've departed home shortly before 2100hrs. There was not so much traffic, so we are here, we took bath in turns, little Eve has her hair washed and dried and it is few minutes before Midnight. I wonder, how to get to the work tomorrow: the weather forecast says, it will be around 32°C in the afternoon.
[słuchowisko: Alicja Bykowska-Salczyńska "Gdzie jest ten tani kupiec?"]

2014-06-09 (24Mo) Pozdrowienia dla osoby co mnie czyta z ajpada.

[14:22] Heat is pouring from the sky -- air temperature is predicted to reach about thirty two centigrade. It was twenty one in the morning. I've got some sunburn as a result of our weekend. I think, I've left my wallet with personal documents at home -- fortunately, for riding a bicycle one does not need driving license.
=> One of our colleagues became a father again, he brought us some cake. My sunburn hurts. Today for dinner -- sorrel soup with hard boiled egg.
=> Elmyra had some kind of accident today: she hit another bicycle and fell off the ground. Both knees scratched and something wrong with wrist. She needs to return home with train.

2014-06-10 (24Tu) I'm just only 3ks late

[10:13] Some time ago I had this idea for a story and started to construct the fictional world. As most of the action was planned to happen on colonized Mars, I did some special research on Martian calendar and timekeeping. Right then I've had this idea, that even if Martian solar day can be divided into 24 hours, these for 60 minutes and at last each minute into 60 seconds, it will be highly impractical to use Martian and SI seconds along. Therefore, in my story Martian Sol divides down only to minutes, which is enough accuracy for daily business, schools and social life. Where it is needed to have noted more exact moment in time, SI milliseconds are counted at start of each minute. Also, different units are used for locating point on timeline (date and time) and different to measure duration: here SI seconds are used, with SI multiplicands, like millisecond, kilosecond, gigasecond etc. Exempli gratia: lessons in school begin at full Martian hour and last for three SI kiloseconds, the remainder being a break.
=> Yesterday I needed to leave office an hour earlier in emergency mode: they called me from the Kindergarten to say, that little Eve was bitten by some bug and she is all swollen. By the time I've arrived there, she was not so bad, the bite started to fade. But anyway, we've administered some medication (anti inflammatory jelly to skin and calcium with vitamins to drink). Today is much, much better.
=> This morning little Eve woke up late, but got ready pretty fast -- this time it was her, who needed to wait for me. We were at the Kindergarten gates exactly at 0700hrs, while I got to work somewhere 0750hrs, just at company gates I've quite gracefully and spectacularly fell off the saddle and hit the ground, the bicycle rolling over me -- but I didn't hurt myself at all.

[15:20] There is a parcel waiting for me at the post office, and yesterday, just before I left the office, the post delivered another bunch of parcels. I need to transport it all home, which may be tricky, as some items (like tire pump) are quite big -- I mean: too big to fit into my basket, and I can't use the clip on the back, because kid's seat goes there.
=> From the other news: Children's day party is going to happen on Saturday, the fourteenth. I'll prepare pizza muffins, buckwheat pancakes and maybe some salad; of course, some drinks and barbecue meats also. I'll also take with us the Spot, Eve's rubber pony.

2014-06-11 (24We) In a hunt

[14:38] Yesterday on the play rehearsal there were only four people (of the assigned actors) so the prompter needed to read all remaining ten voices... This may be tough, to give good performance: we will have almost no time to practice the action scenes, with running and falling. Of the good things, Elmyra took little Eve to play outside, but our daughter was trying to bend the rules, so they returned home earlier, than planned. The little one was all upset about that and it continued well into today's morning, when she tried to push my buttons. But I wasn't bending under pressure. I hope, she'll be in better mood in the afternoon.
=> see in WEB:;be[]
[name: M7206, connector type LG]

2014-06-12 (24Th) Internet is an evil thing

[12:29] I'm wasting so much time on useless activities lately. I believe, this may be a good idea to disconnect from the network at home, set myself one day to waste evening on reading comics and watching YT, otherwise do something useful and creative on the laptop. First step: go to '/etc/hosts' and hardwire time-wasters to I also may send myself reminders of all the good ideas I have through the day, to complete them in the evening -- because quite often I have a good idea to do something, then when the afternoon comes, I just sit at the console with big blank void in my mind and then just out of bore I go watch the cat pictures... Just to remember at 2359hrs what it was, that I was about to check on at home.
=> Today we have had quite smooth morning, despite we've woke up a bit later. This mostly because yesterday little Eve prepared her clothes to wear earlier, plus, she didn't watch telly in the evening. She also gets used to do her homework before going to play outside. We just need to keep the routine.
=> I've found great site with links to recordings of several radio plays. I want to explore it.

2014-06-13 (24Fr) Celebration!

[10:45] Today little Eve woke up early, dressed up quickly and was in sparklingly good mood, which was contagious and brighten my day also. When I got to work, I've noticed on my calendar, that this is the first work week since beginning of the year when I've ridden to work on bicycle each work day. Achievement unlocked.
=> Sister-Student drops today with a visit, and we'll go on Saturday to children's day party in my work colleague's garden. We'll bring with us pizza muffins and buckwheat pancakes.
=> Yesterday was a tough day, I've felt exhausted all the time, then (as I was barely moving when riding home) I've came to the conclusion, it must be dehydration. Best cure for that revealed to be a beer with lemonade mix... Although it needed a backing with stiff drink at the time of supper.

2014-06-14 (24Sa) Kinderparty

[22:46] So, people have failed us. Only my team responded to the invitation -- but we have had a great time, pity yourselves, You weren't there.
=> I've also forgot about grand gathering of habitat community -- fortunately, Elmyra spotted them from the window and was able to join and vote.

2014-06-15 (24Su) Internal day

[21:45] lazy Sunday, with no significant event. I've failed to begin with the ironing, but have made nice dinner. Also I've helped a bit Sister-Student with preparing to the work permit exam. Tyrkisk Peber is not good in short drinks, should be drunk alone.

2014-06-16 (25Mo) Just can't get it on

[11:43] Little Eve woke up without friction, but then she went to sleep under her bed -- so we've had slight delay, leaving our backyard at 0700hrs, ten minutes later than expected. Despite that, I had pretty good trip time, although I didn't go below fifty minutes (or three kiloseconds, as they'd say on Mars in my story). Never mind. Sister-Student stayed overnight, because she has her first lecture today at 1400hrs. Tomorrow there will be some external visitor at our company.

2014-06-17 (25Tu) Birth of ?

[16:10] I was listening to a radio on my way to work and they said, today is some important anniversary -- but I just can't remember what it was.
=> Little Eve got up early, but today found another way to leave home late. But no harm done, I was on desk on time. Today there is another rehearsal at 1800hrs, after that I'm about to do grocery shopping for the long weekend for my girls (they depart tomorrow afternoon, I'll be joining on Friday night).
=> One of my colleagues at work became a father recently. For the third time. And it is son again.

2014-06-18 (25We) almost weekend

[15:03] They said in today's news on the radio, that Polish roads are overcrowded. Go figure -- I've taken car today and seen it live in front of my hood. And then there were traffic wardens hidden in the bush with tiny automated speed camera.
=> Yesterday I was sent by Elmyra for groceries and my choice was limited to only few shops that accept food coupons, but there was nothing interesting in there -- I should have gone to Tesko in neighbourhood village.
=> Ukraine won't be selling aircraft engines to Russia. I'm visiting Norway in KW27. And Elmyra made yesterday some excellent dinner out of nothing.

2014-06-19 (25Th) Home alone

[15:55] My girls went to the countryside for a long weekend, I'm going to work on Friday, so I've stayed. Generally I use the day to tidy up our home and do the laundry -- yet I also have now opportunity to use some entertainment. To motivate myself I only reward myself for task done -- and the list is shrinking, only two items left and it is not even two o'clock PM. The most tough thing will be the pile of ironing, but I have new audio-book and some beer prepared.

2014-06-20 (25Fr) Strange one day

[07:47] The weather is not as expected, rather cold. I woke up around 0430CET, but didn't get up from bed until about 0600CET. Yesterday was a busy day, mostly that I've cleaned up and did the laundry. It was inappropriate to use vacuum cleaner during Corpvs Christi holiday, so I needed to sweep the floor manually. But to the topic: when I've got up, I've realized, that I didn't pack myself for the ride. I've prepared quickly, but when I was on my way to work, It struck me, I've forgot few things, and will need to go back home anyway. So no stress.

[20:00] I went home, I went shopping, I have driven to the bungalow safely, arrived just at the dinner time. Now the Roommate joined us, he brought some moonshine so we'll begin the party. One old friend (Sailorman) also joined us earlier, he brought his girlfriend (whom we've all first met today). Sun is setting, so we'll light the bonfire.

2014-06-21 (25Sa) Irma

[22:30] I didn't get drunk Yesterday, but I was all worn out and just couldn't get up and party -- I've spent whole evening mindlessly starring at the bonfire, getting hypnotised by flames. Today was spent on some lighter physical activities (I've skipped most of it, as I've slept until 1300CET). Also other neighbours and friends of ours arrived with her daughter. There was lots of fun. Now we've decided to go to sleep early.

2014-06-22 (25Su) Back before midnight

[23:30] Today I didn't have hangover, more: I went to sleep early -- but anyway I've slept-in late, up to about 1200CET. People started to depart, but the owner of the bungalow showed up for dinner. We've departed home after 2030CET and arrived just before 2200CET, the traffic was dense, but not really pain in the ass.

2014-06-23 (26Mo) Fathers' day

[16:10] Little Eve woke up with some difficulties, but she had very good turnaround time. We've been at Kindergarten gates at 0700CET, I was at the Company exactly 0747CET, but keep in mind, I was carrying my company laptop on my back. Today we celebrate Father's Day in Poland, I wonder, what will the children at Kindergarten prepare. Speaking of Kindergarten: I have rehearsal today and on Wednesday, on Thursday we have première. I need costume.

2014-06-24 (26Tu) work hard

[16:13] Paper cuts the fun. Tomorrow I'm preparing my costume. Lots of work to do. Elmyra has one onerous client. It is going to rain in the afternoon and I'm on bicycle.

2014-06-26 (26We) Dress rehearsal

[12:00] I need cone-shaped hat with bear ears, brown shirt, piece of string, old T-shirt that I can colour light-brown (tea or something), flippers, small shovel and some pot flowers. Will be fun -- especially, that we've changed the script a bit a lot.
=> Today was a very good day in the morning, without unnecessary enervation -- although we've allowed ourselves to leave a bit later, than usual. But no stress, this week I can afford coming a bit late. Or maybe not...
=> The weather is strange: sun shines, but it is quite chilly, especially in the morning -- I needed to wear my chimney scarf when ridding to the Office. I need to take my laptop home today. Also I need to get clothes and costume for little Eve -- best on today's rehearsal. I wonder, how to get to the party: One of the ideas is to ride there by bicycle, remember to take the kid's seat; Elmyra will return from work on her bike and join us at the party, then we'll return home (maybe using some alternate parallel road). I don't want to take the car, as there will be too many people.
[The Dumplings (syntrezatornia)]

2014-06-27 (26Th) Kinderball

[09:00] I've taken my laptop home, but somehow I can't focus on work tasks -- I prepare my costume instead. I need something for hat and bear ears, all other things were easy. Now I've noticed, the hat needs to be red... Most probably a visit to shopping mall is inevitable.

2014-06-27 (26Fr) One disaster chases another

[15:16] The show we've given for the school year's end party was an epic failure, but it was a lot of fun. Everyone wanted to take a photo with the actors. I've returned home all exhausted. Elmyra took little Eve for a visit to Eve's best friend (my wife had some ladies business with his mother), in the meantime I've washed and shaved myself (I was keeping my hair as part of costume) then had a small beer -- about that: our friend, who is running a small (?) grocery shop, is now introducing his own brand of beer. I've tasted it and found quite interesting as for low-grade product. Interesting thing is, that out of every sold bottle he is deducing 0.5PLN for local sport club.
=> Out of other things: one of most vital computer systems in our company malfunctioned Yesterday, and thus some job, that should have finished Yesterday will still be hanging unfinished for several days.

2014-06-28 (26Sa) Moved

[20:16] Sister-Student moved in from students' hostel. Little Eve got serious detention at Kindergarten. Girls are now at Roommates Wife helping to sort-out the wardrobe, while I've tidied up a bit.

2014-06-29 (26Su) The dumplings

[09:44] Acquired new album, will try it out right now.
[The dumplings: No Bad Days (©2014 Warner Music Polska)]

2014-06-30 (27Mo) Dies Patronem

[10:13] At home, there is total chaos -- too much stuff for our storage capabilities, organizing it nicely is a real challenge. Lots of laundry, lots of ironing, lots of washing. Fortunately, Do was so nice to lend us keys for one unused basement, therefore we gain some more storage space and not all boxes need to be at our flat. And the issue needs to be addressed within next five days, as my parents are dropping with a visit on 2014-07-09, I will be preparing semi-formal dinner and I want our home to be clean and tidy.
=> At least the IT disaster has been swept clean during the weekend and I can work. Speaking of work -- I had some musings about procrastination, but I've forgot what it was.

2014-07-01 (27Tu) Monty Python

[15:33] You wouldn't believe, if I told You. Not the disaster is important, but the way they're trying to handle it... I know, they are about to loose money, but hey -- it does not justify cutting corners like that.
=> Living in our home is now more colourful, as the Sister-In-Law moved in. I mean -- Elmyra now can't justify hiding in the bedroom and watching TV series, she's almost forced to stay together and socialize.

2014-07-02 (27We) Pozdrowienia z Norwegii

[16:39] Oslo is bicycle friendly. My host is extremely nice person, young woman before her thirties, very competent, very sociable. The hotel left me with disappointment -- no shoe horn, no mini bar, no bathtub, quite uncomfortable bed and air conditioning set too low. But back to the meeting: fish in the buffet for lunch was much better than that one in Sweden. I'm going to the airport with train. I want to buy something nice for my girls. And I've learned, We'll be going to the bungalow at the river on Weekend -- I think, I'd rather stay home and tidy up. Or go to work and complete my greenbelt thingy.

2014-07-03 (27Th) back on track

[21:00] Yesterday I was home at about 2225CET. There was not much bad experience on my way -- only one: drunk Pole in the plane. Nothing worth remembering. I've slept badly, couldn't get up in the morning, then went to work taking a car. In the office I've spent quite productive day, then at home I was confronted with concept of going shopping, God only knows, why all of us together. The pile of laundry awaiting ironing is intimidating me. On the weekend they want to go to the bungalow at the river -- I've thought for a moment, that this may be not very best idea, as my Father is coming to Poland on Saturday -- but then it revealed, my parents will not have a chance to socialize, as they're spending the time together. Tomorrow will be quite dense, I might be not able to party in the evening.

2014-07-04 (27Fr) Workshop

[12:47] After all, at least some things end positively. Today we are going to the bungalow at the river, Sister-Student not joining us, as she had invitation to another party. And our party is expected to be huge -- or so I was told.

[23:33] Almost good: we've been doing all sorts of things before departure, so we've departed about 2030CET, but travelled successfully. The party started to spin, but we are quite tired.

2014-07-05 (27Sa) Bonfire

[23:00] Yesterday we've finished at dawn. I've slept well and have waken up at about 1200CET. Day was spent on small activities, like tying the hammock to the trees, filling up inflatable swimming pool and the like. Little Eve misbehaved a bit. Now we are staring a bonfire.

2014-07-06 (27Su) Rain

[19:55] I didn't mention, we've invited 'new faces' to the bungalow, and that they like the place at least as much as we. Some strange topics in the conversations at the bonfire, detail being too personal to highlight here. But I've learned a lot. Today we were mostly eating and sleeping, but in the early afternoon we went to harvest wild strawberries -- they were delicious, I've packed a handful to take home for Sister-Student. Now it is raining as hell, so we've decided to wait a bit for the first fit of storm to fade, before we all drive home.

2014-07-07 (28Mo) painful return

[11:21] Elmyra has moods -- me too: Going to the bungalow is good recharging, but we need to do something with returning home, as we certainly need more sleep before Monday.
Big plan for today is to take that group photo we want to give to my mother. And I'm in desperate need to wash all my underpants.

