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2017-12-12(50Tu) Totally unlike

[21:41] Today I've overslept, but we've managed with little Eve on time. Nice day at work, when some things progressed ahead of schedule (other didn't move at all, but that I will handle later). Eve did very well at school. I've cooked dinner, that everyone liked.


2017-12-11(50Mo) One crisis at a time, please

[23:50] Little Eve had very good morning, but then she didn't do quite well at school. Afternoon spent not at home -- friends needed some help, more mental backing than physical assistance.

2017-12-10(49Su) Baptised

[22:00] Elmyra was furious in the morning. I was low on assertiveness, but finally I've got that one important information I needed. Business as planned, until Elmyra got into one of the moods. We've almost killed each other... The very event went smooth. The dinner was nice. Even the elder Brother-in-law dropped with a visit, and he was quite sociable (totally unlike his usual self). Party dissolved quickly, and maybe it was good, because we needed some rest and sleep.

2017-12-09(49Sa) Spirits taken

[23:59] I've forgot to set alarm clock, so we've missed it (again!). Preparations went slow and unorganized, Elmyra and I fought a lot. My mother arrived in the afternoon. And then in the evening, the bad started to happen: We've opened the box, only to notice, that many of the items are broken. And then we went to attend the lecture, which didn't take place (and I was not informed). People were angry at me.
Jaromir Nohavica Czarna dziura


2017-12-08(49Fr) Mirror mirror in the trunk

[23:59] I've had bad sleep in the night. Despite that were in beds quite early yesterday, we've had problems to get up in the morning. While Eve was at school, we were wasting time in the mall, because Elmyra neither did take stock nor made shopping list in front of the trip.
Sister-student delayed her arrival.
Eve waited on stairs.
I've helped to transport the most vulnerable part of equipment. Alice and future-brother-in-law helped a lot.

2017-12-07(49Th) Celebrations

[21:02] Eve was quick in the morning, we've departed early. I've made some progress at work. There was pizza lunch. A parcel with tableware arrived.
=> Achievement unlocked: Eve made her homework at school, to have more free time at home.
Leftovers for dinner.
We went to sleep early.

2017-12-06(49We) Jack Daniels

[23:03] Eve was quick to get up. She also scored nice at school. It was raining, so I to the car to work again. Afternoon spent again on moving the Roommates.

2017-12-05(49Tu) Stopięćdziesiąta rocznica urodzin Piłsudskiego

[23:17] Even worse morning, I've overslept. Slow to get up in the morning, headache, sore throat. Tear and wear. Necessity to administer medication.
At work it was better, but still poor. Joint dinner. Ironing laundry. General tidying up.

2017-12-04(49Mo) Done²

[23:48] Bad sleep, tough morning, bad day at work.
afternoon spent in the kitchen, then evening spent on moving furniture -- I've promised to help, then it revealed, I'm the only one to help.

2017-12-03(48Su) Done

[22:40] We've waken up as planned, but then we were slow to prepare, so we've rather departed 0815CET... I've learned the lesson and took Eve's boom-box with us, to listen to the radio (and it lasted for more than five hours on battery). Second layer of paint was laid carefully, all detail were chiselled and polished, kids were quite helpful (even if Roommates' elder son couldn't join). Effect is astonishing.
Burned pizza, strange coffee, and 'why dry leaves shall not go to compost heap?'...

2017-12-02(48Sa) New Partyplace

[23:00] I've waken up early, fresh and ready for adventure. Plan was, that I will help the Roommates to paint the walls in their new home, while Elmyra stay to entertain kids, but then Elmyra took Eve and also joined -- mostly to see the place. When Roommates' son returned from aikido lessons, he rather played with Eve in the garden and then they both hide in unused room to play some poke-craze on cell phone.
Painting went quick, when there was eight of us, but it quickly get dark, and we've decided, there is no point in doing second layer through the night -- we've rather decided to meet on Sunday as early as possible, preferably 080CET.

2017-12-01(48Fr) Last one down.

[23:11] Goodnight sleep, usual morning routine. Then one certain person, whom I desperately needed to meet in the morning (before work) didn't make it on tome, then I needed to return to school (detail not important) so all in all I've got to office quite late. AND THEN I needed to drop off earlier. No big deal, because i can always get half day off -- theoretically. Because in reality, I've put Easter Monday in system as "vacation" instead of "holiday" so I've been cut one day off of my accrual balance. Need to fix that with HR later.
=> Other appointments finished with success. Evening spent on internet shopping.

2017-11-30(48Th) késele geséle kykky

[21:48] Goodnight sleep -- at least that's what sleep monitor says. Weather forecast was right, and it was snowing all day. I've driven to work, as it might be quite onerous to ride, although on my way back I've regretted it: to many people are rolling on summer tyres, and thus they are too scared to drive any faster than 30km/h... Eve took wrong backpack at school, so I needed to go back. Then I needed to go back again, because she suddenly remembered, that she has left pen case in the lounge -- fortunately, school was still open. Scrap monger called, he is ready to pick up my wrecks, then it struck me, that one of them is Elmyra's and she needs to write me deputy letter. Weird...

2017-11-29(48We) Close, but no banana

[21:40] Almost
Almost is a dangerous word.
Failure is almost a success.
After quite productive day at the Office I needed to attend a meeting with school people . i thought, this would be quite unpleasant conversation, but no -- not at all that bad. Of course, there is much to do yet, there is some tiny little progress, and we should press on it, to fix the good things in place.
=> Mailbag!
Parcel from AliExpress arrived -- smart band with sleep monitor. Now testing.

2017-11-28(48Tu) lost forever

[22:36] I thought, it would be colder. Poor trip time. quite good day at work, but one thing destroyed me at the end. I was home late, almost burned our dinner, then Eve was slow to get at her homework, i lampa zgasła i nocnik się przewrócił...

2017-11-27(48Mo) #!/bin/bash

[21:12] Frost but no freeze. Elmyra overslept again and needed a lift to the station in the morning. It was quite cold, frost on the ground, but air temperature around plus two centigrade. Not so bad. I've ridden bicycle anyway, I survived: didn't get cold, trip time poor but not that bad. Quite productive day at work, even if I needed to finish a bit earlier to be home early enough for the customary parson visit. Cold buffet for late dinner.

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