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2017-06-28(26We) Monsoon

[21:55] It was raining heavily all night and then all day with only brief break. We've been on the closing meeting of the parents workshop.


2017-06-27(26Tu) Come back later, I'm busy

[23:08] Today I've managed to get up earlier than yesterday, I've come to the office at about 0715CET. I've managed to do something useful at work. I've also started the seventh book about Каменская while I've attacked the pile of laundry awaiting ironing.
This was a good day.

2017-06-26(26Mo) Боря! Отдай булку!

slept in
not so good trip time
fuckup at work
Late home, because I was waiting for the rain to stop
nice evening
Talked to my daughter, talked to my father
moments together

2017-06-25(25Su) Trip back

[23:59] I've slept in late, but I needed it. My sister dropped in with her family, and they gave me a lift to the station, so I caught my bus. The ride was nice, but just at the City massive traffic jams started, so I was at my changing point ninety minutes later than planned. Kebab shops were all closed at the railway station, only the Armenian one was working, but I didn't dare step in. Not to mention, I was all exhausted, when I've arrived home late at night. Elmyra was not happy.

2017-06-24(25Sa) Trip to vacation

[22:00] The Танк is all dirty inside. And the coolant is escaping as hell. We've been to the doctor with Eve, and everything seems to be good.
I've made it to contact my cousin, who had birthday some days ago. Detail not important.
=> The bus ride was quite OK.

2017-06-23(25Fr) Father's day

[23:59] End of the school year. Parting of the ways. Eve's teacher is leaving, right at the most crucial moment. And it was raining almost all day. And then the WC is jammed, without much hope for self-healing. The prospect of disassembling the sewage pipe and picking the goo by hand is rather not very cheerful. The penetrator spiral will not go through narrow bends.
=> Nothing dome. I've touched absolutely NO useful task. This is terrible.
=> Brother in law called to borrow some money, to just mark some activity for mortgage purposes.

2017-06-22(25Th) The day after the shortest night

[22:00] Decent trip time, but I felt ill for whole day. I'm afraid, this will not end well. Eve behaved, but this took not much effort, as it was the last da ay school and there were no real lessons.

2017-06-21(25We) Kto teraz klaszcze u Rubika??

[23:59] Blind zombie. Driving to work is not good for me. All things go fuckup. Tomorrow there are no regular lessons at Eve's school.
Ravi Shankaar

2017-06-20(25Tu) ut ut

[22:40] Decent trip time. Nice weather. Working hard, but not much done.

2017-06-19(25Mo) School

[21:00] Eve was slow to get up and quite disorganized when preparing. Quite good trip time today, but at work, despite (too)much coffee, I was all depleted and sleepy. And then they called from school, but not with the usual business, but with information about a school play, because more than half of the children forgot to deliver the invitations... But when we were in school lobby, the (other) vice headmistress caught us and asked for short conversation. Good news, bas news time.
Wideo*czytaj więcej*[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XOMeUSut2s]

2017-06-18(24Su) Never

[21:30] I think, I had enough. Not just this time, just all of the time. I mean: I will just dodge any subsequent invitation.

2017-06-17(24Sa) Shut down

[23:59] I can't help it, I wont help you.

2017-06-16(24Fr) idle

[23:59] New people meet. New tricks learned.

2017-06-15(24Th) C.C.

[23:59] Light traffic. To drive without surprises, I've shorted the radiator temperature sensor in the Танк, so the fan is always on. Only minor coolant loses.
At the bungalow, the usual.

2017-06-14(24We) like Friday

[22:00] Eve was slow to get up again, but contrary to Yesterday, she prepared to school very quickly, also helped to feed the cat.
=> Speaking of school: they’re going crazy there... Eve’s lead teacher is on prolonged sick leave (and I wonder, how this is connected with her recent surname change: married? divorced? is the doctors' leave because of sick or pregnancy?); other parents are raising concerns, whether the substitute teacher has enough qualification and experience to work with children in second grade, I can't have the conference with vice-headmistress and Eve's teachers, because most important participant is absent. I think, that I will be working from my end and see, what comes next. I will restrain myself just to carry on direct orders, and these only when they do not contradict the diagnosis. I have whole vacation to prepare a Plan.
=> Speaking of vacation: Today is the moment, when we need to set proper schedule with my Mom and my Mother-in-law, as of when and for how long little Eve goes for vacation. And also whether Elmyra's sisters will stay at us, and that for how long and when... Lots of items to arrange. And there is also the question of my own vacation and house renovation and two other items that grew urgent.
=> “dziesięć kilo wróbli poproszę”

2017-06-13(24Tu) there...

[23:00] I don't know, what hapened with whole day...

2017-06-12(24Mo) Caught

[22:00] Little Eve and me slept in (not much, like 15min), but then Eve was very quick to dress-up and prepare.
Trip time below 3ks.
On my way back home I was caught by the worst wave of the storm.
No second thoughts.
I'be repaired Pidgin.

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