2014-07-08 (28Tu) Big plans

[16:08] We didn't take that photograph Yesterday, but the day was not wasted: all three girls went to the shopping mall while I had opportunity to sweep clean the floor and wash some less-frequently cleaned items, not to mention washing all dirty socks and pants.
=> I've passed on the Audit, tomorrow will focus solely on montage of the tool stand. Speaking of small workshop activities: Today I'll replace broken mirrors in Волга. And then compose myself a packing list.

2014-07-09 (28We) Big plans went wrong

[22:00] gone wrong. Terribly wrong. Yesterday I've noticed, I don't have my ID. Simple as that. I thought, I might have left it in shirt pocket, but it seems, I've lost it forever. Don't say anything: I've retraced my steps, asked all people around, turned home upside down (instead of tidying up before my Parents' visit) and nothing. I've reported the document being lost/stolen, went to the City Hall to ask for replacement, and first failure there: it takes at least three weeks -- and in the meanwhile my passport has expired and I'm left without valid ID that allows to cross the border... Then I've learned about special procedure, used in cases of random events -- I've went to passport office with all I've got and bounced from the window. Phoned my Godfather, and he gave me some guidance, that there are no legal basis to refuse me this paper. In the meanwhile my Parents dropped with a visit, and our home was a-mess. I went to the Company to request some additional papers, in the meanwhile the passport office closed.

2014-07-10 (28Th) Attempt no.2

[07:40] People from UK did not provide that paper on time, All enterprise is going to fail painfully. My team leader finally has a precedence to issue disciplinary reminder and have at the end of the year valid reason to lay me off finally. I don't know, whether I can come back to my Wife's company, or even: whether I'm still able to get ANY job.

2014-07-11 (28Fr) Bomb dropped

[16:20] I've paid a visit to my Godfather, we have had a bit of chat about my adventure with lost ID. It is insane. My cousin works in corpus diplomatica and he confirmed: in such a case, best thing would be to cross the border, best the German or Czech one, then report stolen ID there, so the Consul can issue temporary IDs based on driving license. Then we return to Poland and use temp ID to obtain hard ID, peezy-easy. BUT: You can't report stolen documents before You arrive to convenient place abroad, and this poses the risk of misuse of the ID by third person. Way to think about it. As a precaution, one should have at any time both passport and personal ID, and never leave home with both of them.
=> I've won a free coupon to Starbucks -- I wonder, how much money is on it...
=> The furthest in future, to when I could move my flight was 2014-07-23. There is however possibility, that my ID will not be ready at the time. In such case I'd better damage myself heavily to have good excuse. I HATE THIS SHIT. At least little Eve arrived safely to my Mum's place, my Grandmother feels still bad, but thanks God the fever is gone. I'm really worried about her (as much as Elmyra and Sister-Student don't understand that). All in all: today I need stiff drink.

[15:27] My spirits are not as low as in the morning, although I'm not sparkling with joy either. At least I've talked to a competent person, who unambiguously saved me from all delusions: What I wanted to do can't be done. I need to negotiate rebooking start of my contract a week later.
=> Bad news come in batches usually: My grandmother felt a bit ill lately, therefore my Mum and my Godfather are going to the Northern Exposure a bit earlier, than planned -- mainly, Tomorrow before noon. We then need to pack little Eve for a ride today, and I'm to deliver her safely to my Godfather's home on the far side of the City. Challenge accepted.

2014-07-12 (28Sa) Shopping!

[22:00] We've slept in in the morning, then took off to a shopping mall. It happened, we've spent there almost all day (however we have had good turn-around-time, because we needed to visit another shop in another town before the manager goes home). Main topic of the day were shoes -- I've broken the six pair limit. The other shop in the town near our home was kind of discovery -- even though I drive there occasionally, it was so long ago I was there last time, that the building was a surprise. When we've returned home, all three of us went to the kitchen and we've prepared food for dinner for half a week. We've also decided to go to sleep early.

2014-07-13 (28Su) Entertaining!

[22:00] At last: after about two years of "trying" and "thinking about it" we've visited the famous Copernicus Science Centre in the City. It is good, that our sister is sometimes so determined to do things, otherwise we'd never wander there. As of the insides -- I won't spoil here, go and see, if You have spare day, because it takes eight hours to only touch everything and more than that to deeply investigate most interesting exhibits. Not much beyond that happened this Sunday -- we are having a quiet evening with strong resolution to go to sleep early.

2014-07-14 (29Mo) Just another work week./

[08:41] I was considering riding my bicycle to work, but then suddenly remembered, that I need to change my route, as one of the roads is closed for renovation. My problem is, that other roads may be not safe to ride. Some other tasks are pending: Cut hair, go to the dentist, visit me Godfather and pick up the kid's seat and spare keys my Mum left accidentally there... And I'm so sleepy today without reason.
=> I've spilled some diesel in the trunk of the Танк and now it reeks with fuel inside -- the upholstery needs washing. Speaking of cars: today is the time for new mirrors in Волга.

2014-07-15 (29Tu) Crafting

[14:56] I've finally got myself to complete the greenbelt thing at work. Some hours of carefully cutting shapes in foam with razor blade, but the effect is nice. Now only labels and pictures and we can make a grand opening.
=> The dentist didn't have any free appointments, so I'll schedule something later. I also didn't call my Godfather. I also didn't repair the Волга. And additionally, I'm staying late hours at work today. I don't like it. At the back of my head, I'm getting a bit nervous about my ID card.

2014-07-16 (29We) Squash

[09:45] Yesterday I was fiddling with my instruments, just playing with sound without any particular aim or purpose. And it got very late quite quickly so I went to bed just after 2300CET. Today's morning was a bit tough, yet I've managed to go to my Godfather's place at the far end of the City, have had a coffee and small-talk there; and still be at my desk somewhere around 0815CET.
=> Yesterday I've replaced broken mirrors in Волга, also the battery needed charging (after several months of standing idle). In the meanwhile all our neighbours started to show up, so I've took my time to socialize a bit.

[15:46] I've phoned our town office (about my replacement ID) and learned, they know nothing yet. Tomorrow at about 1400CET the distribution package should arrive and they will check on the content. I'm dying of aggravation.

2014-07-17 (29Th) A spat

[15:30] Yesterday Elmyra was all picky and we've ended the day with a quarrel. I've finished reading "The Great Gadsby" while ironing -- we've had arrangement, that each of us will 'do' thirty pieces of clothing, but in the end, it was only me who touched the pressing iron.
Today I've finished with Improve phase on my Greenbelt, Now only to do some voodoo in Control phase and maybe I can graduate.
My ID card still not ready/in transport... I'm starting to have all bad feelings about it...

2014-07-18 (29Fr) Uncertainty

[08:23] What is most annoying, is that I still know nothing: I've phoned the office at 1400CET to learn, that they'll receive the package at 1500CET, then after 1450CET nobody was answering the phone. Next attempt today at 0900CET. If my ID is not ready yet, I'm fried.

[11:30] Few moments of terror, but now it is all over: I've just received my ID card and thus my travel to UK is not endangered. I can start to plan my weekends and whom I'd like to meet. This weekend will be great relief.

2014-07-19 (29Sa) Headache

[23:59] Yesterday we've packed as planned, departed half of hour later, then spent some time in massive traffic jam. At the party place we've been all exhausted and the heat was unbearable. In the evening all people went to bed early, so I was left alone with Do on the dance floor, but we were moving like snails in the winter. In my sleeping compartment it was very dry in the night, I needed to get some water every now and then. Today's day was very hot, we've only cut some bushes for the bonfire and then generally were slacking off. The bungalow owner showed up for the evening, along with some other friends, we are having a bonfire now (there was emergency run to the grocery shop to get some sausage in the meanwhile), and talk talk talk...

2014-07-20 (29Su) cold and rain

[23:00] We've finished about 0400CET today. Last two hours only me and Sister Student and Do at the dying out bonfire and talking about my Wife. How she wastes her talent and how I allow her to do so. In the morning it was raining, I woke up today at about 0900CET, took shower and went to sleep again. Officially I've got up at 1400CET, just to learn, that the morning rain evolved into heavy storm. Nevertheless: I've prepared buckwheat and zucchini pancakes, then we've started to tidy up the place. We've departed home somewhere about 1930CET. At home we've phoned to my Father-in-Law, then my Mother. Now I'm thinking and digesting what I've heard.

2014-07-21 (30Mo) Things, that go wrong

[07:01] Yesterday I've called my Mother and learned, that my Grandmother felt bad and is in hospital now. Elmyra has drawn come conclusions from that and was all upset, or rather furious -- starting to arrange that we get little Eve back today or tomorrow. And this is not so easy thing, as I still have some open ends at work, additionally the Kindergarten is closed for renovation.

[08:06] Things with Elmyra are now a bit better explained, I'll call my Mum at about 1000CET to cheer her up.

[14:40] It is now almost fixed: Elmyra will retrieve little Eve this weekend, and then we'll improvise. Note to oneself: ["kobylak" lub szczaw lancetowaty]
=> Now Elmyra needs cheering up.

2014-07-22 (30Tu) Things, that go Right

[10:07] Summer definitely is not right season to work hard. Or there is something wrong with me, that I cant focus and just fall asleep at my desk. Or maybe being at desk is definitely wrong idea -- because when I was running to and fro as I was constructing and furnishing the test stand for my greenbelt project, I didn't feel my symptoms -- meaning, my body needs movement, physical exercise and active tasks instead of static text grinding.
=> Today I've taken the Волга to work, doing basic maintenance on the way (tires, oil, sprinkler fluid etc.), so that Elmyra can drive, when I'm away. Today I will be packing my trunk for the ride. I only hope, I will not exceed weight limits.

[13:20] Elmyra just remembered, that on that Weekend, when she goes to my Mother, it will be my mother's name-day. We want to convey some nice gift. I'm going to cut my hair today and can have a look around the nearby town little market.
=> Since Yesterday I'm observing a construction team who are installing sewage pipes. They are doing it quite quickly, although for the first glimpse it seems, they're moving slowly and without greater insight. But they're absolutely sure, what they're doing and are fairly efficient.

2014-07-23 (30We) Travel Time!

[22:00] So, today was a day! I've slept quite well in the night, woke up sufficiently early to have breakfast and to get to the airport on time, although the taxi driver has chosen the most time-consuming route. But this was minor detail. Border check and travel pass check went quite well, although the officers have had doubts, when they compared my face with photograph. The flight was delayed about twenty minutes, also at the Heathrow airport the lady at the passport check up has taken a longer glimpse into my data, so I've missed the train I've intended to go with, I thought I need to wait another hour, but nice lady at the ticket selling window found me another connection and it was also fairly cheap (with change at Woking). I've made it to Basingstoke at reasonable time. At the office I've spent most of the time on getting acquainted with people and the building, also spent some time trying to help with some particular testing. This is EMC, but different side of EMC than that I've used to do at my former company under white monkey management. More like ESTI and radio communication requirements. But work is peasants' sport... When I've called it a day at around 1730GMT (yes, I've changed timezone!), I took off to the hotel -- yet on my way my laptop died and my NOKIA died and I was left only with my faulty memory to find my lodging address... I've lost my way, wandered in circles for a while, but finally found it. I got quite large room, with bathtub, pressing iron, hair dryer and large wardrobe -- but without air conditioning! Fortunately, they've thrown in an electric fan, or I'd die of the heat. When I got unpacked and washed myself under cold shower I went to explore nearest neighbourhood: I've got Domino's Pizza, Fish-and-chips and Tesko-24 within five minutes march from here. When I was having some sandwiches and bananas for dinner I've called my Father and my Wife, and everything seems to be OK with them. So, now to go to sleep, to be all fresh and energetic tomorrow

2014-07-24 (30Th) First day at work

[22:20] First day passed. I woke up, have had breakfast, wanted to go to Tesko in the morning to get some box for my sandwiches, but I've rather stayed in my room, to not get all sweaty before my shift. On my way to the work -- blackberries all around, and they are getting ripe. I've tasted some and they're good, although my workmates say, to not eat them as who knows what has touched them... Of the other things: I've noticed quite plenty of people working as my hotel staff are from Poland; I didn't reveal myself yet. As for the everyday life problems: I need to be more careful when crossing the street -- the traffic here is left-handed and things I've used to at home are useless and dangerous here, as I subconsciously look at the wrong lane of the street. Elmyra received some scam email with potential trojan installer, but recognized it correctly. I've noticed, I didn't post yesterday's note.

2014-07-25 (30Fr) Rok Rosji nie w Polsce

[21:30] Today I've turned on my radio in the morning and listened to the news. So, news are bad, period. I despise of politics more and more. At least the weather is ma bit better -- it is now a bit colder, easier to stand. I'm slowly finding my swing at new work, I believe this will be not really tough to keep-up with rest of the team after I get hold of using the equipment. One of the issues to be solved yet is emergency contact -- as I'm not allowed to carry my phone on the object, and anyway it would be switched off or out of range in the testing area, it is impossible to catch me a work in case of emergency. Normally, I would plug into docking station and use instant messenger, but since during training period I'm always with someone else, there is no wire for me (and wireless must be turned off). I think, I'll ask for a patch cable and just get my laptop everywhere with me and plug to the wall at each stop. This may be also useful at the hotel, as wireless tends to drop connection here, especially when I want to talk to Elmyra on VoIP.
=> Tomorrow I'm going to explore the town, I intend to be all day out, mostly downtown, but I may also go off limits, if I learn about something interesting to see. One of main points is to go to the big shopping centre near the station, I also want to check on the self-service laundromats: I've found some addresses on Google maps, but I'm not certain, whether they're really coin-up laundry services or just dry cleaners, need to verify.
=> Elmyra is going to my Mother tomorrow. I've learned, that my grandparents are now at her place, so it must be quite noisy there. I will call them all tomorrow, also because it is my Mother's name day.

2014-07-26 (30Sa) Explore ad conquer

[21:00] Today I've allowed myself to sleep-in, turning off all alarm clocks and other potential interruptions. I've received a text message from Hamster Owner with cheerful greeting and invitation to visit them at their new home in Crystal Palace. But before I've answered, I decided to explore the town a bit. Breakfast is served on weekends at 0800GMT, so I needed to wait, as my 'sleeping-in' was getting up around 0645GMT. So, I've hit the road with intention to eventually arrive at the town's centre shopping mall, the 'Festival Place' as they called it. My first thought was to not use GPS but try to relay on landmarks and general orientation only, but it proven to be difficult, as many of the footpaths were closed or detoured and I've quickly lost myself, got first the map, then needed to get the GPS fix. But I've made it, not getting into any trouble, like blonding in to someone's private garden. On my way I've passed through a business centre, which was like abandoned city on weekend, squirrels and hedgehogs crawling calmly across the streets. I've spotted three very ugly buildings there. The shopping mall was huge and stupidly arranged, but I've found most of what I was looking for: Umbrella, shaving razor and a mug. I have had bananas, crisps and cider for lunch, then headed home, choosing another route. I've arrived in my room at about 1600GMT, washed myself, listened to the radio, phoned some people, mostly my Mum to congratulate her on her Dies Patronem. Elmyra was still on her way. I've took cold bath, then went to explore the other side. I've found dry cleaners, who can do also regular laundry service. Then I've found myself in some nicely arranged park in the woods, very good place for small walk, relaxation an even having a dinner on fresh air -- which I did, consuming fish-and-chips and another pint of cider. Now I'm again listening to the radio and reading news on the net. I've phoned my Wife a minute ago and she was just arriving. Tomorrow I'll go to the swimming pool at last.
=> In the hotel there is some Indian wedding going on right now. Lots of people, loud music, some of the premises closed. I only hope, the party won't last for seven days.

