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2017-10-18(42We) A plan

[21:44] I've driven our new C4 to work (we may need some catchy nickname for her). I've also changed tyres to winter ones. Cold buffet for dinner, evening spent on doing homework and various phone calls.


2017-10-17(42Tu) All the bad ideas

[21:00] Decent trip time, eve if I needed to stop to remove twigs from gearbox. At work things are falling apart, but at least I'm getting minimum support this time, just enough to not go insane. Little Eve did it quite well at school, bu then she burned herself in moist sand... Way to go.

2017-10-16(42Mo) Unexpected plot twist

[22:00] Never prise the day before sunset. Also never give up hope. Also never say never.
The day started with headache, little Eve was slow to prepare, but then I've made pretty good trip time and average speed. Day at the office was not as productive as I wanted, but also not totally wasted. I've subscribed for that fancy magazine for Eve, then it turned out, that Elmyra does not need to stay late hours at work, so it was not necessary for me to hurry up home -- I've decided to take detour to neighbouring town to get some cash from ATM. I've broken my telephone headset, so instead of listening to the radio I've started to plan the All Saints Holidays -- and it revealed, that this effort was futile: Auntie called, saying, that she invented a surprise party. What a surprise. Elmyra "just loves" such surprises. But then she took it lightly. Yet, I have a challenge: to arrange one certain thing. OK: until then, I am filling-in my tight schedule. And i will be needing a present for my Mother's birthday and for my Godfather's birthday. A book perhaps.

2017-10-15(41Su) Sunday!

[22:00] but no sun
Elmyra woke up early, but I've let myself linger in slumber until about 0900CET. We've reminded Eve, that she didn't finish her homework on Friday. We've been to the mass, we've meet our neighbours. Eve spent afternoon at her friend. I've tried to tidy-up the garage, but failed. Then I've attacked the pile of ironing and have defeated it in no-time. I've finished one book and started to read new one.

2017-10-14(41Sa) h

[23:52] We've let ourselves sleep-in, then we attempted to clear some of the tasks hanging on list since forever. Eve's wardrobe has been reviewed and sorted. Window frame has been peeled of paint residue left from the refurbishing action. Some things were not even touched, though. Late evening run over the shopping mall, with only moderate success.

2017-10-13(41Fr) Anoter Fail

[23:59] Trip time below 3000s. In the morning I needed to give Elmyra a lift to the station (some rain), and then I totally forgot, that school is celebrating today the National Day of Education, and Eve is supposed to dress in suit and tie... Shame and disgrace.
Free lunch at work, but no significant news.

2017-10-12(41Th) KOSMOS!

[21:43] Decent trip time, Eve had one incident at school, but we're cool now. Pizza to celebrate good deeds. Elmyra was cooking.
No deeper thoughts.

2017-10-11(41We) International young girl day

[20:13] I was at Eve's school in the morning (not urgent, but important administrative matter), the person I needed to meet was available first at 0800CET, fortunately, it stopped to rain, so I could take my bicycle -- otherwise, if I had driven, I would rot in traffic jam for two hours. Nothing special happened at work. My way home was OK. Girls were at meeting in Church. Steamed vegetables with roasted chicken for dinner.
[YT://Maja Kuczyńska]

2017-10-10(41Tu) Rotten from inside

[21:24] Another day with quite decent trip time. And I've found just another route through woods, a bit less used, therefore less muddy. At work all went wrong. At home -- Elmyra is a bit better now.
=> Disturbing news about the Russians accusing Poles of preparing to invade Belarus. Everything is possible -- in fact we don't know for certain, whom that Macierewicz person owes a favour for safely avoiding any unpleasant things during Marshall Law. Might be, that the terrain defence forces are prepared to act as Putin's green men.

2017-10-09(41Mo) Nothing special

[22:04] Good trip time, slightly below 3000s. They tried to kill me, but they didn't manage.
Leftover stew for dinner.
Elmyra at the peak.
Late night grocery shopping.
Cat is trying to eat me.
Ever hungry.

2017-10-08(40Su) Koło gospodyń wiejskich

[20:28] It was planned as Lazy Sunday, but eventually we ended up busy. We've let ourselves seep-in in the morning, I've took Eve to our church, then I went to shop for groceries, cleaned my shoes and run another batch of laundry -- and then Roommate's Wife with her son paid us a visit, bringing with her some art homework, which took larger part of the afternoon to complete. Eve likes such tasks a lot, so kids were doing something else than just watch TV or hang on internets.

2017-10-07(40Sa) Internal day

[22:50] Everyone woke up pretty early as for the Saturday. After improvised breakfast, we have all visit a town nearby to cut hair, then I've returned home, while girls took train tot he City. I've tidied home, then I've repaired broken speed regulator for the sewing machine, and ended up ironing. Then Elmyra called, that they have finished and I should pick them up. Aftermath: £100 spent, one needle broken, one hat lost.

2017-10-06(40Fr) Guwno znowó

[22:00] Today in the morning some brain dead tried to kill me with his excavator. At work there were only bad things, and on top of that I was all pissed off beyond limits.
Pressure-cooked leço for dinner, but even with all modern machinery, it was ready first at 2000CET.

2017-10-05(40Th) Sprzedajny pisarz

[20:40] Yesterday evening I've looked at the meteogram for today, and all kinds of funny things were there: constant drizzle for all day, some strong wind and weird dip of ambient pressure right in the afternoon -- quite rapid change as for air pressure, which normally drops or rises days long, and here just some hours. Other sources of weather forecast confirmed -- the wind will be strong. Maybe not a hurricane, but close to that, expect torn roofs and fallen trees.
=&ght; Today I've taken Tank to work. For a moment I thought, that the rain is not so dense, but then I remembered, I have one heavy parcel to pick-up. So, Танк today.
=> It is fourth day already, when we have the same thing for dinner, but no one complies. At least we've cleared residue from the freezer and consumed all canned meat bought for summer picnics, but never used. We've also looked inside our crate with sweets and destroyed everything, that had near (or past) due date.
Tadaima -- Okaeri
Ittekimasu -- Itterasshai

2017-10-04(40We) Cudy na kiju

[22:00] Decent trip time. Decent day at work. I've opened bottle with psycho juice, but I've overdosed first round, and I had terrible stomach ache -- my way back home took a bit longer, than I wanted it to be. Stir-and-fry vegetables for dinner. Cat is blocking me.

2017-10-03(40Tu) Fear and loathing

[20:20] It was raining whole night and whole day -- not 'as hell' but still too much to take bicycle. Or maybe: to give Eve a lift to school, as for me, I was riding in much worse conditions. So, Танк today.
At work (almost) all is going rotten, no idea how to bite this situation to resolve and push to completion. Just no idea...
=> Eve is finding her swing at school, time without major incident is growing. And that is very good news. They have some school trip next week, I wonder, how it will go.
=> Today I've closed bookkeeping of September, then I've searched the net for User and service manual of my (acquired) sewing machine -- and that with success. I may like to try some tricks this weekend.

2017-10-02(40Mo) De-facto last day of Summer

[21:32] The very last day of nice weather this year. Quite chilly in the morning, also there was remarkable wind, additionally, one of the paths was blocked and I needed to search for detour, so my trip time was bad. All kinds of fuckup at work, of which I will need to confess Tomorrow.
=> Of the other things: my AN8008 multimeter arrived, and it is nice little tool, even if resembles a toy. As general remark, I need to admit, that I'm starting to like AliExress sopping.

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