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2017-08-19(33Sa) Preparations

[21:26] I've waken up without hangover, despite Yesterday's evening. the brand of Weißbier we've been trying out, was not so tasty, in fact it was way off and smelled of yeast. It was 0630CET when my alarm clock rang, but I didn't crawl out of bed until around 0800CET. Elmyra has waken up shortly after I've finished with my exercises, and she decided to have a bicycle ride. Pity, that Wildcat didn't want to join -- many rare pokémons on the way. We've tried to prepare living room, but the weather broke and it suddenly became too dark for precise work. And then the internet was down for half of the day -- meaning, the modem was trying to negotiate connection with null result, despite hard reboot, console voodoo and heavy cursing. But it is cool now.
Meat for dinner: tortilla wraps with roasted turkey breast.
Elmyra lost $11,- because she clicked wrong button on AliExpress. Wildcat forgot to activate and use her coupons for another $16,- and I've deleted activation code for trial ninety days of Internets TV. Only losses today...


2017-08-18(33Fr) Będzie piątek w poniedziałek a na razie sobota w piątek.

[23:59] I've started my day before 0700CET, did my morning exercises, went shopping for fresh groceries and installed speed counter on Україна. As for the big refurbishing project, no real work done today, mostly preparations to main task: repainting living room and corridor -- same colour and common ceiling surface, so both should be done at once. Somewhere between moving all furniture back to Eve's room and going to hardware store, Sister-Student and her boyfriend dropped with brief visit on their way to Souther Outpost. They came late, because they has some challenging encounter: they parked in no-parking zone near post office, and had bad luck, that the coppers caught them. But there was no fee. Afternoon and evening we've spent in several hardware shops nd in shopping mall -- Elmyra and Wildcat were hunting for pokémon. Late evening full of beer and cider and goofing around; we made Saturday on Friday, because weekend will be full of hard work.

2017-08-17(33Th) Another one

[23:59] I just couldn't crawl out of bed today morning... Despite the alarm clock went off as planned at 0630CET, I was up first short after 0800CET. We've kept arguing with Elmyra whole day, but somehow we've managed to paint Eve's bedroom. The Wildcat arrived today, and there was much rejoycing. Improvised dinner, eating up things from refrigerator. I'll cook something proper tomorrow.

2017-08-16(33We) Milestone

[22:51] Day started early and was full of events. Long story short: we've painted our bedroom. All in one day, although we've run out of paint at one point, and I needed to go to hardware store for replenishments. We've also run out of coffee.

2017-08-15(33Tu) New video on Youtube!

[22:30] Just a short to brighten my day after I've read disturbing news... Please click my banners so I can have a penny or two to feed Szatan: [FUNNY VIDEO!]
=> For dinner: some excavate from the freezer, we are emptying the fridge before Eve returns.

2017-08-14(33Mo) 18 repeats

[22:25] I've waken up as planed, went to the hospital to pick up my X-ray pictures, returned just in time when Elmyra got up, so we have had breakfast together, then I've tidied floors, and left home to visit my doctor. I've returned from the City, before washing machine finished one batch of laundry. Then I needed a nap. Desperately. I think, I caught a cold.

2017-08-13(32Su) Internal day

[21:37] I've switched off all alarm clocks, bit even though I've waken up and got out of bed pretty early, before 0600CET. I've did round of my exercises, then Elmyra woke up, we have had nice breakfast, and then we took care of all the backlog: pile of laundry awaiting ironing, clothes needing patching and repair etc. Elmyra tried the sewing machine, and with some moderate success. I'm reading Маринина's Чёрный список, and I like it.

2017-08-12(32Sa) Officially started

[20:28] I've waken up quite early, did exercises, have had breakfast, even went to groceries for fresh rolls. About 1200CET we've departed to the hardware store, of course have had argument over something completely trivial. But we have paint and can start seriously after holidays. Sushi for dinner. Little Eve does not want to talk with us.

2017-08-11(32Fr) Tinkering

[19:30] Today was hot. Today I've overslept my alarm clock and decided, I'll do everything in the morning without looking on the clock -- I was at office gate at 0735CET, even if with pretty poor trip time and avg speed.
At the office, it was just counting minute to the end -- nobody cared to get the job done, so I just send tons of mail and closed for vacation.
=> Obviously, the multicooker (contrary to what is written on top cover) can't make yoghurt: in 'keep warm' mode it keeps 60°C. I may want to check, how does it go with intermediate operation, cycled by control clock. Of course, now when I need some of the old gear, it happens, that I can't find any of it. I've found direct plug-in clock, but the fishtank heater regulator just vanished somewhere. So much for using newly acquired gear to prepare home made fermented dairy products.
=> My bike is broken, but not seriously.

2017-08-10(32Th) Anniversary

[21:00] Apple cider and fish with horseradish. Where did I shove that heater controller??

2017-08-09(32We) I don't know...

[20:38] Today I gave Elmyra lift with the Танк to her work, mostly to pick up some boxes with laundry and the like. Some things went more wrong at work. Staying at home with Elmyra is challenging. The weather forecast predicts unbearable heat.

2017-08-08(32Tu) Fail

[21:15] Decent trip time, but not as good as Yesterday. Quite productive day at work, but some things went wrong. And I've hurt myself, when doing A6W. On plus side: I've heard one nice concert at the radio.
=> prof. Bralczyk O rozmowach przy stole

2017-08-07(32Mo) With a speed of a glacier

[22:00] Very good turnaround time in the morning, and then my trip time and average speed were better than through last three weeks, total time below 3ks. At the office things go very slow, but go forward. When I returned home, Elmyra was asleep, all exhausted. I did my A6W and prepared dinner -- baked butternut squash. In the evening we've talked to little Eve and tried to plan for rest of the month, but there was no agreement.

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