2014-07-27 (30Su) Refinements

[20:44] I have had a note written, but forgot to save it and then the power in laptop went down, because I've plugged it to the wall to charge, but forgot to flip a switch -- as here in UK all mains sockets have switches, and cleaning lady has switched everything in my room off... But now to recreate all important events:
I was in the mall in the center of the town again, in pursuit to find a decent Ethernet patch cable for a decent price -- but with lousy results: cheapest I've found was still too expensive for the purpose. On the other hand the need for it becomes more and more obvious, as WiFi here tends to drop every now and then, and most annoyingly at the accurate moment, when I'm trying to have telephone (VoIP) conversation, I'll ask our IT guy on Monday. I've found however a supply of instant ramen noodles for weekdays dinner, cheap cheese and crackerbreads. I may need only some bananas on Monday and my luncheons and dinners are secured.
During today's excursion, I've chosen different route, trying to find best solution -- and with some success: I've managed to not enter to Basing View business centre with its detours and renovations. When I was back in my room, I've retreated my steps with Google Map and noticed another path. Please remember, that I need to go through ringway and two lanes of rails, so I only can go along official footpaths, and finding any facilitated crossing is valuable. Next weekend I'm meeting my father, but I may check the new way in the middle of the week.
As I've already mentioned, my room doesn't have minibar, so I'm left without a refrigerator. But today in the morning I've remembered suddenly about the old camping trick -- so, I've taken that can of cider, that needed chilling, wrapped it with wet cloth and placed in strong draught made by the fan. It worked: after half of our (in which the cloth needed wetting from time to time) content of the container cooled a bit to the level, that drinking it was in fact quite pleasant. Good life hack.
Elmyra is now home. Her journey went not without some difficulties and unpredicted adventure, but nothing really dangerous or onerous happened. She departed from my Mother's town at 0800CET and was home at 1800CET. With lot of luggage and little Eve. But she did it and didn't complain so much. The Wildcat also arrived at our place and all four (yes, four, remember that Sister-Student is also there) are now having girls' slumber party.
As for me: I've finally found my way to the swimming pool. There are two of them, one for kids and one for real swimming. The water was a bit too warm to my taste and it was fairly crowded at 1630GMT. But I've learned, that it opens first thing in the morning on weekdays, so I can go swimming (and enter sauna or steam room) at 0630GMT, before breakfast -- as I'm leaving to the office at 0800GMT, regardless of how early I get up. Sounds like a plan.

2014-07-28 (31Mo) Work hard

[12:54] I'm finally getting to do something useful here; pity, I cannot tell You, what it is. Today morning I've tested new daily routine: I went to the swimming pool first and then to breakfast, and I think it is better this way. However, taking morning round didn't save me from crowd -- just a bunch of other people had the same idea, not many of them, but enough for the swimming to be quite not comfortable. Speaking of discomforts: my calves are sore after Weekend's exploration, I'm not used to walk a lot. Today's afternoon is planned as internal day; I need to get rid of the work I have open on hand.

W nocy robi sie juz odrobinę chłodniej, więc będę mógł spać w mojej ulubionej pidżamce. Dzisiaj dzień wewętrzny, chłodzone napoje gazowane (spodobał mi się pomysł z lodówką ze skarpet), kanapki na kolację i praca.

[18:25] So, schedule for today is tight. Tomorrow I maybe just sleep a bit longer in the morning, if necessary. I also need to talk to the IT guy to fix some software issues to fully tap-in into work here. But stop rambling, I need to earn some money now.

2014-07-29 (31Tu) More independent

[20:18] Ethernet at the hotel does not work, I'm doomed to use lousy WiFi. And soda machine ate me 20p, before I've realised, it is out of order. But so is life. On the more happy things, I'm getting a bit more confident at tasks I'm performing and this week I'd like to undertake some actual work. Which is quite possible, I will do. I'm sick of crisp bread and bananas, so I've bought myself some tortillas and cured meat and have had wraps for dinner. My trousers have cracked in the crotch, I should sew them back -- I even have the traveller's repair kit, but today's evening is again devoted to project work.
=> Did I tell You, I've found a long-drink glass? Somebody from that Indian wedding party we had here on last Saturday, has shoved it into shrubbery; I've waited three days for hotel personnel to pick it up and today, when I was going to the groceries', I've acquired it as a war trophy. Finders keepers.
=> I didn't call home... Shame on me.

2014-07-30 (31We) Bad news..?

[07:33] Today there was cheese at the breakfast buffet. Yesterday I was working until late (but only because I've indulged myself with mindless entertainment in the afternoon) and now I feel a bit sleepy. I think new schedule is needed: take a nap after return from office and then open the laptop. In the afternoon call home, as Elmyra wanted to make some money transfers and I'm the gatekeeper with authorization codes.

[19:38] So, the nap was a good idea. I feel more refreshed than after two hours of browsing rubbish on the Internet. My plans for this evening are quite clear. I've just got notification of something not entirely nice, detail not important.

2014-07-31 (31Th) Funnies

[22:35] I've almost didn't blog today. So, the day was dense and I was virtually falling asleep standing. This was quite frustrating, but I've done it and can call the day success. And I have had some entertainment too -- at the lunch break one man was doing the press-ups against his lorry. Bunch of laugh.

2014-08-01 (31Fr) Changes

[17:49] Change in day routine, change in feeding habits, change at work and change of plans for weekend. So from the beginning: I'm taking a nap afternoon, which helps me to have better sleep at night and stay fresh at work next day. I'm not eating so much for breakfast, and at work I'll be given at last some task I may prove to be responsible for. As for the weekend plans -- because of small adventure my father experienced, the edge conditions changed and I'm now standing in front a choice: either spend long hours in a couch and visit Heathfield, or spend quite some money I don't have and visit London. This will be resolved after 2000GMT, after telephone session with all involved. Now I need to finish my work.

[22:30] I'm not visiting my Father. Neither the London. I may for a change explore something alone again.

2014-08-02 (31Sa) Leisure

[10:50] Going out to conquer the world.

[17:00] Today I've allowed myself to sleep-in a little. At the breakfast I've asked, whether they can bring me espresso and to my surprise -- they could a nd did. This place may be not as crap as was my first impression. When I've left hotel building, I've noticed, that another party was preparing to happen today afternoon. In fact it was spinning already, when I've returned around 1530GMT. As my ride to Stonehenge dropped off, I've quickly researched possible transport ways to Salisbury, Amesbury, Winchester and Uffington -- but the fares were high or connections not convenient, so I've dropped the idea. My new plan for today was to go to the far south of the town to visit some "massive" appliances store. What the locals tend to call massive is exaggerated at least -- I've seen bigger, even at my hometown, where we already have TWO. And yes -- there was one mcDonalds prol feed station, but I didn't dare. After having a glimpse on the facilities and reckoning, there is nothing worth my interest, I've retreated to Basingstoke Festival Place mall to have late lunch. I wanted biggest biffiest and fattest Whooper they had, but BurgerKing was so overcrowded I've given up another time, and resorted to sandwiches at Poundland. I have had a pint of beer in my backpack, so wanted to eat on fresh air, but the weather is so unstable, that I rather have taken a vigorous stroll to my hotel. So, when I've arrived, my shoes desperately needed drying. Fortunately, I have a hair dryer in my room, so the action was easy. In the mean time I've decided to open beer and wash my socks. Next I will be washing my T-Shirts and then I maybe repair the ripped trousers -- or I'll maybe watch dark side of YouTube all evening, who knows.

2014-08-03 (31Su) Review Time!

[13:57] I didn't do reviews for so long that I need to lookup the right formatting in my archive... So, there we go:

The Dumplings: No Bad Days (©2013 Warner Music Poland)
A punch square into your face with a soft pillow, that actually hurts.
Who are The Dumplings?
This question I've asked myself when I've heard one quite nice downtempo song in syntezatornia time zone at RadioAktywne internet radio station. So, they're fucking brats, no more than seventeen years old, but having an active music group (or duo in fact) for more than two years already. And they have some media coverage and popularity gained through Internet social media. So much popularity, that one of major record company wanted to squeeze some profit from them -- that's why You may be hearing them on commercial radio stations, have seen advertisement on iTunes or YouTube and generally know the name even if not interested particularly in this genre of music.
But what is the genre? Hard to copy with, it eludes formal description. For my experience it is like downtempo oldschool EDM, but augmented with quite a lot of sonoric experiment. Vocals resemble a bit of Bjork a bit of early Alison Goldfrapp... From one hand, we all have heard bit of this and bit of that before -- but all together it is all new. And as most of the significant things it is easily overlooked -- mostly because these tunes are not aggressive colourful intrusive viral hits. They need a bit of stop, a slow moment to fully immerse in their qualities. But if you dare to let them in -- they stick to the ear, they make You to think, They, with all the cold cruelty, make You hum as you go down the staircase of buy your newspaper or pay your taxes... All songs are passionate, but the emotion is not one of exaggerated Latin America soap operas; No -- it is rather like Polish teenager from respectable family: boiling inside of all the sexual energy, but not showing much outside, like crouching tiger ready to jump and kill, but not yet, a moment later... We may yet see the full potential, bits and pieces may be heard in my favourite song of the album: "How many knives", I may need to wait two or three more years for this voice to unveil full power. I've seen recordings of the dumplings' gigs, people now are shrieking in delight, what may come later? Abominations (those that may be abbreviated to JB 1D R) pushed on us by industry should be afraid, very afraid.
Final rating? It was all fresh, Artists were not afraid to use native language even after they had contract with industrial producer, I liked all: music, sound and the lyrics. And it is something I'd like to recommend to friends. The album is not perfect, but Nine stars are truly deserved [+++++++++-].

2014-08-04 (32Mo) Fire!

[17:52] Elmyra called -- or rather tried to call me when I was out of range. The Волга caught on fire, most probably the starter got clogged again. She was also all upset that I didn't call home on weekend. This accident is real pity, because from what I've heard, Elmyra was already getting back to driving, even alone and even at night. Now she'll be blocked for another indefinite period.

2014-08-05 (32Tu) Lots of work, too

[19:50] I've called Elmyra and she told me how it was with the Волга on fire. She also already checked for replacement starters on internet auctions and they're fairly cheap. Atta girl! When she has motivation she can be quite resourceful. At home everything all right, except that Elmyra has no chances to get vacation right now: little Eve goes to the south with her aunties (our young sisters-in-law) and Elmyra will be not joining, until I'll return from UK (we planned to go there on September the first). But this is only intent, no plan. At work -- a bit better, though the systems are still not working for me. IT may have some tough moments this week with me. I'm entertaining myself with YouTube.

2014-08-06 (32We) Easily distracted

[08:00] Today I woke up early and had an idea to do some exercises. I've done a bit of stretching, then wanted to continue and searched the web for tutorial -- yet I've drowned in the flood of information. I'll try to be prepared tomorrow. [] [YT:Yoga with adriene] [v=N7Cn2xSpf6s] Why all that? I just feel, I need some stretching. My muscles are cramping and my spine is bending. And also my life force is leaking, sun is shining black. of the other things today: I've mixed up the clocks and come to work a bit too early. Good thing is, I have now some free time to update all the things I couldn't do with VPN.

[16:42] Funny and scary thing I've just witnessed: one of our colleagues got into shielded room, touched one perfectly rightly earthed table, light went off, and he got electrocuted... No one knows, what happened.
And remember! Exercises today!

2014-08-07 (32Tu) Easily distracted

[07:15] My pyjamas work quite well as stretch exercise gear: this morning I've tried nice and easy yoga session for absolute beginners. I'm ashamed of the fact, how my legs are not so elastic as they used to be, but this gives me even more motivation to continue.

2014-08-08 (32Fr) Slow start

[08:15] Yesterday I was hanging on Internet until late, and then I couldn't sleep in the night. Today I have had problems to get up. I'm in bad mood, tired, depressed. Even the upcoming trip to London does not cheer me up.

2014-08-09 (32Sa) Odchamianie

[08:00] I'm going to prom on the proms.

[23:00] So, at the breakfast I've had quick chat with one of the waitresses, then caught my train, managed to not loose my way, but have lost my hat. I've meet with Hamster Owner and her man, we've been to the park, have had some beer, then barbecue, of course missed the Proms, but have had very nice evening anyway. I'm staying overnight.

2014-08-10 (32Su) Anniversary

[21:10] She most probably has forgotten. Or was not really concerned about. Pity.
=> Today we were discussing music, films, new series of Dr Who, and then have had another slow stroll at the park. I've left them at about 1800GMT. Will see, what Tomorrow brings.
=>[terapia Thomasa Gordona]

2014-08-11 (33Mo) Paperwork

[20:15] I've talked with Elmyra last evening, she misses me a lot, more than she's ready to admit. And we both miss our little daughter. Speaking of daughter -- Elmyra spoke to our friend, who is a psychologist, and she consulted what to do with our little one. HINT: reading aloud -- that friend of ours has seventeen years old daughter, and she doesn't mind, that mother is reading her book in the evening. This is main topic for deeper though.
[DANT Free], try to obtain portable install.

2014-08-12 (33Tu) Nervous

[08:00] So, today I'm on my own. I'm a bit nervous, how it will go.

[13:28] It was horrible. Tests went wrong, I cannot use the report generation system, and in the end my mentor's laptop has been locked, when he accidentally misspelled his password three times. Oh, the joy!
=> On the other things: Doing spell check, when text is read by TTS synthesizer is great tool to catch all common mistakes. I don't know, whether this technique may be applicable for spell-check of my blog archive, but it works very well with my stories. I need some free software, though -- the trial license for the one I had, has just expired.

[17:03] I've just noticed, my shoes broke -- the soles have cracked. Pity, but there is solution: [] and some pieces of rubber used for repairing inflated safety boats... So yeah: NylonRed has proven to be less durable than cheapest brand of sneakers on Allegro. I don't even remember, how much I've paid for that pair, but I've bought them quite recently.

2014-08-13 (33We) Decent day

[15:56] Today I've got up on time, even though earlier I've waken up in the middle of the night and have had some difficulties to fall asleep again. I've exercised in the morning, keeping my resolution. In fact, I see that I'm getting a bit lazy in the afternoon and I rather watch Internets than do anything useful. Although I've done some good job: I've spell-checked Taming of the Lynx story in Native section, some very nasty typos are now removed. As we speak about that: I tried to install any TTS software, and most of what is on the net mostly uses voices You have already on your computer. And I have only Microsoft Anna, with no ability to install anything else -- administrator permissions required. When they'll be replacing my laptop I'll ask for Micro$oft Paulina for PL. And now I have to wait until I get home to install a graphic front-end to Festival, to do the other spell-checks. I have TTS engine on my Nokia 5800, but I don't know how to make it read from just ANY text file. Try it tonight.
=> I didn't call anyone yesterday evening, just wasn't in a mood. Have had nice dinner instead: Wraps with vegetables, Hummus with carrots, crisps with peanut butter and jam. I've spotted real doughnuts at Tesko, should give them a try this weekend. Speaking of shopping: as my shoes are dead, I'm planning to visit both charity shops in Chineham.
=> Elmyra just called -- she suddenly remembered, that there is Holiday on Friday and it will be better to have grocery shopping done today, as tomorrow all shops will be crowded. Lucky her -- three days weekend.

2014-08-14 (33Th) Independence..?

[21:30]Nothing went right today. Fail chasing another fail.

2014-08-15 (33Fr) Even more

[12:08] Yesterday Elmyra went to sleep shortly after 0730 her time. I had some plans, but eventually didn't do anything productive last evening. Today should be different.
=> One of the failed items proven to be not so failed, however we've lost whole day. Tomorrow I go shopping, as there may be no opportunity to shop in the weekdays, next week it will be raining.

2014-08-16 (33Sa) Go shopping

[13:18] I've allowed myself to get up late, although I was not sleeping since 0500GMT, just rolling from side to side and enjoying the feeling, that I don't need to hurry anywhere. I have had nice long stroll over the neighbourhood, visited almost all public parks in the town (sans maybe that one on the far-south-west side, near sports school) and now I've returned to my room for a quick snack. On my way I was listening to my music, two albums I've played twice: Avi Rosenfeld's Very Heepy, Very Purple and Paniq's Work in Progress. I strongly recommend.

[13:47] Look at the note time stamps: it took me so long to just upload. The connection is getting worse and worse.

[19:11] Die Antwoord is up with new album and already on promotion tour (they were in Warsaw on twelfth August); see in torrents for Donker Mag. Speaking of which: You stop to watch people for just a minute and what happens? They have a band and start releasing songs: Uiters heeltemal fokken groot! Ek het graag meer!. If only Esuko Keehl (Bitch!) manages to release whole album this year, then it will be tough competition between hers disc, the Dumplings' and Die Antwoord's... But we'll see, so far I can only permalink to promote their site and send the videos to my friends. There is a première scheduled for Monday.
=> At 2000GMT I will go for another long walk. Right now I'm talking with Wildcat.

2014-08-17 (33Su) Reconnaissance-Analyse-Action

[08:00] Yesterday I was watching amateur footage from Women's Association Football sparring, and I may finally learn to like this sport -- I mean: soccer in whole, as up to this day I've considered it the gayest thing ever. But girls kicking around I can stand. At least they do not fake foul, and if real one occurs they do not pretend to die out of pain, but stand up and fight.

[19:18] The internet is down. I've reported issue at the front desk, but it seems, they did nothing about it -- to do anything properly I need to go to the other side of the corridor.
=> I've spent most of the day out -- at least I have bought everything that was on the lists my Wife sent me. It was tough however to find every item -- it seems average locals have rather not very sublimed taste, and what my girls wanted was not so obvious to be in the shops. But I've managed. Mission completed. Also, I've seen some familiar faces at the shopping centre; it seems that it is really the sole entertainment here.
=> Tomorrow is the première day: ET$U is releasing RAD single and video. Will see, will see.

2014-08-18 (34Mo) Serious talk

[18:08] There will be changes. There will be more serious talk, more commitment, resolutions and more self discipline. But the case is worth it.
=> A tymczasem pewien Szymon właśnie podpisuje umowę o pracę.
=> And out of unrelated things: see this [Etsuko Keehl], I know, who You are! You won't hide for long! Yet -- respect et al: You certainly go the way, that You dreamed five years ago to go. Keep doing, carry on. Be a positive example, a success story. Not suck-ass story.

2014-08-19 (34Tu) It went well

[17:07] Today is a slow day, with some exceptions. Some ends I have open, and they will need to be addressed quite quickly. Wireless network still doesn't work in my room, so I need to go to the lobby or hang out in the lift landing to access Web. This means I need to behave, to not cause any major morality offence. Speaking of WEB: Etsuko Keehl had a premiere yesterday, it was very exciting to take part in some event, even more exciting, that I've remember her from earlier days and on top of that, this is one of the moments, when dreams come true. Very positive. By the way: it was my first time to post first comment under popular video on YouTube. Speaking of young people, who forge their future and make dreams come true -- go to [] and vote for The Dumplings! They deserve it!
=> So, I have this serious conversation with my Wife, now in written, It is easier to overcome the unnecessary emotional response.

2014-08-20 (34We) Anniversary

[15:00] Today is my Parents' wedding anniversary. I've already sent them short note with congratulations, I'll try to phone them in the evening, if only the connection will be good. Speaking of connection: I've found better place to catch WiFi in my hotel: far wing, not so many people passing through, additionally the corridor is cul de sac, so I can sit against the top wall and nobody can peek onto my screen. Yesterday I've set an account on Busuu and explored first lessons of Portuguese. Seems to be fun. I've taken just my first lessons.

[16:16] My new boss approached me, and asked, whether I'm able to stay one week longer. I've asked, whether I can answer later and first of all called my Wife to ask, if it is a big problem. She said, no stress, but on twenty-eighth I MUST be home, as there are certain commitments undertaken. Some people relay on us to be available.

2014-08-21 (34Th) Staying longer

[18:41] So, return date is moved to 2014-08-28. I need to take day off on Friday 29th. The last week here and the weekend will be very busy. And the network in my hotel is still down.

2014-08-22 (34Fr) В который раз лечу Москва-Одесса

[09:00] Some further complications: Today in the morning, when I was going to the office, I've stopped at the hotel's front desk to talk about extending my reservation. As usual, they tried credit card reservation, but the transaction was declined. This is not good, as I may not have such amounts of money on my private account, additionally, both our accountants are on vacation. This may be tough. At least they repaired WiFi.

[17:27] Our bookkeeper at Polish office will handle the thing with my Credit Card, I will see on Monday.
=> Day was tough. And I have one fine film proposition to watch together with my Wife: "if I stay". Now to obtain nice copy.
=> This weekend I'll be doing some laundry. Most probably I'll just lock myself inside for whole day on Saturday, then on Sunday I'll go for whole day out.

Pizda na gigancie, ktoś sobie zjadł obiad na mój koszt, kiedy nie było mnie w pokoju w sobotę dziesiątego sierpnia. A niechby się rozchorował pedał jeden i złodziej. Dwadzieściapięć funtów! Dzisiaj spróbuję kupić papierosy.

[19:16] I've just learned, there is bank Holiday on Monday. That's why Mou was so concerned on the topic me returning on Thursday. Anyway -- I'll tell him, I need to have extra seven hours of work, because bank holidays are not observed in Poland.
=> And one quite pleasant thing: Tomorrow, at 1950GMT on BBC One Doctor Who lands!

2014-08-23 (34Sa) internal day

[15:38] As planned, I've allowed myself to sleep in late. One thing: when I was at my breakfast, the room service managed to quickly sweep my room -- I have had quite a mess there: my clothes spread on the bed in middle of sorting the laundry (what is absolutely necessary and what I can live without), beer chilling in the bath tub and the like. I had some stress with that, as they stated in terms and conditions, that consuming alcohol not purchased a hotel bar is forbidden, although they didn't list any fee -- whereas for smoking in room for non-smokers there is quite a penalty of £250.
=> Plan for today is to eat everything I have in my improvised storage. And then buy only as much as I can eat at once. Hummus and carrots is the best choice, but wraps, spam and mixed salad (with chili flavoured hummus) may be also a good thing. I'll see, what's on clearance at Tesko tomorrow morning.
=> Today at 1859GMT new season of Doctor Who starts. Quite nice, that I have opportunity to watch it live. Speaking of which: I need to check, whether I can watch BBC One at home in Poland []. I know BBC checks for region, where the streams are delivered, and cuts-out several countries. Unfortunately for me, weather in Poland is very nice today and none of my acquaintances is available online right now.
=> Nice beginning: I've tidied up my room a bit, sewn torn trousers, washed some socks, T-shirts and one shirt, dried the laundry etc. Now I can endorse myself in doing nothing, as planned. I have Torchwood season 5 to watch as a little workout before grand première tonight.

[22:09] So, it was quite an emotional experience. Nice script, good performance, not so overloaded with CGI and SFX. And Capaldi is right man in this place. I'm waiting in aggravation for the rest -- although I need to figure out some way to tunnel into BBC streaming, as it refuses to work outside UK.

2014-08-24 (34Su) La dysenterie amibienne

[21:15] It was bad idea to sweeten my tee, I've got some mild diarrhoea this morning. But I'm cool now. I've discovered another quite tasty food, not available in Poland: breakfast wheat biscuits. It is like a bar formed of pressed together cornflakes, very good with yoghurt or dips, however be careful: it is better to get the cheapest brand in Tesko, as these will be without sugar and hence suitable as salty crisps, that go with beer and dip.
=> I'm finished watching Torchwood: the miracle day. I liked it. I liked the general approach to show behind-the-scenes struggle and manipulations, on government and international level. A bit similar, but totally different than Torchwood: Children of the Earth. And surprisingly, the most humanly human being is the paedophile murderer. And then, there is some explicit gay erotica in this series.
=> Tomorrow is Bank Holiday, I don't know, what I'll be doing all day, maybe working, writing, doing Company's paperwork (if only VPN survives constant WiFi downs). And today I need mindless entertainment: watching RED DWARF!

2014-08-25 (35Mo) Bank Holiday

[11:00] Even worse slacking than on normal weekend: Tesko is open from 0900GMT to 1400GMT. But worst thing is, that the network is down and the weather is also down. Because of that, there is really nothing to do -- can't go for a walk, can't watch my TV shows (as I'm watching via internets), can't chat with friends nor call home.
=> Network was up for a moment and I checked the weather forecast: Up to 16°C and heavy rain all day.

[13:17] Today, a nice lady at Tesko was all wondering, looking a my debt card, which country I'm from, then was all surprised when I've said, I'm from Poland: she replied, I'm not talking with the accent, she's so used to hear.
=> Did You ever thought about, how similar are words 'vlogsphere' and 'Vogsphere'? Ain't both of them infested by those small black things popping from underground and smacking one's face, when only they dare use their brain.
=> Nice tutorial, how to make a text into a .epub eBook [].
=> And for some entertainment, tabloid news about Duchess Kate Middleton planning next baby and Duke of Cambridge Prince William to start to work as pilot in medical service helicopter.

[19:44] I can't understand it -- the laptop refuses to connect to Hotel's WiFi, where my mobile as no problem with that. I'm listening to Internet radio now on my Nokia, and signal strength is excellent, while stupid T420 cannot even establish a link. Maybe something is broken? But at the Company everything was fine, even in shielded room. I don't get it.

2014-08-26 (35Tu) I wanna go home!

take off this uniform
And leave the show!
But I'm still waiting in this cell because I have to know...

I'm sick of it. I've just lost about 4KiB of text I've written, just because of system hang-up. Of course, the swap file couldn't be recovered, so I need to write it all anew. Today will be busy even without these small annoyances, there's lots and really lots of paperwork to catch up.

[16:03] Yesterday I gave up fighting with the wireless connection, just went sleep earlier, which proven to be a good idea, as the weather is even more down, than yesterday, pressure drops and I can hardly focus.
=> People from Google AdWords said, that navigation on my web-page is hard and troublesome, and thus they see no potential in monetizing my content. If you say so, gentlemen... But on the other hand, I wanted ads on my site only because lately my statistics record some massive automated traffic to the address "" and I wanted to tap into that traffic and squeeze some money. I'm not going to redesign my page just for that.

O zmianach w Wielkiej Brytanii
Wielka Brytania nie jest tym samym miejscem, które odwiedziłem w 2006 i 2007 roku. Mit grubej angielskiej dziewczyny i gówniarzy palących na progu szkoły gdy tylko ukończą piętnasty rok życia został obalony. Te wszystkie nerwowe ruchy, które rząd Zjednoczonego Królestwa wykonywał po 2005 roku teraz, po ośmiu latach, zdają się przynosić efekt.
Obserwowałem sobie "młodzież" w wieku od 15 do 35 roku życia, na ulicy i w centrum handlowym -- no cóż, daleko jeszcze Północnemu Hampshire do krajów skandynawskich, które ja prywatnie nazywam "krainą dziewcząt z ładnymi nogami", ale wyraźnie się poprawiło. Odwiedziłem znajomych w Londynie, pogadałem z Polakami z obsługi hotelowej restauracji i oni tez potwierdzili: każdy ze sobą coś robi -- ćwiczy, biega, chodzi na zajęcia... Gimbaza zamiast siedzieć na krawężniku przed sklepem i jarać szlugi gra w piłkę. Nawet gdy pada deszcz, bo boisko jest pod wiatą. Czasem do północy i nikomu to tutaj nie przeszkadza.
Tanie gówniane jedzenie nie jest tak bardzo wyeksponowane -- dział z daniami na wynos w Tesku przypomina raczej bar sałatkowy i wszystko jest świeże, tanie i zdrowe. No owszem, dalej można kupić pizze ze smalcem, ale trzeba się po nią (jak i po słodycze) fatygować na drugi koniec sklepu, więc jest szansa, że z lenistwa weźmiesz coś mniej szkodliwego. Co prawda, popularnego w Polsce i w Skandynawii pieczywa chrupkiego (knekkebrød) nie znalazłem nawet w najbardziej hipsterskim spożywczaku (czyli Marks and Spenser Delicate Food), ale jak się poszuka to można trafić (w jednej z sieci "wszystko za funta"). Mają tu za to 'breakfast biscuits', rodzaj niesłodkich brykietów z płatków śniadaniowych, całkiem fajny pomysł na przekąskę.
Alkohol drogo w przeliczeniu na złotówki, za to bajecznie tani według miejscowych realiów. Za to fajki sprzedaje się spod lady -- chwilkę musiałem się przyczaić, zanim odkryłem skąd ludzie tu biorą palenie. Bo tajniaczą się jak w sex-szopie. Nawet jak pani z obsługi niosła dwa wagony z magazynu na stoisko, to trzymała je pod marynarka, jak kontrabandę. Musisz wiedzieć, co chcesz kupić, jaką markę, cena na żądanie, więc nie powiem, ile kosztuje paczka. Plus jeszcze do tego dość konsekwentnie ścigane przez policję i ochroniarzy zakazy palenia.
Chciało by się zapytać "A kiedy u nas"? No, boiska i place zabaw za brukselki z programu Orlik już mamy, brak tylko chęci do korzystania z nich. Zaś co do pomysłu na sprzedawanie fajek spod lady -- moja wyobraźnia jest za mała, żeby choćby wstępnie oszacować rozmiar histerii, który może ogarnąć naszych rodaków-cebulaków, gdyby ogłoszono taki pomysł.
A wracając do przemian w UK -- niech jeszcze coś zrobią z gównianymi przetworami mięsnymi, bo jak się tu przyjedzie, to lepiej zostać vege.

relaye BBC-One:

2014-08-27 (35we) Almost finished

[16:06] I'm thinking about it, how do I get home Tomorrow. Day is rather slow, but here is quite a lot work to do. I mean: paperwork for my usual job. Today seems to be the last moment to do something useful. Then in the evening, I'll be only packing my trunk.
=> I'm so tired... This six weeks were intense.

2014-08-28 (35Th) Finished

[09:23] Shame on me, that I didn't phone home on Tuesday, shame indeed -- I should have stayed in obscure corner at work, connect to wired network and hang on the phone, until my ears pop off. I've just talked with Elmyra, and she had some more requests. No big deal, but now I'm a bit off, that I can't make her happier.
=> I'm leaving this circus and going home.

Ulubieńcy wyjazdu do Basingstoke

# Hummus (from Tesko Everyday Value series) -- hummus jest pyszny, można go jeść do wszystkiego, do czipsów, do kojonych warzyw, do sucharów. Ten z Tesko dobrze znosi trzymanie poza lodówka, dopóki jest nieotwarty. Idealne drugie śniadanie. Polecam również różne odmiany smakowe.
# Wheat bisquits (from Tesko Everyday Value series) -- coś, co zobaczyłem tutaj po raz pierwszy: rodzaj brykietu z płatków, występuje w kilku odmianach, ale te najtańsze są chyba najlepsze, bo są bez cukru i bez dodatków, więc można je jeść nie tylko z mlekiem, ale np. z zupą pomidorową albo z dipami do czipsów.
# napój energetyczny KX o smaku imbiru -- no co tu dłużej gadać: po prostu dopalacz, który jeszcze pali. Ostry, pieprzowy smak i solidna dawka kofeiny. Wersja z cukrem i z aspartamem. Ja wole ten z cukrem, zamiast kawy do drugiego śniadania.
# skarpetki i gacie z mikrofibry -- starczą ci dwie pary na miesiąc pobytu. Spierają się przy minimum wysiłku bez śladu i szybko schną. Dodatkowo: skarpetki możesz założyć na dłonie i po wypraniu ich samemu się nimi umyć pod prysznicem.
# Piwo Newcastle Brown Ale -- Ciemne i gęste, ale nie za ciemne i nie za gęste. Czuć chmiel i lekko owocowe nuty z fuzlowych alkoholi. Całkiem tanie i jako jedyne nadawało się do picia w temperaturze pokojowej (brak minibaru w pokoju, pamiętacie?). Szkoda, że mało dostępne w Polsce, mimo, że Heineken sprzedaje te markę również masowo w USA, Holandii i Niemczech.
# Cider Scrumpy Jack -- A gdy upał był taki, że trudno wytrzymać, lepszy od piwa jest cider. Scrumpy Jack jest wytrawny i mocny, 6%v. Robią go z jakiejś specjalnej odmiany jabłek, więc jest cierpki, lekko kwaskowaty ale tez bardzo aromatyczny. Nie gustuję w cydrach, może dla tego, że w Polsce ze względu na brak regulacji prawnych, często pod tą nazwą można spotkać po prostu piwo z sokiem jabłkowym, co jest zbyt słodkie i niesmaczne. Ale tego gościa polubiłem..
# marchewka krojona z Tesko -- podstawowy produkt do jedzenia z hummusem. Czasem zamiast marchewki udawało mi się złowić jakąś fajną mieszankę warzyw przekąskowych na przecenie, ale głównie to żarłem to.
# Jeżyny prosto z krzaka -- jeżyny rosną tu jak chwast w każdym żywopłocie. A że był akurat Sierpień, więc wszystkie krzaki miały owoce. A ponieważ miejscowi ich nie dotykają, wystarczyło tylko poczekać aż całkiem dojrzeją. Nie jestem znawcą, ale mój niećwiczony język wykrył, że rosną tu dwie odmiany.
# Паста теймурова -- Ponieważ lubię wszędzie chodzić na piechotę, a żeby było wygodnie zakładam na wyprawę dodatkową parę wełnianych skarpet, poza tym hotel ma basen, z którego (skoro za darmo) wstyd by było nie skorzystać, nietrudno się domyślić, co mogło by mnie czekać w trzydziestostopniowym upale. Dla tego był ze mną przyjaciel piechura i pielgrzyma w małym słoiczku. Niestety, żeby kupić to cudo trzeba się pofatygować do kacapów albo na Ukrainę.
# "Doctror Who" season 2014, Torchwood "The miracle day" i "Red Dwarf" -- oprócz jedzenia i zdrowia somatycznego, ważne jest tez dobre samopoczucie i strawa duchowa -- a tej dostarczyły mi seriale. O premierze Doktora internety i telewizja trąbiły już od dnia mojego przyjazdu. Całkiem dobrze się stało, że zostałem o tydzień dłużej, bo przynajmniej obejrzałem pierwszy odcinek na żywo. Torchwood przegapiłem w 2011, więc postanowiłem nadrobić zaległości. Twórcy serialu raczej już nie wrócą do wesołych gonitw za kosmitami po całym Cardiff i okolicy -- seria "Miracle day" kontynuuje konwencję znaną z "Children of the Earth", tym razem jednak na jeszcze większą skalę. Pointa straszna i dołująca (nie zdradzę, żeby nie psuć zabawy tym, co nie widzieli). No a po takim przeżyciu potrzebowałem durnowatej rozrywki, więc "Czerwony Karzeł", od początku, od pierwszego sezonu. Klasyk.

Dobrzy kumple -- pomogli mi przetrwać to, co miałem zamiast wakacji.

2014-08-29 (35Fr) Short stop before we go

[09:09] I was stuck at Heathrow airport, my plane being delayed four hours. But all bad feelings peeled off, when I arrived home and got first hug with Elmyra. Now we have repacked and will go to South, to my In-Laws place to pick up our daughter.

2014-08-30 (35Sa) Slow day

[23:59] The trip was quite good. There is still lots of spilled fuel in the Танк trunk. I've broken Wildcat's chair. We've meet with The Hogs. We've visited the newly married (detail unimportant). Little Eve was all delighted to see us. I've got two nice pairs of trousers in charity shop.

2014-08-31 (35Su) Back home

[20:50] Tomorrow I go to work, little Eve back to Kindergarten. The journey home was quite good. House needs tidying up.

2014-09-01 (36Mo) Back at own desk

[12:46] Not much changed at the Company. There were however some changes in landscape: one of the main streets in our town is closed for renovation, the same is with one of the main crossings on my way to work, so riding bike to the office may be not possible this Autumn. Some serious talk, some strong resolutions, some promise and already some exceptions. Change will be tough, but our household, our relationship and our well-being is in disrepair, change is necessary and we both agreed to make it.
=> Elmyra's laptop broke -- nothing serious, only charger plug not giving proper electrical contact -- but annoying, as the device turned to be stationary and unmovable -- to charge properly it needs to be secured in one place with cable bent specially to press against receptacle. This computer is still on warranty and additionally it is insured from damage, so I believe there will be no problem with replacement, the question is: how long it may take.

2014-09-02 (36Tu) Just after first day

[11:25] Eve's Kindergarten has new building and new address, and she likes it, although she said, that she wants to visit the old place for the last time. This may be impossible, because the street is closed for renovation. I've somehow survived first day at work and first day at home. As agreed, I try to keep the kitchen clean and tidy, no dirty dishes left in the sink etc. Today girls are cooking minced-meat-and-tomato soup, while I'm attacking the ironing and prepare hummus.
=> Today some people in the office have seen me hanging on the net within business hours. I need to be more careful. I also want to ride my bike to work tomorrow -- I need to figure out, though, how to handle the seat and whether Elmyra will pick-up Eve in the afternoon.

2014-09-03 (36We) Got up with the left leg

[13:04] Yesterday little Eve went to sleep way too late, today she had some problems with getting up, moreover: she vigorously argued with me over what she should wear. It's another day, when I'm unable to ride my bike to work.
=> I did nothing useful Yesterday, sans maybe cooking the chickpeas for hummus -- the shopping and then preparing dinner took too long. Today has to be different: I've asked Sister-Student to take little Eve to play outside, while I'm about to do some haushalt and ironing. This weekend we plan to go to the bungalow at the river, and because of that, our home needs to be tidied up earlier. And I still need to go to the City to pick-up my passport. But when? Maybe on Tuesday.
=> I wonder, when will they replace my laptop with new one.

2014-09-04 (36Th) In the saddle again

[08:07] Today Little Eve did not go to Kindergarten -- she's attending the Chocolate day in the City with Elmyra, who has one-day vacation. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I've ridden to work on my bicycle. This was not so easy, as it sounds, because my usual route is all dug through because of massive road construction works all over our neighbourhood. Today I've taken one shorter, but more dangerous route. I can't report about trip time and average speed, because I've forgotten to reset the trip counter before I've ridden, but I have feeling I've been pretty slow today. And I've lost all my baseball hats, it was quite inconvenient to ride my bike against sun shining straight into my eyes -- the beak helps a lot.
=> Yesterday I've prepared hummus: the recipe seems to be right, although the final product seems a bit too thick -- but this maybe because I've used steamed chickpeas instead of boiled ones, and they absorbed some water in final mix. For my taste, it might use a bit more lemon juice, but other family members said, it is just perfect. Proportion was: dry chickpeas 250cm3(soaked overnight in potash solution and cooked 40min in pressure steamer), tahin 1-1.5 tbsp, oil 100cm3, salt 0.5 tsp, some pepper, two cloves pressed fresh garlic, ice-cold water 260cm3. Next step will be preparing mayonnaise without eggs (out of sunflower seeds), there are some recipes at [].

[10:43] Epic fail: Elmyra just phoned to say, that she asked me Yesterday evening to leave my bicycle for her, because she intends to go to the local market to carry some heavy containers. Also, I should be home today as early as possible, because the house needs cleaning before we depart tomorrow to celebrate end of summer vacations. Tough piece, but can be managed. Elmyra finally decided to drive the Танк, and she did well.

2014-09-05 (36Fr) Bam bam szłizz, rozjebałę, taniec zwycięstwa

[10:55] One thing accomplished: I've repaired broken tablet. The digitizer glass wasn't perfect, had some scratches, but I'm sick of sending it back and forth to China, so when I've checked, whether it works with my unit, I've just mounted it. One last step: to attach protective sheet in front of digitizer: if the glass breaks again, at least it will not expose sharp edges, and the device will be still usable. On the other hand, I've acquired cheaply one of the low-grade tablets. Neat little thing with resistive touch screen and quite straightforward easy to understand electronics inside. Brand is insignificant, but on the chassis it is marked "M7205", and using this designation, I've found out, this is Chinese industrial standard and there is lots of data on it, down to detailed schematics and software development kits. First thing should be of course to root the system and clean-up runtime environment, because I've noticed, this machine has very limited operating memory and most of the more sophisticated applications (including QuickOffice and Facebook mobile) tend to hang up, while system starts with things like weather forecast and GSM stack -- which are not needed.
=> Speaking of GSM: Elmyra had a good idea, to finally agree to sign one of the frame contracts for digital TV, mobiles and Internet. I didn't want LTE, because of transfer limits, poor uplink and long lags -- but when there are significant savings in sight, I may trade these two or three times every year, when I need to work from home. Research on detail I delegate on Elmyra, because it was her idea.
=> Little Eve did wake up without delay today and there was no misunderstanding on the way.

2014-09-06 (36Sa) Bonfire

[23:13] On Friday it was all slow, Elmyra was in bad mood, we've departed an hour later than we've planned. I've met Rondel and his family on site. We've got boozed.
=> Today one totally dry tree has fallen, so we've cut it in not so small logs, have constructed a well on the fireplace and attempted to burn four big boxes of paper. We've also have collected some wood from river bank -- anyway, bonfire was the main topic. We've got music, we've danced (mostly me and Do.).

2014-09-07 (36Su) Stench

[23:59] I've waken up early (for my standards -- usually I get up at bungalow somewhere after 1400CET). I've also washed the lining in trunk of the Танк, so it is no more stinking of diesel fuel. New idea for recipe: garlic soup, very tasty.

2014-09-08 (37Mo) To work

[10:55] Sister-Student is on exam today. Her spirits are low, she is very afraid -- although, not all lost: this subject can be also passed after practical exercises.
I've ridden my bicycle to work, but my trip time was horrible. Additionally, the air escaped from front tyre. Today in LIDL they have seasonal clearance for bicycle gear, Elmyra wants to do some shopping.

2014-09-09 (37Tu) Pants, spat and passport

[15:00] Yesterday was dense, there was smell of divorce in the air. But now the emotion faded. Yesterday little Eve didn't put on underpants under the leggins -- I don't know when and how she did that. Today I was to the City to receive my passport. My God! How ugly is my photo! But at least it is done and ready to use. I wonder, where exactly the chip with biometric data is located.

2014-09-10 (37We) But how?

[12:47] Yesterday evening it was a failure: I've spent two hours on cooking and there was absolutely no time for house maintenance. The pile of laundry starts to from its own gravity field -- I promise myself each day to reduce it, but then I'm focusing on something else. And I don't have audio-books to listen.
=> I've submitted expense report for my trip to England. I wonder, how long it will take for the bookkeeper to process.

2014-09-11 (37Th) Żwirkę i Wigurę pomścimy

[16:00] Yesterday I've only repaired my bicycle, nothing worth mentioning has been tidied at home. Elmyra is not quite satisfied with the way our tablet works now, I should seek for touch sensor calibration software.
=> something wrong with our system -- I can't schedule vacation for December.

2014-09-11 (37Fr) Миру - мир a Путину - пиздец

[13:26] So, they prepare to attack Poland. I only wish, all the responsible person got struck by sudden deep understanding and remorse, so they barely can live with themselves.
=> I think, we have some unspoken agreement with Little Eve -- last few days were very good, she behaved nicely, she was going to bed at decent time, she was getting up without major trouble, also nothing bad was reported from the Kindergarten. Main challenge may be tomorrow -- my girls are on trip to another town while I stay home to tidy up a bit. Speaking of tidying up: I've did a bit of ironing.
=> The weather is great today. And my Wife's colleague from work is dropping with a visit.
=>Try this:

2014-09-13 (37Sa) High Tide

[07:14] I couldn't sleep. All unpleasant dark thoughts were running through my head. Feeling of disappointment and anger. Out of that I've got up before 0600CET and decided to start my day. I've sorted laundry and turned on the washer, only to learn that I've waken up Elmyra -- which fact she announced with lots of unnecessary anger.
All is so wrong.
Parties, I'm not invited to.
Music is only some relief.

2014-09-14 (37Su) Caught in trivial activities

[20:42] Elmyra caught some cold, she had fever in the night and today she can't stop to cough and sneeze. I've ridden my bicycle to the grocery shop, like I used to do last year. Some small accomplishments: I've assembled the chest of drawers we've bought yesterday at IKEA, hung the hanger for bath robes and I've also replaced broken lamp shade. Tomorrow, however, may be tough.

2014-09-15 (38Mo) Głupiego cholera się nie ima

[13:00] It seems, that my infection is not developing any further. Today little Eve woke up early, but prepared herself slowly, I have had quite good trip time when riding to work, but I was there a bit later, that I'd like to be. But I have no stress with that.
=> On the good news: Elmyra was buying clothes on Saturday, and she has noticed, she got two sizes skinnier. She's all happy.
=> Yesterday I've made some take-away lunches out of excess semolina we had stored all over the kitchen, yet I've forgot the proportion and it is a bit too thick. Today we'll try to prepare garlic soup.

2014-09-16 (38Tu) New Boss

[16:08] I've just had that mid-year review discussion. As expected, now is the time to start to grind money instead of tapping into any available activity.
=> Little Eve was a bit lazy to get up this morning, but then we've prepared quite quickly. I'm looking at the calendar and it reminds me, that Tank need to undergo technical check-up soon -- and by soon I mean tomorrow or day after tomorrow, while the weather is still nice and I can ride my bicycle to work.
cycki (.Y.) wagina |Y|

2014-09-17 (38We) Teacher meeting

[16:37] Today I've took Танк to work, to get some extra hours and to smell nicely when I arrive at the meeting in Kindergarten.
=> Nobody commented on FB about the National Day of Blues...

2014-09-18 (38Th) Teacher meeting aftermath

[16:16] So, not much new for me, only that some new rules are applied. We should also decide on additional courses for little Eve this year. I'm thinking of horse ridding or judo -- both help to focus.
=> Elmyra just phoned, she damaged her shoes, and hat she will be needing a lift from the train station -- this means I will not put the Танк to workshop today. I don't like to start things on Friday. And I will be needing a working car next weekend.

2014-09-19 (38Fr) First time

[16:08] This was the first time, that any of my cars passed the technical check-up without flaws -- although I know of few things, that need mechanic's attention, so it goes to the workshop anyway. I wonder, whether it be ready for next Friday. We have invitation to go to the Bungalow at the River, but I'm quite sceptic about it -- the evenings are too cold. On the other hand, we can go to the ZOO on weekend. The latter option is good also because we can split our team and I'll stay at home to tidy it up a bit. I've prepared myself lots of audio books so I can finally get rid of all the ironing.
=> Totally no idea, what to cook for dinner. Today will be something containing lots of carrots and lentils, tomorrow one big pot of pumpkin purée.

2014-09-20 (38Sa) What we did instead of the trip

[23:59] A lot of things: We've joined the Roommates on their trip to the ZOO. It was lots of fun, the kids got all tired, which was good, we've seen some obscure parts of the City, because there were many detours, and generally we've had grand day out.
In the afternoon and evening, after quick and dirty early dinner, we've teamed with Do and engaged in mass manufacture of dumplings with various fillings: minced leftover meat, buckwheat, lentils, spinach and feta cheese, sauerkraut and mushroom and one quite new experiment: stir-and-fry vegetables -- like when You make Greek-style fish (popular dish in Poland) but without fish. I believe I can make dumpling dough properly now.
=>Tomorrow will be tough to get up.

2014-09-21 (38Su) Cleanup and aftermath

[21:01] The day started a bit slow, but we've achieved some accomplishments anyway. I've reduced the pile of ironing, sorted-out the papers, scheduled payments of energy bills, made batch of hummus and swept clean the floor. I've also drag the case with archive of my CD-Rs and found the disks with comic books -- will be sending to England soon.
=> Today is the final match of the volleyball championship -- it can be heard...

2014-09-22 (39Mo) Last day of Summer, European day without car and Leonard Cohen's eightieth birthday

[09:33] On the fourteenth kilometre of my trip I've caught flat tyre in my bicycle. Epic one. But I didn't give up and made it to the office, not getting too late. Tube is all mutilated and impossible to repair -- fortunately, there's shop with bicycle parts across the street, just few steps from my office.
=> From the other news: obvious obviousness today, but after six months we'll forget it: Poland has won World Championship in men's volleyball. Beating Brazil.
=> The schedule for our Employee Appreciation Day has been published, and I may have some challenge with that, as DEPARTURE time is 0700CET.

2014-09-23 (39Tu) Blink-blank

[15:25] So, as for Yesterday: I've managed to borrow spare tube to fix flat tyre in my bicycle, thanks goodness our workshop has air compressor, this way, the longest task was to wait five minutes until the glue starts to work. Elmyra returned home late, but her hunt was fruitful -- she even took it quite light, when I told her, she may need to be late for work on Friday, because I can't lead Eve to kindergarten that day.
=> For today's dinner again the garlic soup, maybe with dumplings.

2014-09-24 (39We) Refresching morning chill

[15:27] So, it was about plus three centigrade this morning -- great opportunity to test my new bicycle pants. So, they're good, but to be worn comfortably they need suspenders. Little Eve was slow to wake-up and to go out from bed, but quite quick to get herself prepared. Good.
=> Today they switched on heating in our office -- and of course some idiots have turned the thermostat knobs up to thirty centigrade. The day will come, I'll lock all knobs with bolts and heavy-duty cement in place, set to 22°C.
=> Yesterday Elmyra asked me to withdraw some cash money from ATM, and I've learned, that both machines at our town high street cannot read my ATM card. Today I'm about to make another attempt, visiting most of (or all) ATM machines on my route home. Sounds like fun.
=> Out of other things keeping my mind busy: We had this heated discussion, when I've made my first batch of hummus, what is the origin of hummus (Levant vs. Indian cuisine). I've done some more research and came to this conclusion: The belief on the topic varies with people and depends on their first experience with hummus: those, who have eaten it in restaurant or were looking for best recipe themselves, know, that it is Israeli\Lebanon\Jordan (or Turkish) thing. Those, who were served on home party or bought it in grocery store, usually are convinced, that this is Indian\Pakistani thing, as they most probably were eating it on vegetarian or vegan party, or have seen it on a shelve between other vegan foods (most of them being of Indian origin). The truth is, that chickpeas do not grow in wild state anywhere east from Caucasus, so the answer is rather straightforward: Levant is the homeland of hummus -- and the ever-lasting flamewar, on the topic whether it is Israeli of Jordan or Palestinian invention, is insignificant.

2014-09-25 (39Th) Like Friday, but it's on Thursday

[16:01] Today we've departed way too early, but this mostly because we all went to sleep quite early Yesterday. It was not so chilly as Yesterday, but still quite cold, however my new riding gear does its work: I can't complain for being cold.
=> Speaking of Yesterday: I was phoned by by Mum -- the case was choice of anti-virus software for her new laptop: they gave her a three-months trial version of something, which is now asking every now and then for buying license. Since I didn't maintain a VVindow$ machine for ages, my knowledge in this matter is heavily outdated. Quick research on Google only confirmed, that I know nothing. My advice was to stick with what was already installed, because it is cheap.
=> Last evening I've also have had chit-chat with the Wildcat. She made one nice drawing of a girl in dynamic pose.
=> Today for dinner -- buritos. With fried chicken instead of roast beef and lentils instead of bean paste, but still: a tasty thing full of protein.

2014-09-26 (39Fr) Party

[23:59] Today I couldn't sleep in the night, have waken up long before my alarm clock, all excited about the day. I've prepared the car, picked up some friends on my way and arrived on time at the gathering point. We've departed on time, however we have had some delay on our way. First stop was the famous castle of Teutonic Knights (where we have had lunch and three hours tour), then we've arrived at the hotel, have had dinner, conference and then we've hit the dance floor. Party was great. At about 0200CET our lease to the conference room expired, so most of the party went to the city to search for another place to continue. We've asked on the street and we've found one, named YOLO which was located on the first floor above Biedronka shop... I didn't dare to come in, returned to hotel to have goodnight sleep.

2014-09-27 (39Sa) Afterparty

[22:00] So, I've rested a bit, but when I've waken up, I've remembered, why I should not drink wine. At the breakfast I've learned, that people were afraid I may get lost on my way. Moreover -- I was looking like walking dead, so my friends were all concerned, whether I'll be able to drive home from the gathering point. But I have had some hours sleep in the bus, so nothing bad happened. When I've arrived in our town I've picked up my girls and Sister-Student from the station. At home I've just washed myself and went to sleep.

2014-09-28 (39Su) Big move

[20:19] For today we've scheduled moving all boxes and bags to Sister Student's new room. I only hope, that we will not waste too much time on that. Elmyra wants to visit shopping centre afterwards, which may be troublesome, as we've run out of money this week.
=> Moving action was a success, I've also have met with younger Brother-in-law and he was talking all about his vacation trip to Albania. We've also got acquainted with Sister-Student's new neighbours.

2014-09-29 (40Mo) Career development

[16:40] All day training. Scarce short breaks. Very good trip time this morning.

2014-09-30 (40Tu) Drowning in tar pit

[11:00] I'm in bad mood. Yesterday we've run out of anything to eat so I needed to go fetch some groceries in local store. In the meantime, Elmyra failed to spend time properly with little Eve. This and that, one word here one there and my balance is ruined. Sun shines black -- It is this time of the year, when I start to take my pill.
=> My trip time on bicycle is quite good however. Yet -- I would keenly be fat and with eternal heartburn if I could have also the energy and optimism I had in 2004. Why live when life is worthless?

[14:48] So, everything goes better, when You have task and deadline -- focus is the key factor. I have work, so I can sanitize my brain, flush unwanted (even if necessary) thoughts. Big talk postponed to later.

2014-10-01 (40We) Wet

[15:43] In the night our Daughter woke up with acute stomach ache -- but it seems, just drinking some water and using the toilet helped -- in the morning, at usual get-up hour she crawled from bed and prepared herself flawlessly. Speaking of crawling from bed: Elmyra's phone got totally discharged overnight and her alarm clock didn't do its job as expected, because of that she was waken up by me at mine alarm (0550CET), about forty minutes later, than usual. One can only imagine, how she was speeding to catch her train at 0615CET -- but it all ended in success. I didn't have so much luck: I was caught by rain on my way. Bad news is, I didn't protect my bicycle basket against falling water, so I caught some excess moisture; no major damage to data or equipment occurred.
=> Today also we have a new member to the team -- Didn't see the guy yet.
=> And now for some history lessons: Exactly ten years from Yesterday, on 2004-09-30, an individual named Burt Rutan sent first private spaceship into space; and then resent it there two weeks later. We've all expected, than in ten years a new huge market for private space tourism will emerge -- but nothing like this happened. But Burt is a genius. Period. He may have become unpopular after he openly criticised idea of man-made global-warming, but in my opinion, he just said king is naked and all the hoax needs to be cut at once.

2014-10-02 (40Th) Dry

[15:00] The weather is getting better, albeit colder. My trip time today was not astonishing, but still quite good. Little Eve woke up without too much trouble. The only flaws I can list are associated with Elmyra -- but not much can be done about it.

2014-10-03 (40Fr) spending money

[14:13] Today we go to the bungalow at the river to close the barbecue season. Eating and boozing off are main points in the schedule. Mornings are beginning to be quite cold, I believe I've seen frost on cars' windshields today at 0600CET. I didn't get cold when riding my bicycle to work, but I could use something for my feet.
=> I've forgot to cook buckwheat for tomorrow's dinner -- no pancakes. Today is very slow day, I just can't get required information to continue.
=> I've just had this idea, that we may start to think about Christmas gifts already. I know for certain, I want new soldering iron, as the old one broke (cable is burnt and molten). I'm thinking about something nice for our daughter. And something for Elmyra.

2014-10-04 (40Sa) Bungalow

[23:00] Yesterday we've packed ourselves very quickly, departed early, but spent two hours in traffic jam. We were not in a mood to party, so just prepared late dinner and have had some slow beers when sitting around the fireplace. Today we've woke up early -- or rather were forced out of bed by my daughter. It was rather chilly, but bearable -- I mean, one could take a leak outside without it being unpleasant. I've took a nap in the non, and in the meantime some of our friends joined. And there was lot of fun. We've cut one dead tree and prepared big bonfire. I was the last to go to sleep and it was mere 2245CET

2014-10-05 (40Su) Cold

[22:33] Today we've contained our little storm, so she didn't wake up all people, even if she got up at 0600CET. The bungalow owner dropped in with a visit, we've barbecued, then departed home early, because we've expected huge traffic jams. All was fine, only the brakes in my car went bad, almost no drag, last few miles I drove at 30km/h.

2014-10-06 (41Mo) Repairs

[10:00] Brakes in the Танк are dead -- this needs immediate attention. Also the boiler refused to cooperate. And there is the Волга with broken starter still not touched. Today I have strong urge to address all three of these.

[20:00] The Танк was put to the workshop as desired, the boiler underwent major maintenance and is now working as new. I've got some spat with Elmyra over noting important, but we're cool now. I wanted to take 'work from home' but I cannot contact my boss. On the other hand, I've found another, more safe, route to my work, so maybe there's no need to do that.

2014-10-07 (41Tu) День Раждения Путина

[16:10] Dear Vladimir! -- I wish You remorse and regret but also long live to have a chance to atone for sins.
=> Yesterday I've explored the land a bit and found out one little passage, that allows me to ride bicycle the usual route, not exposing my butt to careless lorry drivers on bent narrow local road. Today I have had quite good trip time, although we've departed late from home and it was quite hard to be at company gates before 0800CET. Out of the other news: Yesterday I've lost my hat, blown away by lorry passing a bit too near.
=> My sister figured out some nice gift for our mother and asked us to prepare some nice keepsake. I wonder, what it could be. One of ideas is to start with empty picture frame and then to fill it with things (in 3D). Where to get a frame, though...

2014-10-08 (41We) No idea

[16:19] As I wrote Yesterday, We were asked to prepare some nice addendum to the gift for my Mother, but we are out of ideas, what it may be. First of all, I didn't know until recently, which birthday it is...
=> Now for something completely different: On Monday evening, when Elmyra opened window, to get some fresh air, a little bat flew onto our dining room and hid behind the refrigerator. Yesterday evening, when we've turned off the lights, it crawled out and started to fly around the room. We caught it and released outside.

2014-10-09 (41Th) Another trip

[15:36] I was proposed to go for another business trip, in fact two of them. On one hand, I like to go, on the other I wonder, how will Elmyra manage herself.
=> I believe, I now know the right proportion to make chocolate sauce for sweet puddings: ½glass milk, ½glass sugar, ¼brick butter(55-65g), ½glass cocoa powder, ½bar dark chocolate (50g). Method as usual, but let the milk with sugar boil for a moment, so the Maillard reaction can kick off.
=> Yesterday was all wasted -- the only one useful thing I've done was receiving the Танк from repair shop (€155,-). And maybe sweet-talking little Eve into doing her homework also counts. What annoys me, is the pile of laundry awaiting ironing, that started to grow again in the corner.

2014-10-10 (41Fr) Not as planned

[23:50] We've got up late, mostly because we've been preparing until late night. Additionally, the power went out at about 0800CET and I've been told, the blackout will continue until 1700CET... Driving was a nightmare. We arrived late and got laughed at for being slow.

2014-10-11 (41Sa) Birthday party

[23:59] As yesterday we were entertaining ourselves at the dinner, we needed (Elmyra did that, I've helped only a little) to finish all the thing with the present for my Mother. At the party I was given a seat far away from my Wife, then after that it revealed, I should have been not there... Elmyra generally had bad trip, because my sister was rude for her. My experience was a bit better, as I was deep into conversation with my Mother's friends, whom I didn't seen for ages. As usual, best party was the afterparty.

2014-10-12 (41Su) On our way home

[19:00] I've repaired both Father's computers, one of which required replacement for the power supply, the other was jammed with viruses.
=> Because of unbalanced wheels, I was forced to drive very slow, so the trip was longer than usual. We talked, and Elmyra said, how my sister behaved at the restaurant. Not nice. Now we are home.

2014-10-13 (42Mo) Fog

[16:00] I've driven the Танк to work, to have a chance to fix it. The land in the morning was all covered in thick fog, driving was a bit tricky. At the office -- disturbing news again: structure is changing and they say, they may not need all the people. Will see. I can only say, I'm all afraid.

2014-10-14 (42Tu) Dzień Nauczyciela

[09:00] The Танк is repaired (5€,-). Elmyra will be staying longer at work. On Thursday there is party at the Kindergarten, on Friday my girls stay home and on Saturday we go for a family event at my work, to help our friends, the game keepers of the nearby forest.

2014-10-15 (42We) No bad news

[15:50] Quite good trip times lately, considering the road works and detours. I dare say, taking a car to work gains only about ten minutes of travel time. Little Eve behaved very well yesterday in the Kindergarten, she also didn't moon-walk in the night. Elmyra had hard times with her injured foot. I may want to talk to all the people about family day at the forest this Saturday. Busy week, next one will be even busier. Tomorrow I'm driving the Танк to work, to be on time for the party in Kindergarten.
=> Of the small fails in the life: First, I've somehow broke my phone, as it is not responding to the power button -- fortunately, it is stuck in "ON" state, after removing battery and re-assembling it turns on automatically. I wonder, what can be done about it, did some research on the Internets, but none of the solutions is really up to my standards. On the other hand, these machines are cheap, so in worst case I'll do 100% replacement.
The other annoying thing was flight ticket reservation -- I'm flying to Client in two weeks, so wanted to book my flight. Yesterday our corporate portal was down, so I've just checked the prices directly on the WWW. Today I wanted to make the purchase and found out in grave surprise, that our "convenient and cheap" service is actually 60% more expensive, than the offer for laymen... Most probably I'll ask for permission to buy tickets outside the corporate system.

2014-10-16 (42Th) One day off tomorrow

[15:45] On Friday I'm working from home. And I know now, that I go to Germany for whole week.
Today little Eve had very good morning, she woke up without problems and prepared flawlessly. She asked, looking through the Танк windshield: "Is this the famous Autumn Grey?"... Indeed, the morning was gloomy, moody and cold -- yet not really depressing, as we were looking forward for today's party in the afternoon.
=> Roommate's Wife is not joining us in the forest on Saturday. But Sister-Student is coming and we intend to have good time. I've volunteered to transport some of the equipment.

[21:45] Elmyra didn't make it to the party place. The event was, how to say it, almost intimate atmosphere -- half of the children are suffering first wave of autumn flu. Little Eve danced at the performance, then partied a bit with her friends, at about 1800CET I've tricked her to go home, but this only to change clothes and go shopping, as there is scarcely anything to eat in the fridge.

2014-10-17 (42Fr) Home Office

[08:30] Not so bad so far, but never praise the day before sunset.

[16:48] My girls went to the shopping mall and vanished there for three hours. The work-from-home event was prosperous and effective. Now I'm preparing buckwheat pancakes for Tomorrow's family day.

2014-10-18 (42Sa) Mission day in the Forest

[22:00] Now, after one slow beer consumed to quite entertaining TV show I can report, what happened: We've all waken up at various times, but we've meet at breakfast at 0900CET. We've departed only slightly delayed, was at gathering point on time. Picking up garbage in the forest was a bit more challenging, than last year, because there was not so much trash. We've also didn't find anything funny. There was however lot of fun at the unofficial part at the bonfire. Afternoon was wasted at the shopping centre.

2014-10-19 (42Su) Kitchen time

[16:30] Three new recipes on my cookbook at []. Today was spent on cooking: pancakes, hummus, cucumber pickle soup, kale-and-meat, French horns with spinach and feta cheese, and then pumpkin-and-carrot cake. Lots of eating.
=> One of the experiments: chickpeas pre-cooked and saved for later, so making hummus is easy and quick.

2014-10-21 (43Mo) Bad start

[12:33] This week starts ugly: I have had terrible headache in the night, most probably I've caught sinus inflammation. I don't know, how about my trip time and average speed, because I've forgot to reset the counter before I've started. I can't even use basic mathematics to calculate, because Elmyra was using my bike on weekend and I don't know how long was her route and what was average speed. I only hope, that this is the case of "Everything beautiful is born in pain".

[16:07] It is raining in the City. Here we have had quick storm, but now the Sun is shining like crazy.
Random notes: [DVBBS - We Were Young] [Aphex Twin] [Awolnation - Sail]

2014-10-21 (43Tu) ?

[13:04] Yesterday little Eve didn't want to go to sleep, it ended in crying. Today in the morning she was slow to get up, but then we've prepared without unnecessary delay and I even managed to have quite good trip time... Speaking of bicycle ride: I was caught by drizzle, so when I've stopped to cover my trunk I've realized in horror, that I've left my oilskin at home. If I get caught by heavy rain in the afternoon, I won't return home in dry state.
=> Tomorrow there is some event with external guests at our office.
=>I think, I've killed my phone, by means of hardware. At least I know, That settings and installed applications can be restored after hard reset simply by using OviRestore. Funny thing: it behaves, as if the power button was constantly pressed on. And it would be not a big issue (only that quick menu for choosing sound profile is unavailable); but what makes the phone onerous to use is, that it is not constantly pressed on: the short circuit opens at random, causing the phone to turn off without warning. I've found one workaround: it doesn't do the thing if keypad is locked. Next attempt: disassemble and general clean-up.

2014-10-22 (43We) Extremely busy

[16:25] Today was something thick. My phone returned to normal, although I'm still a bit cautious -- I keep it dry. I've slept quite badly in the night, being haunted by severe fits of cough -- time for some advanced chemistry.
=> And now, funny and scary, but still funny story about out little Eve: Yesterday we've decided to go shopping, so we all dressed in warm jackets, our Eve too, she wanted to close the zipper, so she went to the furthest and darkest corner of the room, and then hit her forehead against corner of the wardrobe...

2014-10-23 (43Th) Sudden chill

[16:30]It was cold in the morning.

2014-10-24 (43Fr) Suddenly frozen

[11:53] First frost this year. Time to crop the sloes. Unfortunately, I didn't test my winter gear for bicycle, because today I need to transport a lot of equipment, thus have taken the Танк to carry it all. Little Eve has waken up without whining and got prepared extremely fast today -- although we have had some argument about wearing a cotton vest underneath the blouse. Today I need to eat all leftovers from the fridge to not leave anything that may rot and decompose for the week, when I'm out.

2014-10-25 (43Sa) Sunny and happy

[22:30] We've waken up quite late, because on Friday night we've been visiting Do and helping her to sort out all the mess left after her mother died. We have had some drinks but had rather moderate fun, as some of the documents were bringing bad memories or dark thoughts. Anyway: today Elmyra wanted to go shopping, but I've said, we'll go, after we tidy up the house, as usually when we return from shopping centre, we're already so exhausted, that nothing gets done. So we did like this, then visited nearby town. We've spent there some time, have bought shoe stand and some groceries. In the evening we've put little Eve to sleep early, because the night had to be the good-bye night before I go to Germany for a week.

2014-10-26 (43Su) Gloomy and nervous

[23:45] Already in Hotel. It is decent, I think -- will see at the breakfast. But to put things in order: we've waken up quite early, this time Elmyra was up first, but maybe because she was waken up by Little Eve. I've prepared breakfast, did some laundry and ironing, washed the bicycle, packed my case and was all nervous for half of the day. Elmyra was a bit gloomy, because of the weather, even if last night did cheer her up (I do not dare to imagine, what would be on the normal day). I've ordered a taxi and went to the Airport. When I've crossed the border control, I've realized, that I didn't leave car documents at home, and that I've forgot to take data cable for my phone. The flights were not delayed, I've arrived at the destination airport on time (although the journey was quite long, because I had one stop in between). The taxi driver was not very happy, that I'm paying with credit card. And as for hotel -- nice, that they gave ma ticket for internet access without asking, nice, that I'm on the same floor as sauna and swimming pool (I don't have swimming shorts though), nice, that they give slippers and bathrobe, nice that I have both kettle and mnibar.

2014-10-27 (44Mo) Day One

[21:34] I've meet my contact in hotel's lobby, we've went there, did our stuff, also we have had a lunch in company's canteen in the middle of all that, then we've returned home at about 1840CET, my contact invited me for dinner, but I declined: I needed to buy some small things, get cash money (they don't accept electronic payments here as widely as in Poland) and I wanted to eat real türkish kebap. So, I've learned, my own credit card is blocked. I've phoned them lazy bums at the bank, and it revealed, I was late one day with some payment. Stupid. I've pushed a transfer and we'll see, what happens.

2014-10-28 (44Tu) Day Two

[07:51] So, next day full of challenges. Will see.

[22:30] One of the engineers took us for a little tour through the city. Here, the biggest employer is the Catholic Church -- they have own schools, bank etc. Here is the headquarters of a company, that governs church on all eastern Europe.. Here was one of the residences of Charlemagne, here is the most northern Roman-style church built by Italians. Quite piece of history. And the springs. Springs everywhere.

2014-10-29 (44We) Day three

[17:00] Never praise the day before sunset, they say. Spurious results. Rework. People doing night shifts. I hate MS Word and the way one needs to use mouse for everything. And I have lots of paperwork to do.

[20:59] Just a moment ago I've visited sauna in my hotel. People here use proper sauna etiquette and go inside naked, although they behave decent not exposing nudity. There is a bathtub with cold water for dipping afterwards and so called fresh air room to cool down. I'll try again tomorrow morning -- unfortunately today my phone discharged and I couldn't read a book -- otherwise I'd spend there hours.

2014-10-30 (44Th) Day four

[11:00] This evening I've spent proper three sessions in sauna. I was prepared: took a book for reading and bottle of water to drink. It took me a while, so I was the last to leave -- I couldn't deny myself the forbidden pleasure of skinny dipping in the swimming pool. Today also Elmyra phoned, as she begun to miss me a bit -- it is tough survival at home, with the train service not functioning, but my girls can manage it, even if they not enjoy it. I miss them too. Tomorrow I'll try to shop for souvenirs.

2014-10-31 (44Fr) Day Five

[22:12] Today we've finished work somewhere around 1400CET, so I was able to go to the town and search for that shop, to get things from my Wife's list. I've also asked the Turks in kebap shop, where to get hummus -- and I've found that little shop, but they didn't have fresh-made hummus, only canned one -- and that was really bad. Now I'm just resting and reading a book.

2014-11-01 (44Sa) Return

[23:00] I've waken up at 0600CET and realized, this is not only Saturday, but also All-Saints, so everything is working as on Sunday -- the same goes for the hotel's restaurant. So, I was all afraid, whether I can get to the airport on time. But I've made it. First flight was OK, the three hours at the Munich airport I've lazily spent on drinking coffee and reading the book -- For a brief moment I've considered to go to the city and explore (never have been to Munich), but it was a bit too far for few hours. Flight to Poland was delayed a bit, but all in all only 40 minutes -- not as last time, when I was returning from UK. My girls were very excited to see me -- I too missed them a lot.

2014-11-02 (44Su) A present for mother in law

[16:30] We went to the shop, found what we wanted, but we need to wait a bit for the item to be transferred from other storage location. We have had mini-buritos for lunch. Now Sister-Student is so kind to do the ironing. And for dinner -- pumpkin leço.

2014-11-03 (45Mo) Crawl from under the pile

[16:05] I've driven the Танк to work, as there was too much stuff to carry (laptop, camera, calliper and the like). I'm finishing technical paperwork -- the expense statement may need to wait, until I get receipt confirmation.
=> I'm struggling with paperwork, being attacked by sudden fits of stupor and sleepiness -- just can't make my brain work. In the afternoon I'll be most probably all cheerful and energetic to utmost annoyance of my family members... I need to set back my sleeping cycle: today my alarm clock rung an hour too early (I've switched it off when I was leaving last week, but forgot to set it to actual time after switching from DST to natural), this most probably ruined my day. Tomorrow I'm riding my bicycle to work, I need some more oxygen. And I'm back into reading books instead of watching Internets.

2014-11-04 (45Tu) Crap

[16:15] I've just learned, that I'll be not attending our company's children Christmas party this year. I'm not amused.

2014-11-05 (45We) simply midweek

[16:05] Buried with work. At least the weather is good and I can ride my bike to the office. They didn't call from the shop, that they have already obtained for us the package -- a present for my Mother-in-Law; this is not good thing, as we are running out of time.
=> I'm trying to solve the challenge of going to the children's Christmas party at my company. But it seems, finding proper connection is not easy.

2014-11-06 (45Th) Bad luck

[23:59] Facebook does not work on any version of Mozilla: neither on Firefox nor SeaMonkey nor IcewWasel. I couldn't check it on latest versions (my Linux is quite outdated, FireFox at Work is prevented from being updated).
=> I've driven the Танк to work today, as there is a big parcel to pick up and some heavy things to be bought (fifteen litres of distilled water for humidifier... ).
=> I've forgot...

2014-11-07 (45Fr) Autumn

[16:06] In terms of weather -- typical Polish fall: fog, rain and low spirits. But I've ridden my bike to work anyway. I've tested slightly different route today and I like it -- much less mud. I didn't achieve astonishingly short trip time, because I've lost my cap underway and needed to turn back and pick it up.
=> On my way home I plan to visit discount shop to buy myself some snack and energy drink for Tomorrow's ride. But it may be raining...
=> Strange news are coming from Russia and I continue to feel more and more uneasy about that. Something is going to happen finally and it may be not pleasant at all.
=> As the bicycle season is nearing to the end, I may want to schedule some basic maintenance for our machines, together with planning some exercises and be more careful about what we eat -- to face next spring with dignity.

2014-11-08 (45Sa) Departure

[23:50] Sister-Student came yesterday evening. We've had plan to depart early, but in the end we've started at 1000CET. We've wasted seven hours on the road. Me, Elmyra and the Wildcat went to the shopping mall, but then Elmyra's kidneys did the thing and my Father-in-law needed to pick us up.Evening spent on relaxed chit-chat.

2014-11-09 (45Su) Visits

[23:59] I'm reading the crime story series about Kurt Wallander. It's addicting. Today we've paid some visits, first to my Wife's grand mother on the countryside, then to one of my Wife's friends. The Wildcat started her mathematics exercises.

2014-11-10 (46Mo) Hunt

[23:59] I'm reading these books far too fast. So, today we've been shopping, but nothing special found: some clothes for Little Eve in charity shop, I've dug a baseball cup for cycling. We've visited the other grandmother and then dissolved in laziness. Except maybe for the Wildcat, who was forced to continue with her math.

2014-11-11 (46Tu) Math

[22:10] Sister-Student went to the City today at 0500CET, to get prepared for Tomorrow's lectures at the University. The Wildcat is mostly done with her math, so she asked me to help with report for electronics laboratory -- but I was absolutely clueless, what was the exercise all about -- there were some tables and drawings, but the Wildcat couldn't remember anything. So, we've dropped that.
=> I've seen on TV, what those peasants did in capitol city... Shame and disgrace.

2014-11-12 (46We) Return

[21:00] So, we've returned. Getting back was tough. We've packed everything (or so we thought) and left exactly at 1000CET. We've travelled less than twenty kilometres, when Mother-in-law called, we've left something. So, we've stopped and Father-in-law brought us the missing bag. We've been at home at exactly 1600CET, quickly unpacked, then I went to Sister-Student to bring her her packs. The traffic was horrible. I've returned home quite late, at 1930CET.
Any aftermath? In the weekend I'm going to tidy up our basement.

2014-11-13 (46Th) Work!

[15:58] Too many things were postponed for later, and now I need to handle them all at once.
=> I need to find my old boots, as my feet freeze, when I'm ridding my bicycle in the morning. The problem is, that cycling shoes need to have much flexibility at ankle, which most of the winter shoes lack. I shall experiment a bit this weekend on this matter.
=> Elmyra is stuck on railroad station and can't return on time -- I'm picking up little Eve today.

2014-11-14 (46Fr) Active pastime

[15:00] Today we did some major rearrangement of our office space -- there are new hires staring soon, up to four of them.

2014-11-15 (46Sa) Family weekend

[22:00] The weather is cold and rainy, sun goes down too early, but I like late autumn because of one thing: Elmyra and me can spend the weekends together, no meeting with friends, no trips to countryside and no parties -- just us two hanging out with each other. Today we went to a town nearby to cut our hair and do some minor grocery shopping; as an extra, I've took little Eve to the swimming pool, and she was all happy because of that. We've eaten early dinner out, and when we've returned home, we just dissolved in laziness, briefly interrupted by laundry-related activities.
=> I've noticed, that new version of SKYPE is not handling sound devices properly -- only virtual device available. I guess, that system re-installation is coming closer in schedule -- say: until end of November.

2014-11-15 (46Su) Family weekend continued

[21:30] Internal day. Elmyra offered, she may dress-up to my desire, if I tidy up the house, for which I've agreed with all enthusiasm. Tomato soup for dinner. Little Eve learns to play chess. But she is too distracted to play it well. I guess, we'll start with some quicker and easier game, like checkers or Nine Men's Morris. But all in all: I'm glad, she shows interest in board games; winter comes and we may play a lot.

2014-11-17 (47Mo) Dirty tricks

[15:15] Today I wanted to ride my bicycle, but it was raining cats and dogs in the morning. And as if it was a sick joke, it stopped to rain completely just the moment I've changed to normal clothes and stepped out of the staircase. So, deal with that! At least I've did quite good trip time with the Танк by choosing off-road route: I've made it to the office within twenty-some minutes -- instead of usual forty five. I've heard the estimate of the results of the weekends voting, and I may not like it.
=> Today we have a new hire at our section. It seems, I will be mentoring him into our company.

2014-11-18 (47Tu) Sudden chill

[15:25] Today in the morning it was only plus four centigrade, but I didn't get cold on my way to work -- of course I've ridden my bicycle. Today I'm replacing my laptop to new one.

2014-11-19 (47We) New gear

[15:23] Today in the morning it was only plus two centigrade, that's why I've pulled my new jacket from the wardrobe. And it is great.
=> Today I have my laptop at the company exchanged for a new one. Some quirks need to be resolved. For example I have huge problems with installing and configuring M$ speech server to use with balabolka, it just refuses to cooperate. I should check it at home first.

2014-11-20 (47Th) Day wasted?

[14:38] The training was cancelled and rescheduled to other day. This gave me opportunity to catch-up with my work. One positive thing for today: I've discovered, that my new laptop can handle desktop on three displays at once, so I've reorganized my desk a bit and now have three screens. Awesome, but will take a while before I get used to new setup.
=> Temperature outside is pretty stable between zero and plus-two centigrade and I still go to work with my bicycle. I'm not even using the special winter trousers yet, although I've pulled my glacier-climbing jacket. I've also experimented with shoes, as my Velcro sneakers are falling apart -- and the (half decommissioned) winter boots do fine, however there is slight problem with shoelaces: takes too long to don and doff them, additionally they tangle with pedals -- on my way home (which is less time-critical than ride to the office) I will test the idea of having shoelaces untied and just hidden inside upper shoe. As most provisional solutions, this one may be the best.
=> Yesterday I've failed to do anything useful: first, it took me a bit too long to prepare dinner, so I had no energy to start ironing; second, it took me too long to check spelling on blog notes when moving to archive, so I didn't try the M$ Speech Runtime installation. Item still not resolved. I want to get at these two right today.
=> Of the other things: the Roommates called, that they want to go to the bungalow at the river to close the season this Saturday. I wonder, how to handle that, as Elmyra has other appointment already.

2014-11-21 (47Fr) Grand day!

[15:37] Yesterday I've finally had some achievements. Although I've left office about half hour later than I expected, I've managed to get home quite quickly and to attack the pile of ironing, before it was too late. I've finished «Записки Кота Шашлыка» and plan to start to "read" through my headphones the other А. Экслер book, «Записки Невесты Програмиста». Should be fun.
=> Yesterday I've noticed, I've run out of hummus for lunch (I was expecting a training session and pizza on Thursday), so I've made an experiment to produce English cheese-and-onion dip: I've blend in small food processor last few spoonfuls of hummus, one slice gouda, small piece of cheddar, few slices of onion, few spoonfuls of sour cream and some spice -- the result is surprisingly tasty -- although it would be better with chives and shallot (marinated in vinegar).
=> An idea: I may need a big pack of chocolate drink, to prepare at work, detail not important.

[23:59] Elmyra made fish for dinner, and it was delicious, then Do. dropped with a visit (mostly to ask my Wife to help with pedicure), then Sister-Student arrived and we have had some drinks. Nice evening.

2014-11-22 (47Sa) Closing the season

[23:59] Today, as planned, I went with my former Roommate to the bungalow at the River to prepare it to the winter. It took a bit less than we thought, but there was some hard work to anyway. All girls were at the time in the town nearby, hunting for something nice in second-hand shops, in fact -- I've returned home before them, so I didn't manage to wipe the floor. We've had meatloaf with steamed vegetables for dinner and then Elmyra said, we need to go shopping for some groceries. I've said, I'll wash my bicycle then and we can ride -- and I will show my Wife a nice shortcut to the shopping mall -- but she didn't want... But detail not important: bicycle was washed and lubricated, we went to the shopping mall and found everything we needed, plus Elmyra got a certain pair of socks for herself. Rest of the evening spent on slacking off, because the laundry didn't dry

2014-11-23 (47Su) Internal day

[23:59] We've let ourselves to sleep-in. I've spent most of the day in the kitchen: made another batch of hummus, cooked thick bean soup (to be eaten in mid-week) and I've made pasta with our extruder -- this time it went much better, although I've skipped one step and the dough was a bit too thick -- nevertheless, the noodles were surprisingly tasty and survived rough handling. Additionally, the dough made of genuine durum wheat cleans-off the meat grinder effortlessly. After we've eaten, Sister-Student asked me to look into and possibly repair her headphones. The task was quite tough, because the plug was really good quality -- unfortunately, the cable was not as good, and I've found, it was broken just an inch away from the plug. I didn't have as much luck with repair of the hot plate: the thermostat is broken and cries for replacement, we are currently assessing availability of spare parts.
=> [google: "MIC [ru], Progress"], []

2014-11-24 (48Mo) ST Catherine

[15:21] The parcels, I was expecting on Friday, were delivered Today. Among them arrived a nice small gift from my Father to little Eve. She will like it.
=> There is budget for paid overtime, and there is lots of work. It seems, I can make some more money this week.

2014-11-25 (48Tu) Unholly Catherine

[16:00] I've forgot to talk to Elmyra on the topic of paid overtime. I've booked today my flight for WK50, there was no chance to return on time for our Company's Christmas party (which takes place on St. Lucy's day).

2014-11-26 (48We) Last days of cycling season?

[16:21] Tomorrow I will finally have some opportunity to test my winter gear for bicycle -- forecast tries to scare us with minus five centigrade. I'm not afraid: in fact, frozen earth is easier to ride than mud. One disadvantage: I need to wash and dry carefully my bike today. Speaking of bicycle: my basket broke. It was already worn and fatigued, but when yesterday my bike has fallen over, it just gave up and the metal frame keeping everything together broke at the corner. The thing can be quite easily repaired: just four screws and one metal bar -- but again, one needs time and resources. For the time being, I'll try to put it together with epoxy glue.

2014-11-27 (48Th) Training postponed

[16:21] I was the one that was the first to shout, that I need these training sessions, but now I'm the first to skip it. The shoemaker goes barefoot. On the other hand: my new laptop is surprisingly light one, only half the weight of the last one, I can even forgive lack of third USB port. And the battery life is long. Yesterday, when I disconnected from docking station, the predicted work time was about nine hours.
=> The weather again does not match the forecast -- it was around zero centigrade today, but on the plus side, the ponds were not frozen and the mud was sprinkling cheerfully on my freshly washed bike all the time. Average speed and the trip time were miserable today -- in fact, they were bad for last two weeks, I believe I may need an energy boost in the morning, then to do something with the infection, so I can breathe freely.
And the most annoying thing: my grip-bar basket broke completely -- another corner is torn apart, the whole frame requires replacement. Epoxy resin and long strips of cloth cut out from old jeans may do, or may not. In fact -- not a big deal: I predict only about two-three weeks of bicycle riding in this season, during which I can carry a backpack, repair of grip bar basket is not crucial and not urgent, can be done during Winter. And in new season, I'll buy myself another one, while the old repaired will be attached to Україна bike.

2014-11-28 (48Fr) Hit and run

[15:55] My Wife was hit when she was riding her bicycle to work. The car driver run away after that. I think, I'll buy her a trip-record camera
=> The company is selling out the old computers, for less than €70,- and I've already bought my unit. This one is without system, because of some stupid licensing scheme. I wonder, whether to give this machine to my girls, or rather keep it to myself and get rid of my old NW8000 -- I may use a new thing once after all. Elmyra said something, she wants one machine for little Eve to play and learn -- I say, I'm quite fine with giving the old netbook to the little one -- if we are to buy touch-screen laptop for Elmyra on January. This needs further discussion.

2014-11-29 (48Sa) Babysitting

[23:59] Our former Roommates asked us for help with looking over their sons, when they were out to a party. Easiest job ever, I was watching TV series on-line, while the older one was playing video games and the younger was playing with my daughter until all collapsed out of exhaust.
Earlier today we've been shopping, and we've found some nice furniture for Eve's bedroom. And also we've found something for our bedroom: staged bed, with some space beneath for making a studio there -- because I will dispose of my NW8000, build my studio around newly acquired stinkpad T420, then get rid of the toy keyboards to get a real midi controller. And after that I will need some space to keep it all

2014-11-30 (48Su) Internal day

[13:35] I've waken up shortly before 1000CET. I was watching Doctor Who until 0430CET. Today I'm certainly going to bed before 2000CET.
=> Today laundry and cooking mostly.

2014-12-01 (49Mo) Colder

[14:44] My mother offered us to take care of little Eve from Christmas up to seventeenth of January. Tempting from one hand, but also some trouble on the other. Today is a busy day in terms of tasks not related to work.

[18:55] I've left office a bit earlier to watch the corporate broadcast, but forgot about it, when I was cooking the dinner. No harm done: There'll be recording Tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm stuck with some onerous work. Tomorrow I'll be working from home and the cold weather is not the main reason -- I have two important appointments.

2014-12-02 (49Tu) Home office

[14:00] It has its advantages: I may not answer the phone and get away with that. Also, work goes smoother and I can complete some additional things in between. The boiler is now repaired, there goes the Волга to be lead to the workshop (but for that I need to arrange some help).

[19:00] Putting the Волга to repair failed, but at least heating is now up and running.

2014-12-03 (49We) Meetings

[14:20] So, some important people have visited our office, some vital points touched, one question asked, which made quite a stir, but no revolution. New opportunities. More work -- which is good. I should ask my Sister, what would my niece like for Christmas. Today second attempt to place the Волга to repair.

2014-12-04 (49Th) STBarbara

[13:33] Lots of work ahead of me. They called from the workshop, and the car will be repaired for below €80,- which is good, moreover, it will be ready for tomorrow.
=> Just few days to my flight. And they say, Luftwaffe personnel is going to strike... May be interesting.

2014-12-05 (49Fr) A Thaw

[09:00] It is almost weekend, but I'm not happy about that: this will be busy Saturday and quite busy the next week. And on top of that, I'm sick to the back teeth with one certain job, detail not important. The only one good thing is, that the Волга will be repaired before my trip to Germany.

[15:23] A challenge in Logistics: Get cash money, pick-up car, pick-up Eve. In between there is a need to go on foot. What is the best option? Eve needs kids seat. I don't want to carry the seat all the way from home to the workshop. I don't want to go to and fro like crazy three times.

2014-12-06 (49Sa) ST Nicolaus

[19:00] Little Eve liked her little present. My Wife also liked, what she has found, when we've hit the shopping mall. I was planning to drive the Волга, but we've ended in going with the Танк. Sister-Student was within first symptoms of Autumn cold, so she didn't join us for dinner out. The day might be of a pleasure, if only Elmyra was not suffering from massive headache.

2014-12-07 (49Su) On the move

[19:30] So, I'm sitting now in the transfer hall of Munich airport, waiting to my flight to Paderborn. I hope, I've packed everything I will need -- although the budget is not so tight this time and I will use special measures to have my trip expense statement paid back as quickly as possible. I wonder, whether all will go as smooth as last time and whether I will have some free time to go shopping.
=> I've started to read A song of Fire and Ice series, being now (after the flight) at fifth chapter of A Game of Thrones.

2014-12-08 (50Mo) Let's get started

[18:00] This morning I've realised, I'm out of tooth paste. The work at Client's go quite well, but on the other hand, same was last time -- steep stairs began after second day, when we got into destructive part of testing. Today I want to do basic shopping and then go to sleep early.
=> Elmyra called and was all upset, because she drove the Волга to the Kindergarten and the driver-side door opened on the turn right... She reminded me, I shall have the lock repaired or replaced immediately after I return.
=> The Germans again act as if they had no homes: we here already for ten hours straight (minus twenty minutes lunch break).

2014-12-09 (50Tu) The position is disgraceful, I was asleep! Sir!

[10:00] I've slept through two alarm clocks and was waken up by my host calling from hotel reception, that he is waiting for me. Shame and disgrace. But -- I have slept so well: I went to bed before 2100CET, have watched two episodes of The Red Dwarf, but these only to drain the laptop battery to have it recharged for next day. So, it must have been before 2200CET when I've fallen asleep. Next thing I remember is the telephone calling... But at least I'm refreshed and ready to face the day.
=> yesterday we've finished so late, that when I went to the Türkish shop, it was closed already -- therefore no hummus and no chilli sauce. They again have rounded my bill up at kebap shop -- I don't know, why I'm still dining there. Today I'll give another try to the Turkish grocery, then get myself some chocolate and beer.
=> I'm starting to not like my new laptop. They invented one stupid thing: The built-in pointer device has no separate buttons; instead, the touch pad has only one switch, and pressing particular button is recognized by zoning and reading the touch point with capacitive sensor. Great, BUT: I'm using the clit (TrackPoint™) and with that I used to press buttons with thumb nail -- new laptop is not recognizing the button down correctly. Also, same goes when I'm wearing gloves or the like: the clicks are not picked-up by the machine, as it is not sensing that it was touched... Stupid. Stupid to the square.

[17:00] Testing goes on. Maybe a bit too quick. No smoke, no fun. Or maybe not -- We've just burned something.
=> I was reviewing the map, to see what is near my hotel, and I've found LUSH shop here... I know, where my Wife may want to go shopping.

2014-12-10 (50We) making up for that

[08:00] Today I've waken-up early and was ready to jump out of bed at first sound of the alarm clock. This I must admit: I sleep fairly well here.
=> Yesterday in the evening I've hit the City to get toothpaste and some other needed items. I've also tried-out the other kebap shop and I think, that it was better.
=> Today evening and tomorrow morning I certainly restart my yoga exercise, as I feel a bit, that I'm lacking exercise.

[18:18] Things got complicated. But today is Wildcat's birthday, let's rejoyce and booze off.

2014-12-11 (50Th) I can see the End

[09:30] So, things seem to go clear -- today is mostly paperwork, only some long-term tests need to finish, tomorrow may be very short work day.

2014-12-12 (50Fr) And there come bad news

[12:20] So, Yesterday Elmyra tried to do a practical joke to me and phoned to say, she has wrecked the Волга, but she couldn't stay calm and revealed herself. It seems, they have had good times with little Eve. Of the other things: they called from the lab in my office to say, nobody is able to do the urgent flame test for me... Great as hell. It seems, I will be going to the LAB on Saturday -- they be working on Saturday and I may be able to dabble with it myself.
=> So, we are finishing for Today. I may hit the City before I try to cope with all that paperwork, that is left.

2014-12-13 (50Sa) Wyblakłe kozy na poboczu żujące wypaloną trawę

[11:48] Things went wrong: I've checked private email and learned that on Thursday Do. has dodged the invitation to children party at my Company, which most probably has left my Wife without a ride to party place -- I don't know, what has she chosen: drive to my work herself or to stay at home and make-up for the little Eve, that she was deprived of entertainment. As for the message -- I wasn't sent an update by Google Calendar, that people changed their minds and are not going... Otherwise I'd discuss the thing with Elmyra the day before Yesterday... Never mind. We'll live through that.
=> Yesterday I was wandering around the city of Paderborn, finally finding myself at the gates of Heinz Nixdorf Museum -- but I didn't go in: I've decided, my money is not worth it. And I don't know, whether there'll be any "next time". I went to sleep at 1930CET, but just couldn't rest properly, so I was watching Red Dwarf through half of the night.
=> Today I was packing my trunk in total chaos. I didn't grab the pack of single-use goodies, Elmyra will be a bit disappointed.

[21:00] So, I've waken up, packed myself, have had breakfast, was on time at the airport, waited a bit on another airport -- and today there were no delays. I've arrived home, my Elmyra was tired and ill, but all in all glad to see me safe. Little Eve puked out of too much excitement.

2014-12-14 (50Su) Internal day

[22:50] Today we've tidied up the house a bit and I've got into ironing. Turkey nuggets and tzatziki for dinner, my girls don't like cheddar-and-onion dip. When I was at local groceries, I've found fresh hummus -- and it says on the label, it was prepared in the town nearby, so they may have gross sales... Now I'm watching Red Dwarf.

2014-12-15(51Mo) BRK

[16:10] My mind is idle, switched off -- just the moment, when I need it most.

2014-12-16(51Tu) At last!

[17:10] Things are getting more and more into shape -- there is less and less uncertainty, as constraints emerge and certain actions can be planned.
=> Elmyra went to the City to get some Christmas presents -- this year we are celebrating in low profile.

2014-12-17(51We) Two days left

[15:05] Work like crazy. Keeping to forget about this and that. Some solution emerges, other require another people to approve or just interact -- but everyone plays very busy... I'm tired a bit.

2014-12-18(51Th) Nervous

[15:45] All seems to go wrong. End of year experience is, that despite all the speed and additional effort I will not close the loose ends. At least I could have free lunch, because there was lot of leftovers.
=> I've talked briefly to my Mother, just to set-up last detail. I've hung new calendar over my desk already. I've been recommended some books to read.

2014-12-19(51Fr) Painful

[15:00] One done eleven to go. Goal not reached. It seems, I will need to connect from home and work on my vacation. But this was expected. Now off to see the performance at the Kindergarten. Bye.

2014-12-20(51Sa) Trip north

[22:00] We've waken up at 0800cet. I've washed our Танк, we've had breakfast, packed ourselves, departed without stress and picked my Mother on the way. There was not much traffic. We've safely arrived to my Mother's home.

2014-12-21(51Su) Idle day

[13:00] The weather is crisp and sunny, although there is some strong wind. We've decorated Christmas tree and went to a long walk to the city. We are waiting now for my sister with her family to come for early dinner -- they are leaving my niece here.

2014-12-22(52Mo) Sudden change

[18:00] today's morning was quite OK, up to the moment, when we were told, we should go to the other city to visit my grandmother. Elmyra insisted to go with me and then did everything to spoil my mood. It would not be without ride on the shops, so we've wasted a lot of time, we had a spat at the very end. I don't know, what to think about this all.

2014-12-23(52Tu) Play outside

[16:00] I've got some nasty infection inside my mouth, where my wisdom tooth used to be. It is annoying, because I'm unable to chew normally.
Today the weather was very nice, so me, Elmyra, little Eve and my niece went to play outside. First we've been at the sea bank in one new and fancy playground, then we've explored the town (in search for unflavoured potato chips) and then we've stopped a bit on another playground. For dinner -- noodles with spinach. Now all is indulging a little leisure.

2014-12-24(52We) Eve's eve

[22:25] So, we're mostly prepared. Birthday cake, gifts, propane bottle etc. Now some tea. We plan to depart soon.

[23:30] We've met all together, the dinner was nice, people liked the presents. No major flaws

2014-12-25(52Th) W czwartek ryba z chrzanem

[23:00] Today is my sister's wedding anniversary. There was nice dinner at my Grandmother's place. It is raining.

2014-12-26(52Fr) A na Szczepana gąska

[12:00] The temperature dropped through the night down to crispy minus six centigrade, but there is sunshine and no wind, so we've already been outside at the playground.

2014-12-27(52Sa) Freeze

[15:21] It is cold outside. My sister's family stayed overnight. My sister has some terrible infection. We've visited emergency service and them said: bacterial inflammation, antibiotics recommended -- So no more wine for my sis today...

2014-12-28(52Su) Back Home

[23:30] It was snowing as hell. Maybe not a blizzard, but it was really pain in the ass to drive these three-hundred kilometres. Even my mum was surprised, it took so long. Our little home was in good shape, although it was not a wise idea to leave one of the windows unlocked -- the temperature dropped to refreshing fourteen centigrade, we needed to turn on the heating. Now Elmyra is searching the Interwebs to choose new laptop (I've promised).

2014-12-29(53Mo) Money spending

[19:41] We've waken up this morning two hours later, than planned, we didn't make that Big Plan of how to tidy up our little habitat. Instead, we've went to shopping centre and left there lots of monies. Elmyra bought herself new laptop, one of these with touch screen -- I'm taking over her old netbook to have a VVindow$ box for flushing mobile phones and the like. I'm a bit disappointed with this year's winter sales -- last time there were more good deals, now it seems, the offers are not so tempting.
=> My Wife's sisters sent us very nice seasonal greetings and special card for little Eve's Dies Patronem with another for Elmyra to congratulate with her birthday.

2014-12-30(53Tu) Do(nothing){};

[22:10] Elmyra is ill, we eat lots of garlic. Downloaded Ubuntu Studio installer, but I'll use it on New Year day.

2014-12-31(53We) Party

[23:59] Quick grocery shopping, even quicker cooking and party is on. Roommates dropped in to join. Board games and lots of laugh.


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